The City Council of Redován and Hidraqua initiate improvement actions in the drinking water service

  • The works will be focused on renovating the pipe network, as well as the installation of valves and household connections.
  • The total cost of these improvement actions, included in the service concession contract, amounts to 372,400 euros

The Redován City Council and the municipality’s potable water service concessionaire, Hidraqua, have started to work this week to improve the town’s water supply network. These works, that began this Monday, were contemplated in the service concession contract, consisting of three actions to execute new channelings and replacement of pipes, sectioning valves and connections in the Camino del Motor, Jesús Jordá and Seis de Diciembre streets, as well as the upper part of the town near the mountains.

The mayor of the municipality, Nely Ruiz, has expressed her satisfaction at the start of these works, which will allow “offering a better provision of an essential service and much needed on a day-to-day basis for all the residents of Redován”. She added that “in this way, we fulfill the commitment that we proposed as a government with the assignment of the service to the concessionaire company”.

In this way, the installation of approximately 1.750 meters of new conduction and the renovation of some 390 household connections will be carried out, as well as in places where there were no registration elements, such as those found in poor state of conservation due to age and presenting obsolete materials and insufficient diameter.

These works will serve to improve water pressure and ensure its quality, as well as minimizing the number of users who will be affected in the event of any breakdown due to breakdown or maintenance. The total cost of the actions amounts to 372.400 euros, with an execution period of approximately four months.

For his part, the mayor of Municipal Services, Ramón Escarabajal, has stated that “these works are very important, since they come to solve a historical problem in the municipality, such as water cuts.” Escarabajal has assured that “our objective is to improve the quality of life of the residents of Redován, and that is why we are going to carry out these much-needed actions.”

The Department of Municipal Services closes the mandate with a positive balance in the work done to “improve the day to day of the residents of Redován”

Francisco Martínez emphasizes that his department works hand in hand with the rest of the areas of the City Council in the realization of any event

The Councilor for Municipal Services, Works and Parks and Gardens of the City Council of Redován, Francisco Martínez, today took stock of the mandate at the head of a department that, as he himself highlighted, “carries out all the tasks aimed at having the people of Redova services, the environment and amenities they deserve in their daily lives. ” Martinez has been accompanied in his appearance by the mayor, Emilio Fernandez, who has highlighted “the necessary involvement of the departments that during this mandate has directed Francisco Martínez in virtually all the organization of events in our municipality in addition to the work of each of they”.

The mayor recalled that until January 1, when the new water and sewer service contract of Redován entered into force, it has been his area that has been responsible for this management, “something that has taken us a large part of our time and effort. ” As an example, he has set up the cleaning and repairs of the sewage and rainwater network, “a daily challenge taking into account the conditions of the land in Redován, with the mountain, the barrages and the runoffs”.

Municipal Services has assumed, among others, the works of accessibility, maintenance of sidewalks, curbs, potholes, covers and sewer and storm drains, as well as any damage that has appeared on the streets, while in parks and gardens Francisco Martínez has spoken of the tasks of pruning, planting and irrigation, as well as the control of pests and fumigations. Enabling the operation of municipal sources or children’s games in these leisure and recreation spaces has been the subject of the work of the area, as well as the control and elimination of pests. “It seems that no, but the work of disinfection, disinfestation and deratization is very important,” said the mayor, who added that not only is important “but essential to maintain cleanliness and healthiness in our streets and below them.”

“It has been necessary the work of many people, teammates, technicians of this house and workers of the brigade, professionals who every day do everything possible and are dedicated to the welfare of citizenship.” In this way he has spoken of the collaboration and help of the Local Police in the Department of Signaling, from where the painting of streets, parking areas, placement and replacement of traffic signs, etc. is managed.

In the cemetery section cleaning and maintenance has been carried out as well as citizen attention to any questions, while in public lighting has been launched telemanagement and maintenance of equipment and lighting, as well as coordination with the company in charge of repairs and improvements. “We develop the work that allows problems, large or small day to day, are resolved quickly and effectively”, while Martinez has reported other specific actions such as the finishing, painting and placement of drains of the steeple of Barrio San Carlos, the painting of the fronton court and other sports facilities, the agreement with the company that performs the collection of domestic oil, the improvements in different places such as Francisco Ferrer, where the calisthenics zone or the Valencian and Príncipe Community squares were installed of Asturias, “but above all we emphasize the cooperation with the different councils in the preparation of festive, cultural or sports activities”.

Francisco Martinez has outlined the “horizontality” of the Department of Municipal Services “because it shares work and needs with other areas, covering their needs.” Finally it has concluded with the actions carried out in Health, with different repairs in the medical office, replacement of furniture as well as the campaigns that have been developed in collaboration with other administrations.

The City Council of Redován and Hidraqua set in motion the landscape restoration of the Paraje La Ermita

Redován 1/18/2019. Just fifteen days after its implementation, the City Council of Redován and the water and sewer service concessionaire, Hidraqua, officially inaugurated this management today with a visit to the public attention office in Calle Abajo. the past day 2, and with the start-up of the landscape restoration of the Redován mountain range in the Paraje La Ermita with a first day of reforestation that will continue in the coming months with an integral intervention of the area.

During the visit to the offices, the manager of Hidraqua, Juan José Alonso, explained some of the most relevant aspects of the client area, “like the agreement that is being negotiated with the Federation of Deaf People of the Valencian Community (FESORD) to facilitate face-to-face attention for people with hearing disabilities “. Alonso and the mayor, Emilio Fernández, have highlighted that the concessionaire will maintain “the social rates that have been applied until now in the municipality, in addition to that there will be a meeting with our Social Services to define the attention to the vulnerable groups”, has specified the first mayor.

Fraud control campaigns and processes to make periodic meter readings more efficient are also a priority in these first months, as well as the availability of a 24-hour checkpoint or network inspection campaigns in Redován. . Through this last one, a total of 40 faults have been detected and repaired since the service was started.

As for the work carried out, the cleaning of the sewage and rainwater network has been started in double shift, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., to finish as soon as possible with the inconveniences to the neighbors and the control plan for the discharges with definition of sampling stations and analytical controls in some industries. With respect to the works to be executed soon, the Camino del Motor and the Rincón pumping station will be built in the town center, “while beneficial projects for our town are also being written, such as those related to the landscape performance in the Hermitage, the installation of remote reading in the meters and the sectorization and remote control of the network “, said the mayor.

After the visit to the offices, the first day of reforestation was carried out in the Paraje La Ermita, a prelude to the comprehensive action that will be carried out in the area in the coming months. For this campaign, plant species have been selected that will improve the environmental and landscape quality of the surroundings, such as cypress, black hawthorn, mastic, carob, ephedra, rosemary, palmito or bayón.