Redován opens the municipal swimming pool this summer with rigorous sanitary measures to prevent Covid-19

  • It will be operational in July and August with split hours, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., with cleaning time at noon
  • Capacity limited to 75%, disinfection of hands and shoes and the safety distance of 1.5 meters are some of the stipulated measures

The Redován City Council will open the doors of its municipal swimming pool next Wednesday, July 1, once all measures have been taken to do so safely for municipal staff and users. “At first, and always thinking about the safety and health of the people of Redován, not opening was considered this summer,” reported Nely Ruiz, mayor of the municipality. But the councilor added that “after confirming the improvement of the sanitary situation with the end of the state of alarm, we have worked and studied how to proceed with its reopening so that our neighbors have the option of being able to cool off safely this summer and caution ”. The facilities will be available for bathing during the months of July and August.

For his part, the Councilor for Sports, Ramón López, explained that “we have developed a series of measures based on the regulations set by the Valencian Government and which will be signposted and visible throughout the premises in order to enjoy this environment safely ” Thus, with a capacity less than 75%, users must access with a mask in groups of less than twenty people, and they must maintain the safety distance of 1.5 meters at all times. It will also be necessary “cleaning and disinfection of hands and footwear before entering and the mandatory use of a towel when using the sun loungers,” explained the mayor. Likewise, the toilets and showers on the premises will be constantly reviewed, with two municipal custodians and a lifeguard in charge of ensuring compliance with these measures.

The municipal swimming pool maintains the prices of other years: 2 euros for general admission (from 13 to 65 years old), and 1.50 euros for 4 to 12 years old and for retirees and disabled, with free entry for children from 0 to 4 years old. The opening hours will be from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., “with this break at noon to be able to thoroughly clean and disinfect the space,” said López. Those who want to use the pool also in the afternoon can do so, presenting the entry purchased in the morning.

The mayor has appealed to the prudence of the people of Redovan in the use of this service that “we hope will serve to cheer up and make this summer something more bearable within this new normality”, and that, in case of presenting symptoms, “do not use this service, avoiding putting neighbors at risk unnecessarily. “

The Diputación de Alicante approves the construction of the covered pavilion in the sports center of the B4 of Redován

The construction of the municipal covered pavilion in the B4 sector of Redován has been approved this morning in the Extraordinary Plenary Session of the Diputación de Alicante, as reported by Adrián Ballester, provincial deputy and first deputy mayor of Redován, together with Ramón López, Councilor for Sports of the municipality.

The tender budget for the work, included in the assessed technical report submitted to the Provincial Council, and of which the provincial institution will contribute 950,000 euros, has an estimated total cost of 1,210,000 euros to cover all project expenses, which will include construction of the sports center, the urbanization of the plot, the improvement of accesses and the conversion and reintegration of the previous facilities. In this way, the new pavilion will have an area of ​​2,408 square meters and 9.50 meters high, with a useful space for sports practice of 1,215 square meters equipped with double stands.

The architectural proposal was the winner of the contest of architectural ideas made by the City Council for its construction, which has sought to provide accessibility and functionality to the space. The building will be completed with a reception, storage and concierge, a covered multipurpose track, infirmary, four toilets and changing rooms for local team, visitor and referee, as well as a cafeteria and a running track, with an addition of 180 square meters for multipurpose space .

The construction of these facilities “will come to complete the municipal sports offer with renewed sports infrastructure and accessible to all neighbors, also for those who have reduced mobility,” said the Councilor for Sports.

For his part, Adrián Ballester has expressed his satisfaction at this milestone achieved for the municipality, since “it was a very demanded action by the citizens of Redován”, and that “it has been achieved thanks to the help and collaboration of the Diputación with the municipalities that compose it ”, he added.

The project will be available soon for viewing for the residents of Redován in the City Hall.

Redován hosts the summer multisport, a tennis stage and the socio-educational project ‘Vegavacaciones’

• The objective of these activities, which will take place during the month of July, is to promote sport and also social and recreational actions

Redován 6/13/2019. The City Council of Redován has organized for this summer numerous activities that aim to promote sports activities and also recreational and social actions. The mayor of Social Services, Nely Ruiz and the Councilor for Sports, Ramon Lopez, have been responsible for threshing the activities that will be carried out during the month of July, accompanied by the acting mayor, Emilio Fernandez.

On the one hand, children born between 2003 and 2015 will be able to enroll until June 21 at the Sports Summer School. An activity that mixes all kinds of sports such as football, basketball, handball, hiking, swimming pool, traditional games, etc., and that will take place the first fortnight from June 1 to 12 and the second fortnight from June 15 to 26. The full price is 60 euros for two fortnights and 40 euros for one of them. The inscriptions are made in the Town Hall, where discounts can also be consulted, and for more information, interested parties can call 618014504 or contact the Sports Department. The mayor of the area, Ramón López, has assured that “it is a highly demanded activity, which we improve year by year, and the result is always very satisfactory for those who participate”.

Also, in terms of sports, a ‘Tennis Stage’ will also be held at the ‘Los Pasos’ sports center from July 1 to 26. It will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and children from 4 to 18 years old can participate. To make the registrations, you must request the payment card at the Town Hall. The price is 40 euros a fortnight and 60 euros a full month. In addition, those interested can call the Adri telephone numbers at 657428061, Jorge at 744482117 and from Javi at 618205295.

On the other hand, for the month of July there will be intensive swimming courses aimed at children between 3 and 14 years old, which will take place in the heated swimming pool. The courses have a cost of 50 euros if done monthly or 30 euros if it is biweekly, and will run from 1 to 26 July in days from Monday to Friday. Those interested can call 618014504 or contact the Department of Sports.

Regarding Social Services, the mayor, Nely Ruiz, has presented the activity ‘Vegavaciones, socioeducativos spaces’. An activity that is carried out in Redován by the hand of Mancomunidad La Vega and that will take place from July 1 to August 2. With the slogan ‘The Guardians of the Mediterranean’, the activity is aimed at children from 3 to 10 years old, that is, from the first year of Infantile to the fourth year of Primary Education. Places are limited and the price is 50 euros. Registrations can be made until tomorrow, Friday, June 14, in Social Services, at City Hall or through the Mancomunidad website. “This is a socio-educational activity that this year will focus on the importance of caring for the environment and the environment, so that they will teach good Mediterranean customs such as gastronomy, ecosystem, health, sports, among others. aspects, “Ruiz assured.

For his part, the acting mayor, Emilio Fernández, has said goodbye to the media in what will be his last press conference as mayor. Fernandez has assured that “it has been a pleasure to work with each of the people who have surrounded me these eight years, both councilors and administration staff.” The first mayor explained that “I leave Redován much better than I did eight years ago and I am absolutely sure that in four it will be better, because a team is ready and capable”.

Finally, she has taken the opportunity to invite all residents of Redován this Saturday to the women’s soccer championship to be held at the Municipal Field Pascual Gil ‘Duana’ from four in the afternoon to four in the morning. “There are twelve teams of women’s soccer in the province that are going to meet in our town, and we have to demonstrate this commitment to the promotion of sport, in this case the sport king, football, which also play, and very well, the women as they are showing us and how they will do it on Saturday in our municipality, “concluded Fernández.

The areas of Culture and Sports of Redován put the municipality at the forefront of the towns of Vega Baja

Clara Ezcurra and Ramón López shed all the activities carried out in which the town has been disseminated throughout the national territory

The mayor of Youth, Tourism and Culture, Clara Ezcurra and the Councilor for Sports, Environment, Public Safety and Markets, Ramón López Escarabajal, today took stock of this mandate in which they have carried out numerous activities and actions that have put Redován in the spotlight as an example to follow in these matters. The mayor, Emilio Fernández, was in charge of presenting the work of both departments and said that “we have considered culture as one of the fundamental elements of the legislature, with initiatives that have given voice to citizens and, as regards security, the technical teams have been renewed to improve the quality of life of the neighbors “.

In Youth, Ezcurra has highlighted the commitment of the council for the summer trips to the water park, holding for the first time of Youth Day, at academic level holding the Cambridge exams at the institute and the youth information point about activities related to young people. The mayor has stressed that “the study room is almost ready 24 hours and soon all young people can enjoy.” And he has announced that an Escape Room will be held on March 16.

As for tourism, the mayor has highlighted the opening of hiking trails, as well as theatrical routes and gastronomic days with the collaboration of the Festera Board and Association of Hotel Owners. Likewise, a Christmas day has been celebrated without forgetting “the increase in tourism thanks to via ferrata”. Also around the culture there are numerous activities during the year and the person in charge of the area wanted to highlight “the Abarcas Desierto contest, cultural trips, carnivals, as well as the collaboration of the council in religious events such as Holy Week with the presentation of the poster and proclamation and processions “. One activity highlighted by Ezcurra has been ‘music in your bars’, bringing concerts and monologues through redován venues, as well as the Sacred Music Contest, a Halloween parade and the celebration in November of Santa Cecilia with a multitude of activities.

For his part, Ramón López Escarabal, highlighted in the Department of Markets the remodeling of the Plaza de Abastos “with improvements in accessibility, as well as piped music or the change of lights.” As for Environment “we have worked very hard with the theme of ‘tomicus destruens’ to solve this plague in which all affected pine trees have been cut and 1,000 performances of sashes and tree basins to retain the water and be able to plant.” Likewise, autochthonous plantations have been made. The mayor also highlighted the implementation of the urban garden in the center of the municipality and two Erasmus activities related to the Environment and thanks to which “students from up to five countries have come”.

On the other hand, in Citizen Security, Emergencies and Traffic has been remodeled the clothing and expanded the technical means, as well as the incorporation of more agents “and have covered all the seats that were available.” In addition, new units have also been set up for the Police Headquarters so that the agents “were in the best conditions”.

In addition, the mayor of Sports has explained that the artificial turf has been remodeled football field, as well as costumes, and so on. In addition, performances have been carried out in the indoor pool, “with more than 200 users”, remodeling of the changing rooms of the Los Pasos sports center, as well as the setting up of the Cantera Express environment, collaboration with the Climbing Club as well as the MTB Club.

Finally, López Escarabajal has highlighted the implementation of the Via Ferrata de Redován. “It has had a very important social, economic and tourist impact in the municipality and will be expanded to be the longest in Spain.”

Redován will adapt the new changing rooms of the Los Pasos Sports Center to people with reduced mobility

Redován 8/1/2019. The City Council of Redován finished the year with another good news, the concession, on the part of the Provincial Delegation, of a grant of 113,351.02 euros with which will proceed to the total reform of the locker rooms and the service areas of the sports center Los Pasos.

The Councilor for Sports, Ramón López Escarabajal, emphasizes that this reform will allow the adaptation of the facility to people with reduced mobility, “something that we have taken into account from the City Council and that is being applied little by little in the different sports areas of our municipality so that they comply with the regulations and above all, to allow the use to all the people who wish it “.

The work will consist of the demolition of the entire interior of the current changing rooms, of which only the structure will be maintained. “From there it’s going to put all new toilets, showers, locker room, etc,” says the mayor, adding that the warehouse area will also be remodeled, the reception where the concierge and offices are installed, “with so that we can have modern and updated facilities available to our associations and groups. ” Ramón López hopes that the work can be undertaken during the first quarter of the year, since once the subsidy is received, it is the City Council that is in charge of the tender.

Redován submitted to the Provincial Council a budget of 109,664.80 euros for the work and 3,686.22 for the drafting of the project. The global is the amount that finally subsidizes the provincial institution 100% within the third call of the year 2018 of financially sustainable investments.

The sport of Redován opens the doors to functional diversity with the celebration of its popular race

This is the first time that this initiative has been carried out in Vega Baja, in which people with mental disabilities from the Videsalud Residence participated.

The municipality of Redován yesterday welcomed its Popular Race and did it by opening the doors to people with functional diversity. The Department of Sports added a test of 200 meters for people with mental disabilities, which makes the people of Redovana in the first of the Vega Baja incoporar this group in the local sport.

The mayor of the area, Ramón López, explained that “we are very pleased with this initiative, which has allowed 6 residents of the Residencia Videsalud who have mental disabilities have been able to participate in this race.” Lopez said that “there have been around 500 people who have participated and what we want is that this sports event grows over the years, and is also inclusive.”

The race also included, and for the first time, children’s categories. “We have exceeded our expectations as 200 minors have participated and we hope that next year we can overcome this figure,” said the mayor of sports. Regarding the higher categories, the winner of the 10 kilometer test was the local athlete, Álex García Carrillo, with 32 minutes and 25 seconds, and the winner of 5 kilometers was Francisco Javier Sánchez, with a time of 16 minutes and 55 seconds.

Lopez assured that “we are satisfied with the development of this race and we want it to become a benchmark, so every year we try to make the test integrate more people.”

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