The Redován Town Council Plenary took a further step yesterday towards the long-awaited extension of the IES Jaime de Sant Ángel Secondary School and the refurbishment of the Sagrados Corazones School. The Contracting Department brought to the plenary session, on the one hand, the approval of the basic project and execution of the works of adaptation and expansion of the Infant and Primary school, and on the other hand, the award of the contract for the execution of the works of expansion and adaptation of the Secondary school.

This means that work on the school can begin in the next few weeks and with it, put an end to the space problems that exist in the school. The project envisages the creation of four Bachillerato classrooms and two secondary classrooms with space for teachers, a seventh smaller classroom and a computer room. The extension will create a building with a ground floor and two storeys, with a floor area of 1,369 square metres. The base budget for the tender was 1.9 million euros, VAT included, having finally been awarded to the company Orthem Servicios y Actuaciones Ambientales SAU for 1,634,873.55 euros plus VAT.

Having passed the plenary session, the councillor for contracting, José Nájar, explains that the start of the works will be imminent “once the contract is signed and the report of the reconsideration”, and points out that the works will last twelve months “after which we will be able to respond to the needs of the educational community”.

With regard to the Sagrados Corazones School, once the basic and execution project for the works has been approved, the public exhibition process will begin, which precedes the launch of the tender. The work in this centre will improve accessibility, health and evacuation in an action that will be carried out on 1,110 square metres of built surface area in what is known as the grey pavilion, which dates back to the 1960s. The building will be fitted with an auxiliary construction to provide it with a staircase and lift (the current staircase will be demolished), as well as replacing shutters and carpentry. The bathrooms will be completely refurbished, with a total of six units to be built in the space left by the old staircase, each measuring 22 square metres and serving the twelve classrooms.

In the red pavilion, shutters will be replaced and the access pergola from the outside will be refurbished, in addition to repairing different areas of the façade, among other things. In this case, and pending the bids submitted by the companies, the base budget is 1,770,850.30 euros. As in the case of the secondary school, this improvement work is being carried out under the Generalitat Valenciana’s Plan Edificant.

On the other hand, the Plenary made an institutional declaration to adopt measures in response to the closure of a bank office in the town and with a view to possible future actions of this type. In the text of the declaration, the Town Council undertakes not to work with banks that do not operate in Redován with offices capable of meeting the needs of citizens, especially the elderly who are not able or find it more difficult to carry out their transactions through ATMs or online banking.