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The Consistory of Redován launches its annual aid aimed at supporting local entrepreneurs

Redován 07/16/2019. The City Council of Redován, through the Department of Employment, has launched annual grants aimed at the promotion of self-employment, for those entrepreneurs who have started their activity between August 31, 2018 and July 31, 2019 .

As explained today by the mayor of Employment, Maite Martínez, the aid was launched in 2014 and a total of 6,500 euros have been distributed. Aids that are the result of “our commitment and work to support companies and those who start a new business in the municipality,” said Martinez, adding that “our goal is to improve the quality of life of our neighbors and neighbors and, therefore, employment is one of our priorities. ”

This grant is intended to help entrepreneurs to meet the expenses for equipment such as acquisition or lease of real estate where the activity will be carried out, adaptation and reform of the immobile, furniture, signs, office equipment, machinery, etc.

Those interested and interested must have kept the activity for at least three months in Redován, and have not requested any other subsidy for the same concept. They must also be up to date with their tax obligations, the municipal activity licenses must not have been registered in the same activity in the previous six months.

On the other hand, the amount to be allocated is 300 euros for entrepreneurs, 400 euros for women entrepreneurs and 500 euros for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with disabilities. The term of the application will be until November 30, 2019, inclusive.

Those interested in this call for assistance can obtain more information at the City Council or through the electronic office:, where the application that must be filled in is also displayed, as well as the documentation that must be submitted.

Martinez recalled that “we will continue to support the business fabric of the municipality and those people who decide to take a step forward and open a business in the town.” Also the mayor has said that with these grants we give support and encourage new business development. In this sense the council has said that “we have an industrial estate that is growing, with the incorporation of new companies, and this is another reason to continue in the line of job creation.”

Redován hires 17 unemployed as agricultural laborers

  • A subsidy of more than 66,700 euros from the Public Employment Service (SEPE) allows the hiring of these unemployed workers

The municipality of Redován has hired 17 unemployed people. This action has been possible thanks to the granting of a grant of more than 66,700 from the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), as announced by the Councilor for Employment, Maite Martínez.

The mayor has been satisfied by the hiring of these agricultural workers, since “generates jobs in the municipality and reduces the number of unemployed threatened by long-term unemployment.” In addition, they favor their practical training and the conservation of the natural environment of the municipality. “These conditioning actions are very important for the conservation of the environmental environment of areas such as the Ermita recreational area,” said Maite Martínez, “since they allow to avoid fires, and the dragging of water materials and avenues with rainfall, that could affect the security of the residents of Redován. “

The cleaning tasks began on July 1 and will run throughout the summer, until September 26. Thus, in days of 8 hours, the workers will carry out tasks of clearing scrubs and waste from ravines and roads of the town, transferring them to landfills authorized for processing and proper treatment. The main areas to be worked on will be the Rovira ravine, the La Sierra, Fortuna, La Escorrata, Los Cuartos, Vereda Ancha, and Masquefa trails, as well as the natural area surrounding the Ermita de Redován.

The mayor of Redován asks for tranquility to the neighbors before the process of legalization of houses on rustic land

• Since 2011 the City Council has requested reports to know the situation, which affects more than 400 families, and adapt the buildings to the new regulations

The mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, and the councilman of Urbanism, José Nájar, have appeared today to call for calm “before the alarm generated by the misinformation that has spread in recent days in the municipality, regarding the process of legalization of housing outside urban planning “.

The councilor wanted to reassure the neighbors affected by this process, ensuring that from the City Council of Redován “all relevant steps are taken to regularize these homes.” The process has been explained by the councilman of Urbanism, José Nájar, who has detailed the procedures carried out by the government team since 2011, “requesting internal and external reports to adapt to the regulations and be able to carry out this administrative intervention of ordination of these buildings on rustic land.

“These procedures led to the drafting of a housing management project in 2016, which must be modified to adapt it to the recent reform of Law 1/2019 on Territorial Planning, Urban Planning and Landscape (LOTUP) last February, according to which , homes built before August 2014 can be legalized through a procedure that must be assumed by the City Council. For this reason from the Consistory was requested an external legal report, which was received on May 9, “and that as soon as this City Council has been constituted, has allowed to submit an order of Mayor requesting the adaptation of the plan,” said the councilor.

Both the mayor and the councilor of Urbanism have insisted on calling the residents calm with homes of these characteristics, since “it is crystal clear that the City is acting to know in depth the possible solutions for all buildings at the lowest possible cost”. The aediles assured that they will put in contact with the citizens as soon as all the information is gathered and all the details of the matter are known.

Likewise, the councilor has informed that a formal complaint will be presented to the Illustrious Bar Association of Orihuela, motivated by the participation of a law firm in a public space to report urban issues that affect municipal competencies without the consent or prior information to the City Council.


A subsidy allows the rehabilitation of Redován’s medical office to improve patient care

  • The 100,000 euros of the Generalitat’s help will go towards repairs on the façade, interior painting and a new air conditioning system

The Councilor for Health of the Municipality of Redován, Marisol Ibáñez, and the Town Planning Councilor, José Najar, have reported the concession to the City Council of Redován of a grant from the Ministry of Health for a value of 100,000 euros. This amount will be destined to the rehabilitation and architectural repair of the medical office of the municipality, located on the ground and first floors of the Sociocultural Municipal Center. The grant is framed within the PIAC plan of Architectural Intervention in Clinics.

The mayor of Health has reported the actions that will take place soon in the building, which includes repairs both inside and outside it. “This important subsidy will allow us to carry out the much-needed renovation of the façade,” Ibáñez explained, “with the elimination and replacement of the gresite plinth of the walls, and with the repair of the two exterior pillars, which are very oxidized and deteriorated. “

The repairs also include the installation of a stoneware plinth in the passage areas and waiting rooms of the office, as well as a repainting of the interiors. The action includes the installation of a new air conditioning equipment, “which will allow a better service to all citizens of Redován who need to go to this primary care center, so they can do it with all the guarantees”, said Ibáñez.

For his part, the councilman of Urbanism has said that the project will be put out to tender soon, since “20% of the work must be justified for the month of November”, and that as indicated by the project, “it is foreseen that once they start up, the works have a duration of six months “, during which the medical service in Redován will not be interrupted.

The City Council of Redován approves in plenary the municipal organization for the next four years

  • The appointment of councilors and the appointment of local government boards and spokespersons, mayoralties and political groups mark the beginning of the mandate.

After the last local elections on May 26, Redován yesterday held the plenary session of its City Council. The first was chaired by the mayor of the town, Nely Ruiz. In the session the functioning and organization for the next four years of mandate was established, with the appointment of positions and responsibilities of the new Corporation.

The delegated powers for the councilors of the government team are those already announced by the mayor. Nely Ruiz has delegated to Adrián Ballester the councils of the Presidency, Treasury, Citizen Security, Emergencies, Transparency and Citizen Participation. Ballester will also perform the tasks of spokesperson for the municipal government. Marisol Ibáñez, meanwhile, will be in charge of the areas of Education, Equality, Social Welfare, Third Age and Health. Ramón López will be in charge of the councils of Environment, Sports, Traffic, Municipal Services, Water, Infrastructure and Parks and Gardens. The mayor Maite Martinez will be responsible for the areas of Employment, Training, Trade and Markets, while José Nájar will be responsible for the departments of Urban Planning, Human Resources, Legal Services and Contracting. Finally, the areas of Culture, Youth and Tourism will be in charge of Clara Ezcurra.

The mayor will exercise the rest of the competitions, such as the coordination of Festivities. In addition, assigned to the Mayor’s Office, a work post was approved for temporary personnel in which secretarial work and support to the department will be exercised, with a gross remuneration of 1,200 euros per month.

The first mayor also proceeded to the designation of mayoral tenures, with the first in Adrián Ballester. José Nájar will be second deputy mayor, followed by Maite Martínez and Clara Ezcurra, who will hold the third and fourth mayoral positions, respectively. As for the Local Government Board, it will be made up of the councilors Adrián Ballester, José Najar, Clara Ezcurra and Maite Martínez, and will meet on Fridays.

In this Plenary the appointment of representatives of the government team in the supramunicipal bodies to which the City Council of Redován belongs was carried out. The mayor will be the main representative in most of them, designating their substitutes according to the area to which they belong. Thus, Marisol Ibáñez will be in the school councils of the Sacred Hearts CEIP and the IES Jaime Sant-Àngel, as well as in the Municipal School Council, in addition to the La Vega Social Services Association. On the other hand, Maite Martínez will be the second representative in the Regional Consortium for the Economic Development of Vega Baja (CONVEGA); Adrián Ballester in the Consortium of Firemen of Alicante, and Ramón López in the Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla. The Wastewater Treatment Plant Association of the Left Bank of Segura will have Ramón López and Clara Ezcurra. Adrián Ballester and Ramón López will be the representatives in the Consortium for the Execution of Forecasts of the Zonal Waste Plan of the Vega Baja.

In the same way, the political groups for the mandate were also established. The Popular Group, will have the 7 councilors in the government team. José Najar will work as a spokesperson and Marisol Ibáñez will be the substitute spokesperson. The Municipal Group of the Socialist Party will be composed of Silvia Fonseca (spokesperson), Antonio Marco (alternate spokesperson), Esther González and Manuel Carrillo. Víctor Ros, from Unidas Podemos Redován, and Sonia Carrillo, from Ciudadanos, will be the representatives of the rest of the municipal groups from Redova.

The government team will have a partial dedication of 75%, with what the remuneration of three of the councilors of the City Council of Redován will be 1,300 gross euros per month (18,200 euros per year). The mayors who will receive retribution will be Marisol Ibáñez, Clara Ezcurra and Ramón López. For its part, the compensation of the mayor, Nely Ruiz, will be 1,700 gross euros per month, reaching 23,800 gross euros per year. The economic compensation of the mayors who attend the Ordinary Plenary will be 200 euros and 280 euros for the Local Government Boards. The informative commissions will have a retribution of 90 euros, as well as the Board of Spokespersons.

The plenary sessions of the Corporation will be held as a general rule every two months, at eight in the afternoon each last Thursday of the month corresponding to the first call and 48 hours after the second. The months of July the Plenary will take place on Thursday of the third week and in September, it will take place on the first Thursday of the month of October to avoid its coincidence with the local festivities.

The mayor of the town has expressed his satisfaction for having the entire organization “ready to get to work with all our strength to improve Redován.” Nely Ruiz has encouraged both the councilors of the government team and the opposition “to carry out their work in the most responsible way and always seeking the benefit of all our neighbors.”

Redován hosts the summer multisport, a tennis stage and the socio-educational project ‘Vegavacaciones’

• The objective of these activities, which will take place during the month of July, is to promote sport and also social and recreational actions

Redován 6/13/2019. The City Council of Redován has organized for this summer numerous activities that aim to promote sports activities and also recreational and social actions. The mayor of Social Services, Nely Ruiz and the Councilor for Sports, Ramon Lopez, have been responsible for threshing the activities that will be carried out during the month of July, accompanied by the acting mayor, Emilio Fernandez.

On the one hand, children born between 2003 and 2015 will be able to enroll until June 21 at the Sports Summer School. An activity that mixes all kinds of sports such as football, basketball, handball, hiking, swimming pool, traditional games, etc., and that will take place the first fortnight from June 1 to 12 and the second fortnight from June 15 to 26. The full price is 60 euros for two fortnights and 40 euros for one of them. The inscriptions are made in the Town Hall, where discounts can also be consulted, and for more information, interested parties can call 618014504 or contact the Sports Department. The mayor of the area, Ramón López, has assured that “it is a highly demanded activity, which we improve year by year, and the result is always very satisfactory for those who participate”.

Also, in terms of sports, a ‘Tennis Stage’ will also be held at the ‘Los Pasos’ sports center from July 1 to 26. It will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and children from 4 to 18 years old can participate. To make the registrations, you must request the payment card at the Town Hall. The price is 40 euros a fortnight and 60 euros a full month. In addition, those interested can call the Adri telephone numbers at 657428061, Jorge at 744482117 and from Javi at 618205295.

On the other hand, for the month of July there will be intensive swimming courses aimed at children between 3 and 14 years old, which will take place in the heated swimming pool. The courses have a cost of 50 euros if done monthly or 30 euros if it is biweekly, and will run from 1 to 26 July in days from Monday to Friday. Those interested can call 618014504 or contact the Department of Sports.

Regarding Social Services, the mayor, Nely Ruiz, has presented the activity ‘Vegavaciones, socioeducativos spaces’. An activity that is carried out in Redován by the hand of Mancomunidad La Vega and that will take place from July 1 to August 2. With the slogan ‘The Guardians of the Mediterranean’, the activity is aimed at children from 3 to 10 years old, that is, from the first year of Infantile to the fourth year of Primary Education. Places are limited and the price is 50 euros. Registrations can be made until tomorrow, Friday, June 14, in Social Services, at City Hall or through the Mancomunidad website. “This is a socio-educational activity that this year will focus on the importance of caring for the environment and the environment, so that they will teach good Mediterranean customs such as gastronomy, ecosystem, health, sports, among others. aspects, “Ruiz assured.

For his part, the acting mayor, Emilio Fernández, has said goodbye to the media in what will be his last press conference as mayor. Fernandez has assured that “it has been a pleasure to work with each of the people who have surrounded me these eight years, both councilors and administration staff.” The first mayor explained that “I leave Redován much better than I did eight years ago and I am absolutely sure that in four it will be better, because a team is ready and capable”.

Finally, she has taken the opportunity to invite all residents of Redován this Saturday to the women’s soccer championship to be held at the Municipal Field Pascual Gil ‘Duana’ from four in the afternoon to four in the morning. “There are twelve teams of women’s soccer in the province that are going to meet in our town, and we have to demonstrate this commitment to the promotion of sport, in this case the sport king, football, which also play, and very well, the women as they are showing us and how they will do it on Saturday in our municipality, “concluded Fernández.

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