Redován until the middle of the 60s developed an important industry dedicated to hemp and its derivatives. It was made rope and sandals of footwear and alpargatas of high quality craftsmanship. The incipient appearance of plastic supplanted and definitively sank the hemp industry; The raw material gives way to the product.

It is noteworthy that in the exhibition of “Grama e Hilado”, it is where they revive works and tools in disuse that make it an ethnographic museum, but not static, but living, since instruments, people and hemp come to fuse as in others time. The event takes place annually since 1981, the Sunday before the celebrations of the patron saint in honor of the Virgin of Health. During the exhibition of grass and spinning of hemp organized by the “La Gramera” festoon-cultural tent, the works developed during the first six decades of the 20th century are revived.

Another of the craft activities that is very ingrained in the population is the elaboration of sweets and pastries in the traditional ovens of Redován, an activity that gives work to numerous families, and who have a great family tradition.



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