• The municipality is one of the selected among the nearly 1,000 requests for localities throughout Spain to promote connectivity among citizens

The Councilor for Citizen Participation of the Redován City Council, Adrián Ballester, has announced the resolution received from the European Commission regarding the ‘Wifi4U’ program of free internet for European countries. A resolution granting the European aid requested to provide the public squares of the municipality with a Wi-Fi connection. “Thanks to this subsidy we will be able to install several Wi-Fi points in the Redován squares, which will make it easier for citizens to connect to the internet and use new technologies for free,” explained the councilor.

Redován has been selected from among the 947 applications from localities throughout Spain that have applied for this grant. Specifically, the mayor explained that this European aid “gives participating municipalities up to 15,000 euros of subsidy, which will be used to finance the materials and installation costs necessary to develop the proposal.” For its part, the Redován City Council will be in charge of paying for the internet connection and the maintenance of the material for a minimum of three years, which will allow the user to access the internet without the need for subscription or financial compensation.

The development of this program will simplify access to new information technologies, since, as Adrián Ballester has reported, it is a completely free, easy and fast connection process through a main portal that will not require reintroducing passwords in case of reconnecting within 12 hours. “The City of Redován is characterized by promoting communication and citizen participation through the internet and social networks, so this grant and anyone that makes life easier for our citizens in this regard will be welcomed by the municipality,” added Ballester.