The Redován Town Council has renewed the Municipal Corporation. The thirteen councillors who make up the Consistory of Redovan based on the results of the municipal elections of 28 May, have taken office today. It has been in an extraordinary plenary session in which the head of the Popular Party list, Nely Ruiz Peral, has been elected mayor with the eight votes of the PP. The PP have an absolute majority in the Plenary, having won eight councillors at the polls, one more than they had until now. Accompanying Nely Ruiz in this municipal mandate are José Nájar Chávez, Marisol Ibáñez Mazón, Ramón López Escarabajal and Clara Ezcurra Riera, who will repeat in municipal government tasks, together with three new faces: David Ballesta Cartagena, Lidia María Belmonte Manzano and Adrián Ballesta Serna, who are taking up their posts as councillors for the first time. The main opposition group will be the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, which once again has four representatives in the Municipal Corporation, the same number as in the 2019-2023 term. In the case of the PSOE, Miguel Terol Martínez, María Teresa Cartagena Solivella, Francisco Miguel Fuentes Medina and Antonia Tania Escudero Bas will form part of the future municipal group. The number of councillors is completed by the representative of the Vox party, which for the first time achieves municipal representation with María de las Mercedes Murcia Moya. Both the PSOE and Vox voted for their own candidates for mayor in the plenary session of the inauguration. The mayoress, Nely Ruiz, based her speech on thanking “the trust and effort of many Redovan residents who have made it possible for me to be here today in front of you all”, while showing “my gratitude to all Redovan residents for those who have placed their trust in this project, which makes Redován progress and prosper, and to those who, with all legitimacy, have preferred other political options”. She has shown her “loyalty to everyone without exception, because from this moment on I am the mayoress of all of you without distinction”.