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Redován thanks the Mountain Club for their collaboration in two rescues of hikers in the mountains in recent days

  • The Local Police has been in charge of requesting public thanks to the entity to which the Consistory also joins

The Local Police of Redován, through the councilor of Seguretat Ciutadana del municipi, Adrián Ballester, has transmitted the public seu in addition to the Club de Muntanya de Redován for the inestimable collaboration and assistance offered in the two rescues of lost senderistes in the Serra del municipi that have tingut lloc in the last days. “With the City Council, I will join us and donate to this one, public congratulations to the club and its members”, has reported Ballester, “to go immediately to the crida d’ajuda and pose the serious connections, skills and experience to the muntanya to the servei dels altres ”.

In this way, from the Police Headquarters a request for recognition of this club has been transmitted to the City Council, especially highlighting the figure of its president, José Vegara, for his participation in the two relief devices for visitors lost in the mountain. last week as well as those made previously. “We have in José a wild card for this type of action, to which we go systematically in the event of any incident in the mountains”, the agents have stated, ensuring that Vegara “always puts aside his tasks to assist in whatever is necessary” .

The first of the actions occurred on the night of Monday, October 12, when from a call from 112, it was reported that five young people were trapped in a ravine in the area of ​​the three peaks from which they did not know how to get out. Together with the fire department and another volunteer from the Mountain Club, and after 2:30 in the morning, the operation ended after gaining access to where the young people were to be rescued without problem and without presenting any type of injury.

On the other hand, during the morning of last Saturday the intervention of the Redován Mountain Club was also necessary to rescue some hikers lost in the mountains, who were located by José Vegara, another volunteer from the club and an agent of the Local Police , since the firefighters had to leave to attend the urgent notice for a traffic accident. The ascent to the area was made, the hikers who were safe and sound were located and it was possible to guide them back down the mountain.

“We appreciate the interest and dedication shown by both the club and each of the members that make up this association with our municipality”, declared the mayor of Citizen Security, “always ready to help and lend a hand in any area in which be necessary”.

In addition to collaborating in the rescue of athletes in the mountains, the Redován Mountain Club also cares about the maintenance of the environment and the natural surroundings of the municipality with actions such as the “Clean Mountain Day”, the cleaning day carried out recently carried out by the club in collaboration with the Valencian Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing and the City Council, in which more than two tons of garbage and waste from the mountain were collected.

The Local Police of Redován detains a man who was trying to force a house on the Camino de Los Benitos

The Redován Local Police have made a new arrest, in this case in the area known as Camino de Los Benitos, where apparently a man was trying to force the entrance of a house for occupation. The agents captured the alleged thief, who accused him of an alleged crime of robbery with force in the house he was trying to break into.

The events occurred during the afternoon of yesterday, Tuesday, when the call of a relative of the owner of the house alerted the Local Police upon hearing the blows that the detainee used to strike the door to force it open. The agents appeared at the scene, where they found the alleged perpetrator of the events trying to open the front door of the house with the help of a hammer and a chisel.

The suspect was equipped with a backpack in which, in addition to the hammer and chisel, he carried other tools, including screwdrivers and pliers. Finally, the agents proceeded to arrest the suspect, who has been charged with the crime of robbery in an attempted degree, and was placed at the disposal of the Civil Guard patrol of Callosa de Segura, who also went to the scene to proceed to the transfer of the man to the barracks after intervening the effects that he had in his power.

The Councilor for Citizen Security of the Redován City Council, Adrián Ballester, has highlighted the actions of the agents while highlighting the necessary citizen collaboration, alerting with a call of the facts, to achieve the arrest of this person. Thus, Ballester has reminded the public that before any event that may be considered criminal, it is very important to notify the Local Police at the phone number 608072253, “because the agents are prepared and have all the necessary material to deal with this type of situations ”.

At the same time, the Redován Local Police recalls that although this is an atypical summer, for the holidays it is necessary to take a series of precautions if we are going to leave our homes empty, such as checking that everything is perfectly closed or that it is not reported from vacation plans to anyone outside the family circle, at the same time asking someone you trust to empty the mailbox regularly.

The City Council of Redován provides the Local Police with a state-of-the-art approved alcoholmeter

The Local Police of Redován will already be able to carry out alcohol tests with reliable results thanks to the incorporation of a breathalyzer that the City Council of Redova has acquired with an investment of 7,000 euros that was provided for in the municipal budget.

This device, of last generation, has been delivered to the police by the mayor, Emilio Fernandez, and the councilman of Public Safety, Ramon Lopez, who has pointed out that until now “it was counted on a breathalyzer that gave an orientative result, although now as we have a modern, and above all approved based on the requirements of the European Union, you can know the exact blood alcohol level presented by people who are submitted to the tests.

The breathalyzer (model Dräger Alcotest 7510ES) will be added to the equipment already available to the Local Police to carry out its maintenance work in Redován. At the beginning of this year two defibrillators were incorporated and installed in police vehicles to act in case of emergency, as López Escarabajal recalled.

With respect to the ethylometer, it will be used both in the routine controls that are carried out to verify, for example, that the vehicles circulate with the documentation in order or that those who drive them do not do it under the effects of drugs and alcohol, “as in specific blood alcohol controls that are put in place as of now since we already have the necessary equipment to be able to carry them out with all the guarantees, “the councilor concluded.

The Local Police of Redován stops, for the second time in two months, a young man who tried to steal in a house

For the second time in two months, the Local Police has arrested a young man who responds to the initials of M.E.M and 19 years of age, when he allegedly intended to access a local housing to steal inside. The capture took place this morning about nine, when the call of a neighbor, the Local Police has gone to Calle San Vicente Ferrer number 15, where the whistleblower warned that there was a man getting inside a house for window.

An agent has appeared in the place and has verified how the individual, who has later turned out to be MEM, ran from the house to the Senda Masquefa, and there began a persecution of more than two kilometers in which he has participated so much the policeman who has come to the call as the councilor of Public Safety, Ramon Lopez, who has reported that the young thief “has run all over the terraces, skipping the fences until he has reached a zone of canes and has hidden in a pipe, which has been where it has been found and has been stopped”.

López Escarabajal has been influenced by the fact that M.E.M has been arrested twice this summer, the first in July when he was also chased by the roofs of the houses on the street where he intended to act. As on that occasion, the civic collaboration has been the key, so the mayor thanked both the one who has given the alert voice and the agent who has participated in the persecution, the great work they have done.

The Local Police and the Civil Guard detain a man who allegedly was going to rob in houses of Redován

Redován 6/7/2017. The Local Police of Redován, in collaboration with the Civil Guard of Callosa de Segura, has arrested early this afternoon an individual who allegedly attempted to steal in several houses of the town accessing them through the rooftops. The incident occurred at about two-fifteen this afternoon, after a neighbor had notified the Local Police that he was seeing a man from his house on the roofs of several houses between the streets Mayor and de Abajo. Immediately the agents have come to the call and have started an operation that counted on the available troops at that moment, another police that has been incorporated before time to the shift to help in the work and two patrols of the Civil Guard Of Callosa that have been required.

The Councilor for Citizen Security, Ramón López, has emphasized that “impeccable” work has been done. The mayor, who has also been a direct witness and even participated in receiving calls from neighbors and neighbors who have been indicating where the alleged thief was, has reported how police officials have proceeded to cordon the area between the streets Mayor and Down to corner To the individual and capture him. From the Town Hall of Redován has been outstanding the action of the agents, both Local Police and Civil Guard, “for their speedy action, while grateful for citizen collaboration in cases like this, since without the call of the neighbor and The ones that have been made by others afterwards, by noting where it was, it would not have been possible to intercept and capture the alleged thief, “Lopez said.

Three arrests this week

This is the third arrest in Redován this week for similar events. Ramón López stated that in all cases they were people who “were seeing the opportunity to enter the houses through open courtyards or any other place,” taking advantage of the fact that everything is open in the summer as well as the inhabitants May be off on vacation. Before this the council called on all the neighbors to take the appropriate measures, especially if they leave their home to enjoy the summer outside the locality.

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