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Holy week

The procession of Las Palmas (Domingo de Ramos) and the Procession of the Meeting stand out for its centuries-old tradition. On Holy Friday, they process all the steps guarded by the Brotherhoods of Holy Week, highlighting La Piedad y la Soledad, works by the great sculptor Sánchez Lozano, El Santo Entierro, Jesús y La Verónica, Virgen de la Paz, Jesús Nazareno y la Virgen Of the Dolores, these last ones carved by the local imaginer D. Joaquín Mayans.

Fiestas Patronales

Celebrations in honor of Our Lady Our Lady of Health during the first week of the month, which ends on the 8th day of the patron saint of the town and extends every weekend until San Miguel Arcángel, patron of Redován , Whose festival is celebrated on the 29th. The Parade is the “soul of the feast”, in which the Moors and Christians compose, recalling the medieval origin of the town, and the “Gramaores”, representing the ancestral customs of the people, With their costumes and craft activities.



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