Trade and markets

From the Department of Commerce is committed to local and traditional trade. Also, Redován offers to the neighbors and visitors, the weekly market, takes place on Fridays, in the Plaza de Miguel Hernández.

Redován, also has another market called “La Plaza”, located in Calle Soap Street and San Miguel Street, which opens its doors, every day of the week (except on Mondays) where traditional butchers with traditional elaboration, sale of Fresh produce from vegetables and fruits, offices of traditional wood-burning ovens, and delicatessens, offer their products, to neighbors and visitors.

Redován has 95% of its ovens, of wood, traditional ovens, with traditional recipes, which supply to almost all the region of homemade products.

Redovan’s butchers still work handmade, and with the traditional recipes the sausages sold in Redován.

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