Redován 29/1/2017. The Department of Culture of the City Council of Redován has already announced the basis of what will be the seventh Coral Music Contest ‘Villa de Redován’ that will take place on Saturday, April 22 at the renovated San Miguel Arcángel church. The Councilor for Culture, Clara Ezcurra, has encouraged interested corals to present themselves and has shelled the requirements that must be met by the formations, “which must be non-professional groupings of mixed voices with a minimum number of 16 members”.

As in previous years, the contest will bring three choral groups of all those presented “and that will be selected by the jury, which will be based on the documentation provided in the registration,” Ezcurra said. That jury will consist of three specialists with voice and vote, the coordinator of the contest, Alberto Martínez, with voice but without vote and a representative of the City Council who will act as secretary (without voice or vote). In the inscription the choirs must provide a copy of the works to be interpreted, a history of the grouping and curriculum of the director, a photograph of the choir and a recent recording of at least one complete piece.

With respect to the program, it must be of a sacred nature with three works of free choice, one of them of spiritual song (Gospel). The performances must be prepared to have a minimum duration of 15 minutes and a maximum of 25. Clara Ezcurra explained that, with respect to the prizes, a first one is established with 800 euros and a trophy, a second prize of 400 euros and a trophy and a third of 250 euros and trophy. The choirs will also have an aid of 300 euros each for the expenses caused by the trip to the contest.

Registration forms are already available on the web page of the City Council of Redován and its electronic headquarters, and must be submitted until February 28.