New Townhall

The palace”.

Old Palace-residence of the Order of Preachers. The conclusion of the works dates from 1726, During the exercise of the parish priest Esteban Ferrer and Galindo, being Rector Reverend Father Fray Domingo Fenoll. In its origin was equipped with several rooms, bedrooms and study rooms, dining room, kitchen, pantries, beautiful views and several iron balconies; Its rooms were adorned with more than forty portraits of saints, pontiffs and writers of the Order. In 1782 curtains, tables and various maps of the Master and Rector Fray Antonio Gálvez were added. On one side was the mill where the oil of all Redován’s term laborers was made.
In front was the royal jail (Manuscript of the Magister Montesinos, S. XVIII). During the second half of 1968 work began on the remodeling of the “Palace” for a new Town Hall and other public services, preserving the structure and the palacial aspect, but suffering interior and exteriorly substantial reforms. In the year 2000, the building was redesigned to modernize its interior, since it houses the municipal offices.


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