Redován’s most eagerly awaited fiestas begin on 27 August and will last until the end of September

  • The City Council presents the book and programme of the festivities that have not been held in full since 2019, when the DANA forced the suspension of part of the events.

The Redován Town Hall has everything ready to kick off, on 27 August, the most eagerly awaited fiestas in honour of the Virgen de la Salud and San Miguel. As the Mayoress and Councillor for Fiestas Nely Ruiz recalled, “in 2019 because of the DANA we were unable to finish our fiestas as they deserved, and then the pandemic has kept us waiting for another two years, so both the Town Council and the Fiestas Committee know the enthusiasm of the whole town of Redován to recover them as we have always known them, and with the same enthusiasm we have worked to achieve this”. Nely Ruiz was accompanied during the presentation by Carlos García, author of the photo that illustrates the cover of the fiestas book, taken during one of the firework displays in September 2020, at the worst of the pandemic.

The traditional celebrations add up to around thirty events that will get underway on Saturday 27 August with the election of queens, the proclamation of the fiestas by Nuria Escudero Rodríguez and the crowning of queens, an event that, as is traditional, will take place in the Plaza de la Paz. From then on, there will be a succession of events, both civil and religious, until 30 September, when the programme will end with a mass. On 28 August there will be a children’s party in the Plaza Miguel Hernández and on Friday 2 September the events will resume with a concert by the Unión Musical de Redován in the Plaza de la Paz and the prize-giving ceremony for the 2019 parade. On Saturday 3 September the Offering of Flowers will start at 20.00 hours from the Plaza Miguel Hernández, and an hour later the Chupinazo will be fired from the balcony of the Town Hall by the Festero de Honor, Miguel Terol Martínez, which this year goes to the Barraca La Gramaera. This will be followed by the retreta which will end with a DJ in the Plaza de la Cruz.

On 3 and 4 September in the San Carlos industrial estate there will be a remote-controlled car championship and on Sunday 4 there will be the traditional exhibition of grass and hemp spinning by La Gramaera. The barracas will be set up on Wednesday 7 September, and on Thursday 8, the feast of the Virgen de la Salud, the day will begin with mass in honour of the patron saint, officiated by the parish priest Eloy Martín and sung by the Manos Unidas choir. In the evening, at 20.00 hours, the procession in honour of the Virgen de la Salud will start, at the end of which there will be a fireworks display from the Avenida de la Diputación.

On Friday, 9 September, the charanga tapeo (brass band) will be performed by Los Feos, and on Saturday, 10 September, the grand general parade of peñas, barracas and queens will begin at 21.00 hours. On 11 September the water festival will be repeated and on the 15th the horse show, which has not been held for some years, will be resumed.

On 11 and 13 September the ‘Sálvame’ will be held in the bullfighting ring and on Friday 16 the Redován Dance Association will offer its Dance Gala. The Fiesta Blanca, one of the most popular of the fiestas, will be held on Saturday 17th September at 21.00 hours in the Plaza Miguel Hernández and will feature a performance by the Happy’s. Registrations can be made at the Town Hall from 1 to 16 September.

On Sunday 18th September the Casa de la Música Antonio Ibáñez Serrano will host the Valencian language theatre show ‘Aladín’ and on Friday 23rd at 18.00 the XIII Campeonato Intergeneracional de Petanca (13th Intergenerational Petanque Championship) will take place. That same Friday at 22.30 hours, in the Plaza de la Paz, we will enjoy the musical Mamma Mia. On Saturday 24th there will be a Multicolour Parade from the Plaza de la Cruz, followed by a concert by the group Los 80 Principales, after which there will be DJ music.

On Sunday 25th September, the XVII Encuentro de Motos Clásicas Villa de Redován will be held, with remember music by the group American Revival and at 20.00 hours on the same day we will switch to the music of the Unión Musical de Redován, with the Concert of San Miguel Arcángel. On 28 September, the eve of the celebration of San Miguel, the musical show ‘Somos Eurovisión’ will take place in the Plaza de la Paz and on the 29th, the feast of the patron saint, at 12.00 there will be mass officiated by the new parish priest, Emilio Manuel Sánchez Martínez, sung by the Manos Unidas Choir. At 20.00 the procession in honour of San Miguel will start and will end with a new fireworks display in the Avenida de la Diputación.

Nely Ruiz thanked the involvement of “the many people who have made possible the preparation of this extensive programme”, as well as the work for the publication of a book of more than 200 pages “in which we can find, as is traditional, a guide with practically all the shops and establishments of Redován, as well as numerous collaborations of people who have selflessly wanted to participate and further enhance our festivities”. The mayoress made special mention of the clubs and barracas of Redován grouped in the Junta Festera: Barraca La Gramaera, Peña Contrabandista El Volante, Peña Contrabandista, Barraca Pirata Redován, Barraca Templarios, Barraca Sultanas, Comparsa Benimerines, Barraca Los Cobras, and welcomed the Comparsa Mora Al-Khäusil which joins the festive groups this year.

The students of Colegio Sagrados Corazones promote mobility on foot and sustainability with ‘Metrominuto Redován’.

The project ‘Redovánpolis Go!’ The sustainable village’ developed by the Colegio Sagrados Corazones de Redován with the support of the City Council since its inception makes a positive balance of the course and presents its latest creation, ‘Metrominuto Redován’. It is a map developed by students of fifth and sixth grade in which the average travel times between different points of interest in the town are established. It is intended to promote mobility on foot, thus reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles into the atmosphere, involving families in its development and thus having a more sustainable town, which is the main objective of the project.

Councilman Environment, Ramon Lopez, said that ‘RedovánpolisGO!’ is not only new “but it is very necessary and effective, since from the school students are given a series of guidelines for recycling, mobility, and in general everything necessary to create a society increasingly aware of the respect it deserves the environment to, among other things, curb problems that we have to fight, such as climate change. That is why he wanted to congratulate once again the school and its teachers “for having managed to raise awareness among children who in turn apply these teachings at home and make their parents also be more respectful of the environment”.

Lopez has indicated that the City Council will install the map of ‘Metrominuto’ in places like the Avenida de la Diputación, so that it can be consulted. In addition, it can be downloaded from the website of the City Council “and a QR code has been developed through which anyone can carry it on their cell phone”.

Balance of the course

For ‘Redovánpolis Go!’ the 2021-2022 academic year has been the take-off of the project, although it began to develop during the previous academic year, as indicated by the project coordinator, Rubén Ferrer. The impact at the educational level has been high, with the participation of teachers, students and families in the different missions that have completed, month after month, all the classes. This participation has achieved, among other things, a better recycling of the school’s resources, in addition to collecting more than 7,000 bottle caps and more than 380 kilos of batteries.

Solidarity is also part of the school project, with missions that have raised money for the Association El Árbol de los Sueños, in addition to collecting food and materials for the Association Patas sin Fronteras, coordinated by the Infant cycle. From the third cycle, which has developed the ‘Metrominuto Redován’, have been received by the AMPA some farming tools for the school garden launched this year with the help of the City Council. The project has created the Virtual Museum of the sustainable village where you can visit the works of art made on the occasion of 8M, since equality is to start from the sustainable village.

‘Redovánpolis Go!’ has also been the subject of several awards such as the Grifo de Redován Award granted in April by the City Council. But it has also crossed the borders of the municipality as a finalist in a national contest and first prize in environmental competitions and on digital transformation of the classroom, an award that will be collected in Seville in the coming weeks. Likewise, the project has been exhibited in Elche in the framework of the I Jorndas de la ‘Red ODS 2030: Caminando hacia el futuro’ and in November it will be in ‘Vincle educatiu’ of the Fuhem Foundation in collaboration with the City Council and the University of Valencia, where it will be presented as a project of good practices in the school community.

The Redován City Council promotes the practice of paddle tennis with the launch of its first municipal court.

Redován City Council has launched what is the first municipal paddle tennis court in the town in the Sports Center Los Pasos. This infrastructure, built at the same time that two of the existing tennis courts have been renovated, has been paid for with funds from the Plan + Sport of the Provincial Council of Alicante. The entire performance has involved an investment of 48,288.01 euros, and has been designed by the architect Sergio Pina redovanense and executed by the company, also Redován, Zaragoza Group.

The councilman of sports, Ramón López, has assured that from the City Council “we promote sport in any modality, but on this occasion we wanted to pay attention to racket sports because of the great fondness they have in our town, as well as the demand of numerous people who considered that our sports center was missing a paddle tennis court like the one that will be able to start using from tomorrow.”

Ramón López together with the mayoress, Nely Ruiz, has been this morning at the facilities to announce “the imminent launch of the paddle tennis court, totally free, and that can already be booked at the sports center”. The mayor has assured “that the paddle has many fans in Redován, and now they can practice their favorite sport without leaving Redován”.


Redován will grant a 50% bonus on municipal capital gains in cases of inheritance and when economic activity is promoted.

The City Council of Redován held yesterday the Plenary for the month of July, a session of the Corporation in which, among other things, has adapted the Tax Ordinance Regulating the Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land, better known as Plusvalía, to the current regulations of Royal Decree Law 26/2021. The councilman of Urbanism, José Nájar, explained that “what we have done has been to modify the ordinance based on state regulations and, at the same time, we have taken the opportunity to introduce at the municipal level some bonuses that we consider, on the one hand, that will ease the pocket of people who receive an inheritance, and on the other, to make it less uphill to buy premises for those who want to start their business in Redován”.

The councilman refers to the bonuses introduced in Article 8 of the municipal regulations, which establishes the reduction of 50% of the tax quota in the transfer of land by inheritance, and the same amount in the case of economic activities declared of special interest or municipal utility due to social, cultural, historical-artistic or employment promotion circumstances that justify such a declaration. “In recent years we have seen how there are people who are even forced to give up their inheritances to cope with the Plusvalía, as well as the problems, mainly economic, which are found by those who want to start their businesses,” said Nájar, who added that “in Redován we want to minimize the maximum burden on citizens, and we thought this was an opportunity to do so in the case of the Plusvalía, as we had to modify the ordinance after the latest regulatory changes made at the state level.”

On the other hand, during the plenary session another step was taken for the implementation of the works of adequacy and expansion of the CEIP Sagrados Corazones, with the award of the execution contract, while a motion aimed at facilitating the regularization of housing considered illegal in the municipality was also approved at the request of the popular group. This point, dealt with through a motion that also defended the councilman of Urbanism, urges the Generalitat Valenciana to facilitate the legalization of the constructions made after August 20, 2014. José Nájar explained that the Law of Land Management, Urban Planning and Landscape of the Valencian Community (LOTUP) gives the possibility to the owners of these properties to regularize them through special plans to minimize impact. “From the City Council of Redován we set to work, which has allowed us to identify more than 400 buildings in the municipality out of management,” said Nájar, who has specified that from the conclusions of the study carried out it is clear that only buildings completed before the aforementioned date of August 20, 2014 could be regularized, “a date that we do not understand and that we consider necessary to change, so that they can benefit from the minimization plan almost all of the properties built out of order, thus avoiding that unfair situations may occur, “concluded the mayor.


Redován incorporates two unemployed young people under 30 years of age through the EMPUJU 2022 Program

The City Council of Redován has incorporated two young people under 30 years of age who were unemployed. These two new municipal employees will carry out their work for one year, until July 17, 2023, through Labora's EMPUJU 2022 Program co-financed by the European Social Fund.

The grant awarded is 33,031.44 euros and the jobs to be performed will be masonry laborers for the maintenance of urban public spaces and administrative assistants for the management of the local administration. The Councilor for Employment, Maite Martínez, explained that, as every year, the Redován City Council benefits from this aid co-financed by the European Union "which allows us to provide work, in this case to two young people under 30 years of age who they were unemployed, and on the other hand, we managed to improve our town thanks to their work, with which, all the citizens of Redovan benefit from these aids”.

The old gymnasium in Redován begins its conversion into classrooms to accommodate students from the Sagrados Corazones School

Redován Town Council is to start converting the old municipal gymnasium into training classrooms. The Councillor for Education, Rebeca Martínez, explains that these facilities “will initially accommodate the students of the Sagrados Corazones School who have to move due to the extension work on this centre, and will then remain open for training courses which may be organised in our municipality by the Town Council or other institutions or organisations”.


The councillor for Town Planning, José Nájar, explained the work to be carried out, which involves the creation of six classrooms on the ground floor and first floor with their corresponding toilets and service areas. The constructed surface area of the project is 638.14 metres spread over the two floors. “On the ground floor there will be a covered access, the entrance and distribution, two toilets, a multi-purpose room and two classrooms, while on the first floor there will be a distributor that will serve two offices and four other classrooms”.


Basically, said Nájar, “it is about redistributing the current spaces to the existing educational needs of our municipality”, and among other things it will be provided with accessibility through a ramp and handrail at the entrance, change of lighting, review of electrical installations, plumbing and sanitation and placement of a security fence to prevent access to the existing staircase when leaving the centre.


Last Friday a visit was made to the facilities together with representatives of the company that is going to carry out the adaptation once the contract has been awarded so that work can begin in the next few days. This is the first phase of the project carried out by local architect Alejandra Fernández Mateo.