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The mayor of Redován asks for tranquility to the neighbors before the process of legalization of houses on rustic land

• Since 2011 the City Council has requested reports to know the situation, which affects more than 400 families, and adapt the buildings to the new regulations

The mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, and the councilman of Urbanism, José Nájar, have appeared today to call for calm “before the alarm generated by the misinformation that has spread in recent days in the municipality, regarding the process of legalization of housing outside urban planning “.

The councilor wanted to reassure the neighbors affected by this process, ensuring that from the City Council of Redován “all relevant steps are taken to regularize these homes.” The process has been explained by the councilman of Urbanism, José Nájar, who has detailed the procedures carried out by the government team since 2011, “requesting internal and external reports to adapt to the regulations and be able to carry out this administrative intervention of ordination of these buildings on rustic land.

“These procedures led to the drafting of a housing management project in 2016, which must be modified to adapt it to the recent reform of Law 1/2019 on Territorial Planning, Urban Planning and Landscape (LOTUP) last February, according to which , homes built before August 2014 can be legalized through a procedure that must be assumed by the City Council. For this reason from the Consistory was requested an external legal report, which was received on May 9, “and that as soon as this City Council has been constituted, has allowed to submit an order of Mayor requesting the adaptation of the plan,” said the councilor.

Both the mayor and the councilor of Urbanism have insisted on calling the residents calm with homes of these characteristics, since “it is crystal clear that the City is acting to know in depth the possible solutions for all buildings at the lowest possible cost”. The aediles assured that they will put in contact with the citizens as soon as all the information is gathered and all the details of the matter are known.

Likewise, the councilor has informed that a formal complaint will be presented to the Illustrious Bar Association of Orihuela, motivated by the participation of a law firm in a public space to report urban issues that affect municipal competencies without the consent or prior information to the City Council.


Redován launches a contest of architectural ideas to build a pavilion in the B-4

Redován 4/23/2018. The City Council of Redován has launched a contest of architectural ideas for the construction of a sports pavilion covered in the sports area of ​​the B-4, “a highly demanded facility and whose execution we want to be as participatory as possible, hence we have opted to carry out this contest that gives option to all architects or disciplinary teams that believe it convenient, to present their proposal for the pavilion, “said the mayor, Emilio Fernández, who is also a town planning councilor. Precisely the competition part of the area of ​​Urbanism along with that of Sports directed by Ramón López.

The contest has already been approved by the Governing Board and was published last Thursday in the Official Gazette of the Province. The bases are also available for those who want to check the bulletin board of the electronic headquarters of the City Council of Redován and proposals can be submitted until May 31. The sports area of ​​the B-4 has an area of ​​6,960 square meters in which the pavilion must be integrated. The proposals submitted to the contest must take into account the existing buildings as well as the necessary actions on the adjacent infrastructures “so as to encompass the entire urban environment,” said Fernandez.

The bases establish that there is a special interest in the attention given to the public space as an articulator of the urban fabric, its design and the adjacent areas, for which three lines of action are established. The first, the transformation of the current sports area with performances that allow the execution of the pavilion; secondly, the functional adequacy of the space, providing it with accessibility, and the third, reinforcing the relations of the new construction with the urban environment.

The contestants will have to value the costs of execution of the total of the work in no more than one million euros “and the versatility in terms of the uses of the proposed solution will be assessed, trying to maintain existing buildings,” said the councilor.

This is a public contest aimed at architects or multidisciplinary teams that want to present themselves, and which will have a technical jury made up of two technical architects assigned to the municipal services, the secretary-interventionist of the City Council of Redován and the local development agent, the latter will act as president of the jury. They will be the ones who determine which of the proposals presented gets the prize of 1,500 euros that has been established, but also grant two runners-up without financial endowment.

The jury will make an assessment of the overall quality of the proposals taking into account the adaptation to the environment and the urban landscape, the architectural and urban quality of the proposal, the consideration that is made in each of them of the public space regarding the urban and landscape scene, the technical, urban, economic and constructive viability, the criteria of economic and environmental sustainability and those of universal accessibility and design for all.

Emilio Fernández has encouraged professionals to put their ideas “in a contest that we believe may be an opportunity especially for younger architects,” and has said that the government team is considered “an exciting project that also, once it is completed, it will be used by many and many Redovanenses who now do not have facilities of this type near their home. ”

The bases on which all the documentation to be presented is detailed can be consulted at:

IBI Social aids resolution

The deadline for filing allegations and / or documentation of the applications for Aid Housing IBI Social financial year 2016 and after the baremation of applications made by the evaluation committee meeting on December 13, 2016 in accordance with the 11th basis, is exposed to the public The provisional list of aid granted. You can check the supported aids in the following link:

Provisional listing

Any claim may be submitted until December 24.

As of December 27 we will publish on our website and social networks the definitive list of aid granted.

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