Redován (10/30/2016) .- The Mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández, has welcomed that the budgets of the Generalitat contemplate a game to create the new Redován Health Center.

The Mayor of Redován has stated that “the municipal government has been working for four years on this project and that it is good news that already appears in the Budget of the Generalitat, although it will work with the Ministry of Health and also request the support of the group in The Valencian Cortes for the budget allocation to increase in the year 2017, but that the project will not be able to start until mid-2018. ”

The new health center has a cost of 1,056,000 euros, of which, in the law of the budgets of the Generalitat for 2017, 48,000 euros have been contemplated. Likewise, provision is made for a provision of 504,000 euros for the years 2018 and 2019 respectively.

The Mayor of Redován has indicated that the first step that was given was in 2013 with the urban change of the plot that they offered to the Department of Health to provide this public service. Since then, it has held dozens of meetings, both with those responsible for the area of ​​health and the political leaders of the Department.

To conclude, Fernandez has stated that “it is good news for the people of Redován but has indicated that he expects the Generalitat to increase the budget allocation for the next year since the town of Redován needs sanitary facilities according to the 8,000 inhabitants we have And not the current ones that were planned to serve 5,000 inhabitants. ”