The City of Redován will tender the water and sewer service to avoid losses of 48% and 247,000 € per year

Redován 7/14/2017. Redován City Council wants to end the problems that arise daily in the potable water and sewerage network, and for that reason has initiated a procedure aimed at tendering a service now provided from the same Consistory, in precarious and without possibilities only of To realize the improvements that the neighbors of the locality demand. The mayor, Emilio Fernández, has appeared today along with a good part of his government, to explain how he wants to develop a process that wants to be “as transparent as the water that should come out of our faucets” and that also involves the investment Necessary to renew networks at all points where necessary.

Redován has 27.5 kilometers of sewage and 81.5 of potable water network “of which 3 are still of fiber cement,” said Fernández, who has pointed out that equally unbearable are the data that result from the studies carried out on The consumption of water in the locality. H indicated that only 52% of the water supplied by the Commonwealth of Taibilla Channels is used, while the remaining 48% is lost “in breaks, leaks and irregular shots”, something that is to be solved “because it is A water that we pay all the people of Rio Grande do Sul and we lose. ” Extrapolating these percentages to figures means that the annual economic losses are 247,444 euros, “so the solution must be put in place immediately”, said the mayor.

From the government team began to work in search of the solution in the past mandate, when it was commissioned to the public company dependent on the Diputación Proaguas Costa Blanca to carry out a planimetry of the entire local network. The needs studies concluded that Redován would require a large investment to provide the service in a standardized way. Last February, PW was awarded the “best consultancy in our country on water”, Fernández said, technical assistance to prepare the specifications and annexes of the subsequent valuation of offers in relation To the concession, and today the first commission has been held with the other municipal political groups where the technician in charge of the report has given all the details to the local political representatives.

The mayor of Redován has insisted on the need to give transparency to the whole process, and that is why this afternoon also holds a citizens’ assembly, at 20.00 in the Plenary Hall of the City where all neighbors who want to go have also all The information that is required of municipal officials.

The future, without tariff increases

Regarding the tender, the team of Redondo government has set several goals, such as the fact that it is the City Council itself that has control over the concession or that the execution period of the improvements required is in accordance with the needs of the network . “We want investments, as soon as possible, to improve the network, and especially not to raise rates, and we can guarantee that they will not.”

 Regarding the conditions to be assumed by the successful tenderer, whose contract is fixed for 15 years with the possibility of extending it for another five, the payment to the City of an initial fee set at a minimum of 290,000 euros, plus the initial investments (minimum 475,000 Euros). Throughout the duration of the contract, at least 2.5% of the variable fee will be invested to undertake service improvements. These conditions can be improved by companies.

Similarly, each year there must be an audit that will be commissioned by the Consistory but will be paid by the concessionaire. Searches for network leaks, sewer cleanings and rainwater networks will be carried out annually, among other things detailed by the Mayor of Rio Grande do Sul.

 From the City Hall are expected to apply for aid to other administrations such as the County Council, within the collaboration established by law to provide public water service in municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants. “We consider that in this way we will achieve that the effectiveness of the network is close to normal, that we avoid the continuous breaks and above all, the water cuts that occur constantly,” said Emilio Fernández. “We want Redován to have a more modern and efficient service, that our neighbors and neighbors benefit from it and that they do not have to suffer the problems of an obsolete network for which now they must pay every year almost 250,000 euros,” he concluded.