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Five Erasmus + students of Redován will have a municipal scholarship that complements the European assignment

The City Council of Redován has launched, once approved in the Local Government Board, the municipal program of aid aimed at students of the municipality who enjoy rasmus + scholarships during this course. “These scholarships are launched by the Consistorio redovanense, since they were already included in the municipal budget approved at the end of last year”, recalled the mayor, Emilio Fernández. The budget heading for Erasmus students is 2,000 euros that will be divided into five grants of 400 euros each, as reflected in the bases that can be consulted since last Tuesday on the bulletin board of the Electronic Headquarters of the City Council of Redován.

“From the government team it was decided to include this type of scholarship among the various grants that we have in place for young people with the intention of complementing the allocation given to students through the institutions on which the Erasmus program depends”, said Fernandez, who considers that “the European program is a vital experience and cultural exchange, and that is why we wanted to contribute to the promotion of this program in our municipality, giving priority to those who have less economic availability and better qualifications so that they can enjoy he”.

The scholarships are aimed at students who have an Erasmus + scholarship during the academic year 2017-2018 who reside for at least two years in Redován, and are complementary to any other assistance that the interested person may receive. Those who want to opt for them must comply with all the requirements indicated in the bases and present the documentation in person at the City Council, through the Electronic Office or in the registers specified in the Law of Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations within a period of 30 calendar days counted from the publication in the electronic bulletin board (

With regard to the resolution of the grants, it will be made public within a maximum period of two months from the end of the deadline for submitting applications and will have the necessary publicity to provide the call -free competition- with the necessary transparency and for that interested people can be aware of the entire procedure. The Department of Education directed by Nely Ruiz will be responsible for proposing the award of scholarships following a series of criteria such as family income or the applicant’s academic record. Ultimately the aid will be approved by the Local Government Board of the Municipality of Redován.

Redován will have a ‘Skate park’ in Plaza Comunidad Valenciana to respond to the demand of the young people of the municipality

The Town Hall of Redován has already given the approval to all the necessary procedures so that the construction of the ‘Skate park’, which the youth of the town has demanded on several occasions to the Consistory, will begin in mid-August. This installation will be held in Plaza Comunidad Valenciana, where it was inaugurated a few months ago the Road Safety Park. “Although at first we had planned to put it in the Francisco Ferrer Park next to the calisthenics, the existing space left no room for future enlargements of any of the facilities,” said Sports Councilor, Ramón López, which has led to Opt for the Plaza Comunidad Valenciana, an enclave that is also central.


The ‘Skate park’ will thus join the Road Safety Park and the football ground court of the square, making this space of the town in a multipurpose place that can be enjoyed by many neighbors and also has perimeter fencing, which Endows more security. The work to be carried out consists of the construction of a fused concrete track of 276 square meters for the interior installation of six multipurpose modules for the practice of ‘BMX’, ‘Rolling’ and ‘Scooter’, homologated according to Regulations UNE EN 14974: 2006 + A1: 2010.


The budget is 21,900 euros and the track is expected to be completed for start-up in early October. Ramón López pointed out that this action gives a response “to the many children and young people who practice this type of sports in Redován, from the ten years onwards”, and has reiterated that if the demand is higher than expected in A first moment “in the Plaza Comunidad Valenciana there is possibility of making enlargements”. Redován thus joins other municipalities in the region with such facilities, such as Cox or Los Montesinos, and prevents lovers of skateboarding in the area from having to travel to these places or to Santa Pola.

The Youth Department receives a grant for the Youth Ball Gala

The Youth Council of the City of Redován has received the grant requested from the Provincial Council of Alicante to defray the expenses of the Youth Gala that took place last March. The amount granted is 1,352.61 euros, which must be justified before the provincial institution by the Consistory. This resolution was received in the Department of Youth a few days ago and the head of the area, Clara Ezcurra, has been “satisfied, because it shows that we have done our work well and again we receive funds to cover the activities that we celebrate in our locality , In this case intended for young people “.

The mayor recalled that the gala was held in March in two days in which the students of the Cultural Association of Dance Redován performed several performances where they demonstrated what was learned during the course.

“The main objectives were that those who participated will show what they have learned over the last few months in different dance styles, as well as provide leisure alternatives for young people that improve their well-being, training and socialization.”

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