Arabian time

As we can see in the “Manuscript of Magister Montesinos” (s.XVIII), the appreciation that the Arabs felt at this time for the farmstead of Redován was great. In the mentioned Manuscript the foundation of a mosque in this place is related; It is believed that it was located in the place that currently occupies the church. There is also mention of a ditch of living water that was above the Escorratel, although it does not specify an exact place, and that it supplied a beautiful and pleasant garden with gardens and farmhouses. They also built a flour mill. From all this the author of the Manuscript seems to deduce a considerable appreciation on the part of the Arab inhabitants towards what then was an idyllic landscape, becoming Redován in a place of recreation and retirement.

From this stage important archaeological remains have been found in the sierra: vessels, silver coins, swords and other utensils.