Redován 25/01/2018. The City Council of Redován has collaborated with two NGOs, Kelele Africa and Kisoro, who work in Uganda near the border with the Congo, to help in the construction of a house and the distribution of school supplies among the children of the area. The person in charge of making this donation has been the neighbor of Redován and physiotherapist Víctor Manuel Pérez, director also of the One Clinic company located in Orihuela. Pérez has taken to the children and families of the rural areas all the collected material such as toys, sanitary material or clothes, within a project of solidarity support through the polyclinic center. Pérez has been able to live with the two NGOs for 16 days.

The first contribution was made in rural areas of Fort Portal, for the NGO Kelele Africa, where it has been possible to create a school, a health center and a center for the empowerment of women. “The City Council has allocated school supplies and some bags with the name of Redován”, Pérez explained, adding that “individuals and companies have also donated toys and clothes and an MTB bike donated by One Clinic”. The NGO has managed to enroll 150 children and “currently has the entire sponsorship quota from Spain,” said the physiotherapist, who stressed that “funds are being raised with activities such as the ‘Solidarity Challenge Rwenzori’, sale of the production of the own workshops and a Solidarity Lodge for the expansion of the school. The physiotherapist also wanted to remember that a waiting list is being collected for those interested in sponsoring children in the next course “since they do not accept money that does not go directly to a child with a name, dreams and a path in life in particular”.

Another contribution of the Municipality of Redován has been destined to the construction of a house for a family of Batwa Pygmies, with the contribution to buy the construction material. “A house of woods on a stone base so that the humidity does not arrive and, in addition, it will take the name of Redován”, has assured the mayor, Emilio Fernandez. This house has been made through the NGO Kisoro, and within the works that are in process “are also a civic center or school workshop where you can teach the population notions of hygiene and health care, sewing, education Basic for children, among other workshops, “said Perez and added that” sponsorship is 50% and much remains to be done, the houses are being built with the management and direction of the NGO by the members of the village that have been instructed and is expected to reach a total of 28 houses in the coming months. ”

Both the mayor, Emilio Fernández, and the councilor for Sports, Ramón López, wanted to thank Pérez for his “generosity” and his commitment to those who need it most. For its part, both the One Clinic and Víctor Pérez have congratulated the City for this contribution and have positively assessed the help of institutions, individuals and companies.