The Redován Town Council will bring to the next Plenary Session an update of the IBI for the year 2024. This has been indicated by the mayoress, Nely Ruiz, who wanted to inform “in a clear and transparent way to all the people of Redovan” of this measure which aims to guarantee basic services and balance the expenses and income of the Consistory at this time when the budget for next year is already being prepared. Ruiz has assured that the increase in the cost of services such as rubbish collection, treatment and disposal, electricity supply and the need for more staff in both the Local Police and the municipal brigade, mean that the municipal budget has risen by more than 600,000 euros. Added to this is the fact that, in order to qualify for subsidies from the European Union through the Next Generation Funds, the Town Hall must make a contribution to the projects that are approved, “something that would be unfeasible if we did not have these budget items,” said Ruiz. The mayoress of Redován explained that the update involves an increase in the tax rate of 0.1%, from 0.6 to 0.7. In addition, a higher tax rate is established for owners of properties with a higher cadastral value, with the exception of homes.

“For example, owners of undeveloped plots of land with a cadastral value of more than 300,000 euros will pay a higher IBI, applying a 0.8 tax rate. Nely Ruiz assured that the government team “are very aware that we are managing everyone’s money and for everyone, and that is why we are taking this measure to allow us to carry out actions to improve the quality of life in our town, as well as to improve the basic services that Redován requires”. The councillor concluded by reminding everyone that the doors of her office are open, as always, to anyone who would like more details about this measure.