The company Foresma S.A. will carry out the reforestation works, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment for 80,000 euros

The mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, has appeared this morning, together with the Councilor for the Environment, Ramón López, to publicize the next works of improvement and forest restoration that will be carried out in the surroundings of the Sierra de Redován, affected by drought and pests of scolitid insects such as 'tomicus destruens'. The works correspond to the III phase of the improvement and restoration project of this mountain, which will have an execution period of 12 months. They will be carried out by the contractor Foresma S.A. and will cost 79,897 euros.

These actions include "the elimination of dead woodland, which involves a serious fire hazard," explained the councilor, "as well as the adaptation of runoff to channel torrential rains, reforestation and improvement of the landscape with native specimens, and the application of phytosanitary treatments to avoid damage to the species of the area such as pine ”, he added. In this respect, traps will be placed with special pheromones for scolitids, bait points with fresh wood to attract them, and other invigorating treatments of the remaining woodland.

The purpose of these actions is “the recovery of the soil in the face of erosion and desertification caused by drought, reducing the risk of forest fires and avoiding the loss of an area so valued in the municipality from the tourist point of view such as the Hermitage, suitable for hiking and hiking, ”explained the mayor.

Ruiz said that "it is also a leisure area, very important for all Redovans, that we are happy to return to a part of its characteristic greenery." Likewise, the mayor has also highlighted the commitment of the government team to maintain this natural space with these and future actions, claiming to be “an objective for which we will always work from the Redován City Council”.