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Redován processes 600 applications for aid for essential goods for those affected by DANA

A total of six hundred applications for regional aid to alleviate the loss of essential goods are those that have been processed in the municipality of Redován, through the offices established by the City Council to assist with the processing of the same to the neighbors and neighbors of the municipality that were affected by the floods last September.

This has been announced by the local mayor, Nely Ruiz, and the first deputy mayor and emergency councilor of the Redován City Council, Adrián Ballester. The first mayor explained that “it was three intense weeks in which this municipal office attended to all the Redovans who have needed assistance with the processing of these grants.” And it is that “our objective from the first moment has been
help and facilitate these procedures to all the neighbors, always having as a priority the return to normality as soon as possible ”, he added.

Once the deadline for these regional grants for homes, appliances or essential goods that were damaged by the storm is over, the mayor of Emergency has urged citizens “to process as soon as possible the rest of available aid, both at the regional level as at the state level, ”he said.

For a better service to the residents of the municipality, the Redován City Council will again offer information and help with the presentation of the necessary documentation to request these grants. The opening hours will be from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. To make use of this service, you must request an appointment by phone 96 675 40 25.

Aid available for victims
Citizens may request until December 9 in the City Council the new aid published by the Generalitat Valenciana to mitigate the damage caused to homes, with compensation between 4,062 and 15,120 euros, depending on the damage detected and if it is The usual home. Likewise, aid for the purchase of a new car or motorcycle may be processed until January 23, 2020 in the event that your vehicle has been declared as a total accident as a result of the rainstorm. The amounts will range between 500 and 1,000 euros. Ballester also recalled that the deadline for requesting rental assistance “remains open, and may be requested until Wednesday, October 30”.

With regard to state aid, citizens “can also request them in cases of death and disability that have been caused by these floods, as well as those that affect household goods and housing, until November 21”, has remembered Ballester. These grants will be compatible with those of the Insurance Consortium and those of the Valencian Generalitat, “provided that the amount of the same does not exceed the total cost of the work, something verifiable through the works license and the invoice that must be requested, as well as the transfers themselves, ”he added.

Those interested can consult the list of aid available for victims, as well as the requirements and necessary documentation and download forms, on the municipal website web ’.

Redován City Council opens an information and processing office for aid to those affected by the floods

  • City Council will attend for two weeks in the afternoon, from 4.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m., to people who make an appointment at 96 675 40 25

Redován City Council opens from tomorrow, Tuesday, September 24, an information and processing office to aid with paperwork to those affected by the floods. Said office will work in the afternoon, from 16.30 to 19.30, during the next two weeks. The spokesman of the government team and Councilor for Emergencies, Adrián Ballester, and the mayor, Nely Ruiz, today announced the start-up of facilities that will be attended by eight municipal officials and that will assist people who previously request an appointment by calling City Hall, at 96 675 40 25.

Ballester has explained the three types of aid to which those who have suffered some type of damage to their properties can resort. On the one hand those of the Insurance Compensation Consortium, which covers those people and goods (homes and vehicles) that have insurance. In second place are the aid approved last Friday by the Generalitat Valenciana, the most urgent that of the calls, which affects the damages of first necessity in homes and that must be processed before October 11. In this case “up to 4,500 euros can be obtained, although as soon as it is processed, the Generalitat directly gives 1,500 euros,” said Adrián Ballester. The mayor has commented that to request them you must provide the housing data, an account number with a receipt that shows that you are the owner, as well as the documentation that proves the property (deed, IBI taxes, simple registration note, etc. ), or the contract in the case of rentals.

“For the moment, this aid can be processed for essential goods, although they cannot be requested for vehicles, but we will be informing about how to request them once they are approved, also enabling another line for people who have lost their entire home, to which we will inform personally, ”he said. Ballester has also specified that in third place are the State aids, enabled after the Council of Ministers declared the catastrophic zone. “In this regard, you can also request, through the Civil Protection website, housing assistance and furniture purchase.” In his case there are two months that began to count last Saturday to request them.

With these measures, it is intended to simplify the procedures for the residents of the municipality to the maximum, “and that is why we have launched this personalized attention by appointment,” said the mayor, who has urged the people affected to request this attention if needed “because, especially in the case of damage to homes, it is urgently processed and the deadline ends on October 11”.

The City Council of Redován provides the Local Police with a state-of-the-art approved alcoholmeter

The Local Police of Redován will already be able to carry out alcohol tests with reliable results thanks to the incorporation of a breathalyzer that the City Council of Redova has acquired with an investment of 7,000 euros that was provided for in the municipal budget.

This device, of last generation, has been delivered to the police by the mayor, Emilio Fernandez, and the councilman of Public Safety, Ramon Lopez, who has pointed out that until now “it was counted on a breathalyzer that gave an orientative result, although now as we have a modern, and above all approved based on the requirements of the European Union, you can know the exact blood alcohol level presented by people who are submitted to the tests.

The breathalyzer (model Dräger Alcotest 7510ES) will be added to the equipment already available to the Local Police to carry out its maintenance work in Redován. At the beginning of this year two defibrillators were incorporated and installed in police vehicles to act in case of emergency, as López Escarabajal recalled.

With respect to the ethylometer, it will be used both in the routine controls that are carried out to verify, for example, that the vehicles circulate with the documentation in order or that those who drive them do not do it under the effects of drugs and alcohol, “as in specific blood alcohol controls that are put in place as of now since we already have the necessary equipment to be able to carry them out with all the guarantees, “the councilor concluded.

The Sacred Hearts School of Redován hosts on May 1 the military and police exhibition of the Pilgrimage of San Cristóbal

Redován 4/26/2018. The Royal and Honorary Order of Knights of San Antón and the City Council of Redován go hand in hand, one more year, to celebrate the traditional Pilgrimage of San Cristóbal that will bring to the Sacred Hearts School on May 1 a day of military exhibitions and police that will start at ten in the morning and that will extend well into the afternoon. The Councilor for Citizen Security, Ramón López Escarabajal, and the Chancellor of the Royal Order of Knights of San Cristóbal, Antonio Marín, have presented the acts that will be developed and that will take the municipality to different units of the Civil Guard, National Police , local police, Military Emergency Unit (UME), Patrol Patrol of paratroopers, the equine unit of the National Police of Valencia, the UPROE of Orihuela and the Canine Unit of Alicante, among others.

The mayor of Seguridad Ciudadana explained that “the different Security Forces will hold exhibitions of their work, for example, in the case of the UPROE of Orihuela a mock robbery in which the specialists will act accompanied by dogs while the paratroopers , as long as the weather permits, they will delight us with their always spectacular jumps “. Also, Ramón López has indicated that exhibitors will be installed “because it is about that especially children see police and military as people who are always at their disposal to help them.”

Antonio Marín, meanwhile, has described how a day will begin to develop at 9:45 am, starting at the Chapel of San Cristóbal de Orihuela, where the blessing of the participating vehicles will be made. “The caravan will leave at ten o’clock in pilgrimage to Redován, where his arrival is scheduled at 10.45”. At eleven o’clock in the morning the mass will start after which the imposition of decorations will be carried out “among which is the award to Manuel Belmonte, agent of the Local Police of Redován”, said Ramón López. The exhibitions will start at 12.15 and once they finish “the different vehicles will be exposed so that visitors can see them up close until five in the afternoon,” said Marín.

The day includes a meal of brotherhood and there will be bars in which to consume. “The money collected will go entirely to the Association Against the DIPG, an association to fight against childhood cancer,” explained the councilman. Both Ramón López and Antonio Marín have recalled the success of this event last year in Redován and have encouraged both the people of Redovanenses and the residents of the entire region to come to the Sacred Hearts School to enjoy this day of coexistence.

The Council of Public Safety of Redován teaches road safety to the students of the Sacred Hearts school

Redován 6/2/2018. The Department of Public Safety of the Municipality of Redován has launched a campaign to teach and practice road safety with the students of the Sacred Hearts School. The children of first of Primary have been the first to go today, accompanied by three agents of the Local Police, to the track of children traffic installed for a few months in the Valencian Community Park of the municipality. The Councilor for Public Safety, Ramón López Escarabajal, explained that it is the first activity of this type that is carried out in collaboration with the school, and that in future editions will be dedicated to other courses "because the talks that the agents and the Concepts must adapt to the age of children. "

For this occasion, the City Council of Redován has had remote-controlled cars so that the small drivers could get behind the wheel and follow the directions of the local police, who have explained the most basic signs, such as the Stop, the Ceda el Paso or the Crosswalk. The four classes of the first of the school have participated in this activity. Ramón López said that "it is very important that our children know the signs from a young age, know how to respect them and how they should act when they are on the street, either as pedestrians or on board their bicycles or scooters." That is why it has affected that later this type of talks and practical classes will be held with the students of other levels "with activities that will be adapted for each age".

The Local Police of Redován stops, for the second time in two months, a young man who tried to steal in a house

For the second time in two months, the Local Police has arrested a young man who responds to the initials of M.E.M and 19 years of age, when he allegedly intended to access a local housing to steal inside. The capture took place this morning about nine, when the call of a neighbor, the Local Police has gone to Calle San Vicente Ferrer number 15, where the whistleblower warned that there was a man getting inside a house for window.

An agent has appeared in the place and has verified how the individual, who has later turned out to be MEM, ran from the house to the Senda Masquefa, and there began a persecution of more than two kilometers in which he has participated so much the policeman who has come to the call as the councilor of Public Safety, Ramon Lopez, who has reported that the young thief “has run all over the terraces, skipping the fences until he has reached a zone of canes and has hidden in a pipe, which has been where it has been found and has been stopped”.

López Escarabajal has been influenced by the fact that M.E.M has been arrested twice this summer, the first in July when he was also chased by the roofs of the houses on the street where he intended to act. As on that occasion, the civic collaboration has been the key, so the mayor thanked both the one who has given the alert voice and the agent who has participated in the persecution, the great work they have done.

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