Redován informs its neighbors of the procedure for the regularization of homes in its municipal district

  • The City Council calls a meeting to give an account of the actions carried out to adapt to the legislation the constructions out of management

The City Council of Redován held an informative meeting in the Ricardo Ruiz Poveda social center yesterday afternoon, which aimed to make known to the neighbors the actions and procedures initiated by the town hall for the regularization of homes in the pending municipality of adaptation to the reform of the urban planning regulations of the Valencian Community.

The meeting, attended by more than 60 people, was attended by the mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, and the councilors of the government team. Thus, the mayor of Urban Planning, José Nájar, told the neighbors of the state of processing in which this process of regularization developed by the City Council is found according to Law 1/2019 that reforms Law 5/2014 of Ordination of Territory, Urban Planning and Landscape and with the collaboration of homeowners.

In this way, the councilor informed the attendees that the first phase of this procedure, which encompasses all homes within a Special Impact Reduction Plan and that includes “the preparation of a descriptive report of the current situation of the municipality , with the location of the constructions and a landscape integration study ”, it is almost finished.

This report has been carried out with the support of the Municipal Technical Office and two external offices specialized in the field. Once concluded, this report “may be consulted by the residents of Redován on the bulletin board of the municipal electronic site and on the City Council website, before its approval by the Plenary,” explained Nájar. Subsequently, this special plan will be submitted to the Autonomic Department of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility for approval.

Likewise, Nely Ruiz said that “it is very important for me as mayor and for this government team to keep our neighbors informed of all the actions carried out by their City Council, in addition to facilitating the completion of procedures to the extent possible ”, especially“ on an issue as important as this, which affects more than 400 families in the municipality, ”she concluded.

Redován requests more than 300,000 euros in aid to repair the damage caused by DANA

  • The municipality will use the aid to cover expenses of the municipal shelter, repair of infrastructures and municipal buildings and street cleaning

The Town Planning Councilor, José Najar, has appeared today to publicize the actions carried out and the situation in which the municipality of Redován is, after two months of the floods that so badly affected the town and also The whole region.

In total, approximately regional and state aid have been requested for an approximate value of 328,845 euros, “which will be used to defray and mitigate the damage caused by this atmospheric phenomenon last September,” said the mayor of Urban Planning. Thus, 54,332 euros have been requested through the help of the Generalitat Valenciana, “of which 1,156 will be dedicated to the operation and supply costs of the municipal shelter and the parish hall during the first days of the DANA”, has José Najar informed.

Similarly, “8,506 euros will be used to pay municipal staff who during these days have been processing requests for help from the affected neighbors of Redován, amounting to a total of 400 applications,” he added. The bulk of the regional “will be applied to the extraordinary expenses of the days after the DANA, intended for street cleaning, water pumping of waterlogged areas, and the replacement of containers, which amount to 44,669 euros,” said Nájar.

On the other hand, the councilor has also referred to the 114,514 euros of state aid requested “to cover the costs of municipal dependency arrangements, the removal of household goods, the implementation of the special street cleaning service, as well as repair of the water supply and sewerage network ”.

These grants join those recently announced by the Diputación de Alicante, “which now has a plan of 8,000,000 euros for the repair of affected municipal infrastructure, as well as grants of 4,000 euros for the repair of roads”, has added the mayor. Likewise, Redován City Council has 10 complaint files open with the different companies and with the Insurance Consortium in relation to municipal buildings. In addition, “the City Council will hire 11 workers for six months through a grant of more than 160,000 euros from the Ministry of Employment, which will be responsible for carrying out actions in affected areas of the municipality such as the Place of La Ermita or the arrangement of roads ”, adds the Town Planning Councilor.

The mayor of Redován asks for tranquility to the neighbors before the process of legalization of houses on rustic land

• Since 2011 the City Council has requested reports to know the situation, which affects more than 400 families, and adapt the buildings to the new regulations

The mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, and the councilman of Urbanism, José Nájar, have appeared today to call for calm “before the alarm generated by the misinformation that has spread in recent days in the municipality, regarding the process of legalization of housing outside urban planning “.

The councilor wanted to reassure the neighbors affected by this process, ensuring that from the City Council of Redován “all relevant steps are taken to regularize these homes.” The process has been explained by the councilman of Urbanism, José Nájar, who has detailed the procedures carried out by the government team since 2011, “requesting internal and external reports to adapt to the regulations and be able to carry out this administrative intervention of ordination of these buildings on rustic land.

“These procedures led to the drafting of a housing management project in 2016, which must be modified to adapt it to the recent reform of Law 1/2019 on Territorial Planning, Urban Planning and Landscape (LOTUP) last February, according to which , homes built before August 2014 can be legalized through a procedure that must be assumed by the City Council. For this reason from the Consistory was requested an external legal report, which was received on May 9, “and that as soon as this City Council has been constituted, has allowed to submit an order of Mayor requesting the adaptation of the plan,” said the councilor.

Both the mayor and the councilor of Urbanism have insisted on calling the residents calm with homes of these characteristics, since “it is crystal clear that the City is acting to know in depth the possible solutions for all buildings at the lowest possible cost”. The aediles assured that they will put in contact with the citizens as soon as all the information is gathered and all the details of the matter are known.

Likewise, the councilor has informed that a formal complaint will be presented to the Illustrious Bar Association of Orihuela, motivated by the participation of a law firm in a public space to report urban issues that affect municipal competencies without the consent or prior information to the City Council.