• The City Council will finance with 20% the total cost of maintaining a basic service such as urban waste collection and street cleaning

The government team of Redován City Council will take to the next plenary session, scheduled for next week, the update of the rubbish rate to adjust it to the reality and the needs of the service in the municipality. At the moment, the waste collection service is causing the Redován Town Council to have a significant budget deficit, although the local government plans to continue financing up to 20% of the total cost of this basic service to prevent the increase in the rate from causing greater problems for the domestic economy of Redován residents. For this reason, the increase in the fee will be 22.55 euros per year in the bill, from 76.45 euros to 99 euros the total amount to be paid in each year.

The mayor of Finance, Adrian Ballester, explained that “this is an important measure, because we want to adjust the current budgetary parameters, as the City Council assumes 20% of the total cost of the service. In this sense, the objective is to alleviate, at least in part, the deficit that the municipal coffers register “and that the neighbours do not have loss of economic capacity, since the increase will mean only 1.87 euros per month per household. Also, Ballester has assured that the City Council makes a great effort since it pays part of the service “and we do not consider to stop doing it, to help the neighbours in a difficult time, which also means the pandemic at this time and without having yet overcome the effects of the economic crisis that devastated our region and our people for more than a decade.

The change in the rate of solid waste collection has also been approached in a complex manner, and will have a different application in the commercial and business sphere than in the domestic sphere. “The generation of waste in the case of industries is very different to what families produce, so we believe it is essential and fair to adjust the parameters in this regard,” said the councillor of Finance.

The also spokesman of the municipal government has informed that one of the objectives of the Town Hall is to fulfill as it should and with all the guarantees with the basic services in the municipality. And he defended that the Council is making an “enormous effort” to adjust all the economic parameters and that the services continue, as happened with the water. In this case, Ballester indicated that the government team wants the waste collection service to improve as well and that the residents will see how, little by little, it changes and is modernised, adding that “the modification of rates is thus in line with what other municipalities in the Vega Baja region have”.