Redován 16/7/2021. A total of 19 people will work in Redován from next Monday 19 July until 19 October to carry out cleaning and maintenance work in gullies, rural roads, La Ermita recreational area and various streets and squares. They will do so on the basis of the subsidy obtained by the Redovan Town Council as part of the agreement between the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) and Local Corporations. A total of 78,796.80 euros covers one hundred percent of the salary costs of the workers.

The councillor for Employment, Maite Martínez, this morning announced the forthcoming incorporation of these 19 workers, 13 men and 6 women, “who throughout the summer will be carrying out much needed work in Redován”, said the councillor. The work will consist of clearing gullies, collecting waste and cleaning up to prevent materials being washed away in the event of flooding, as well as improving the infrastructure of Redován’s rural roads. Cleaning and maintenance work will also be carried out in La Ermita recreational area, Los Pasos sports centre, streets and public squares and the neighbourhoods of San Carlos and El Rincón.

64 full working days

A total of 64 full working days will be carried out, that is, eight hours per person, “in which we are going to carry out a complete plan to improve roads, streets and ravines, which is necessary every summer, especially in view of the autumn rainy season in the case of the ravines”. The councillor for Employment has detailed that the waste removed from the ravines “will be transferred to authorised dumps for proper treatment, and special emphasis will be placed on cleaning the area of the Ermita, since we have a privileged place for its nature and its views that has become an increasingly visited by people from our town and also from outside”.

With regard to the streets, Martinez has specified that the list is long, but has cited some as the avenues of Liberty, Constitution and the Provincial Council, the streets Las Escuelas, Escorrata or Jaboneros in the centre and virtually all the squares of the town, La Paz, Comunidad Valenciana, Francisco Ferrer, Miguel Hernandez, Plaza de la Cruz or Health, among others.

“As every year, the application is made to the Orihuela Labour Office where the personnel are selected,” explained the councillor, who pointed out that these are contracts of a fixed duration and are called “of social interest / promotion of agricultural employment”. The people selected are registered with Labora and affiliated to the Régimen Especial Agrario de la Seguridad Social.