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The sport of Redován opens the doors to functional diversity with the celebration of its popular race

This is the first time that this initiative has been carried out in Vega Baja, in which people with mental disabilities from the Videsalud Residence participated.

The municipality of Redován yesterday welcomed its Popular Race and did it by opening the doors to people with functional diversity. The Department of Sports added a test of 200 meters for people with mental disabilities, which makes the people of Redovana in the first of the Vega Baja incoporar this group in the local sport.

The mayor of the area, Ramón López, explained that “we are very pleased with this initiative, which has allowed 6 residents of the Residencia Videsalud who have mental disabilities have been able to participate in this race.” Lopez said that “there have been around 500 people who have participated and what we want is that this sports event grows over the years, and is also inclusive.”

The race also included, and for the first time, children’s categories. “We have exceeded our expectations as 200 minors have participated and we hope that next year we can overcome this figure,” said the mayor of sports. Regarding the higher categories, the winner of the 10 kilometer test was the local athlete, Álex García Carrillo, with 32 minutes and 25 seconds, and the winner of 5 kilometers was Francisco Javier Sánchez, with a time of 16 minutes and 55 seconds.

Lopez assured that “we are satisfied with the development of this race and we want it to become a benchmark, so every year we try to make the test integrate more people.”

Redován promotes mountain tourism with the inauguration of the longest via ferrata in the Region

The town of Redován today inaugurated the longest via ferrata in the Comunitat Valenciana. A firm commitment of the City Council “to promote mountain tourism and that the town is a benchmark for lovers of this sport,” said the mayor, Emilio Fernandez.

The route of the road is 700 meters equipped and 200 more by trails, which is divided into two differentiated areas. On the one hand, a route for children and families and another area with more difficulty for experts. The manager of the company in charge of the works, Fernando Arranz, has assured that the track is in the ‘Cortado del Colorao’ and that the first meters of the route have a lower difficulty and designed for a family activity. “It has a K2 grade, simple, the staples are closer and has a distance of 300 meters,” Arranz explained.

The second zone is sporty and has a superior k4 degree with 330 meters distance. The manager of the company has ensured that there are a total of 4 suspension bridges, two of wood from 25 to 42 meters long and another two of cables. Of all the innovations presented by this via ferrata is ‘the hinge game’ which is “a unique element in Spain on ferrata roads and that leaves you 90 meters high and separated from the wall”, said Arranz.

Another experience of this type of climbing is that athletes can walk the 42-meter suspension bridge that is 135 meters above the ground, from where they offer unique views of the Vega Baja.

The mayor, Emilio Fernandez, said that “we are satisfied with the work done and the result is already having good reviews among athletes.” Also, the mayor has said that “the via ferrata is one more element of a mountain range that is visited annually by athletes from all over the country and foreigners, so we are working on new projects that improve the visit to our mountain.” In this sense the mayor has assured that the road “constitutes a great attraction for Redován and for the whole region and we invite everyone to visit us”.


Redován launches a contest of architectural ideas to build a pavilion in the B-4

Redován 4/23/2018. The City Council of Redován has launched a contest of architectural ideas for the construction of a sports pavilion covered in the sports area of ​​the B-4, “a highly demanded facility and whose execution we want to be as participatory as possible, hence we have opted to carry out this contest that gives option to all architects or disciplinary teams that believe it convenient, to present their proposal for the pavilion, “said the mayor, Emilio Fernández, who is also a town planning councilor. Precisely the competition part of the area of ​​Urbanism along with that of Sports directed by Ramón López.

The contest has already been approved by the Governing Board and was published last Thursday in the Official Gazette of the Province. The bases are also available for those who want to check the bulletin board of the electronic headquarters of the City Council of Redován and proposals can be submitted until May 31. The sports area of ​​the B-4 has an area of ​​6,960 square meters in which the pavilion must be integrated. The proposals submitted to the contest must take into account the existing buildings as well as the necessary actions on the adjacent infrastructures “so as to encompass the entire urban environment,” said Fernandez.

The bases establish that there is a special interest in the attention given to the public space as an articulator of the urban fabric, its design and the adjacent areas, for which three lines of action are established. The first, the transformation of the current sports area with performances that allow the execution of the pavilion; secondly, the functional adequacy of the space, providing it with accessibility, and the third, reinforcing the relations of the new construction with the urban environment.

The contestants will have to value the costs of execution of the total of the work in no more than one million euros “and the versatility in terms of the uses of the proposed solution will be assessed, trying to maintain existing buildings,” said the councilor.

This is a public contest aimed at architects or multidisciplinary teams that want to present themselves, and which will have a technical jury made up of two technical architects assigned to the municipal services, the secretary-interventionist of the City Council of Redován and the local development agent, the latter will act as president of the jury. They will be the ones who determine which of the proposals presented gets the prize of 1,500 euros that has been established, but also grant two runners-up without financial endowment.

The jury will make an assessment of the overall quality of the proposals taking into account the adaptation to the environment and the urban landscape, the architectural and urban quality of the proposal, the consideration that is made in each of them of the public space regarding the urban and landscape scene, the technical, urban, economic and constructive viability, the criteria of economic and environmental sustainability and those of universal accessibility and design for all.

Emilio Fernández has encouraged professionals to put their ideas “in a contest that we believe may be an opportunity especially for younger architects,” and has said that the government team is considered “an exciting project that also, once it is completed, it will be used by many and many Redovanenses who now do not have facilities of this type near their home. ”

The bases on which all the documentation to be presented is detailed can be consulted at:

The first San Miguel Arcángel Base Football Tournament will raise funds for the work of the church of Redován

Redován 26/12/2017. The Municipal Soccer Field Antonio Pascual Gil ‘Duana’ will congregate on Saturday to the promises of the juvenile and infantile soccer of the zone in the first Tournament ‘San Miguel Arcángel’ of Soccer Base in which funds will be raised for the work of rehabilitation of the parochial church of Redován. The Councilor for Sports, Ramón López Escarabajal, has presented this initiative today along with the parish priest, Eloy Martín, and the coordinator of the base football of the municipality, Antonio Fenoll, and has specified that the football from Redova, “like other entities and collectives, he also wants to lend a hand and join the call made by our parish priest to help in the important work that is being done in our temple, which is also one of the most important pieces of our heritage since it is one of the oldest buildings with which we have “.

The benefit will be obtained from the sale of ballots at the entrance of the football field, with which those who attend may also participate in the draw for several Christmas products to be held during the championship. The tournament will start at ten o’clock in the morning “and it has been thought of as a day of coexistence, because we will play the last games in the afternoon and we will also have the canteen service available for everyone who wants to stay for lunch, especially taking into account account to people who come from other locations in the Vega Baja “, said the councilor. On the other hand, the coordinator of the base soccer, Antonio Fenoll, has explained that “they will be eight teams of five clubs those that give appointment on the lawn”, the hosts of the FB Redován, the CD Beniel, the Callosa Sport, the Orihuela CF and Santo Domingo, “so we hope to have a great day of coexistence between football players and family.” The finals will be played in the afternoon, and the tournament will close with the presentation of trophies.

On the other hand, the parish priest of Redován, Eloy Martín, has encouraged not only the families of the soccer players, but all the neighbors, to go to the soccer field at some time of the day “to make this coexistence effective of which especially in these Christmas we like to enjoy with our families and our friends. He also thanked in advance the participation in the charity part of the event “because soon we will have our church back in use and we will know that we have achieved it thanks to all and to all”.

More than two hundred children are part of this season’s School of Soccer Redován

Redován 10/23/2017. The strong commitment made from the City Hall of Redován by its Municipal School of Soccer is consolidated this season, as was demonstrated yesterday in the presentation of the thirteen teams that compose it. More than two hundred children, "there were 212 small summoned for the presentation yesterday," said the Councilor for Sports, Ramón López Escarabajal, are part of the Escuela de Fútbol redovanense, and shared prominence with Redován CF, whose team was presented in the same act and then played his League game against Monforte who won by three goals to zero, "a triumph that witnessed from the stand the students of the school and their monitors, who were encouraging throughout the match," indicates the councilor.

The presentation was also attended by the mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández, and all the attendees shared a lunch that gave the Football School. Ramón López points out that the School of Soccer in Redován has two teams, A and B "in all categories of grassroots football, from Cherubin to Cadet."

Redován hosts this Sunday its VII People’s Race on the occasion of the local Fiestas Patronales

The town hosts this Sunday its VII Popular Race on the occasion of the Patron Saint’s Day. The appointment was presented this morning by the Councilor for Sports, Ramon Escarabajal, the mayor, Emilio Fernandez and the mayor of Fiestas, Nely Ruiz.

This year the Department of Sports has wanted to convey its support to the local athlete Alex Carrillo, a young promise. The poster announcer of the race is the local sportsman during one of his races.

The test of this year will begin at 10.00 hours from the plaza Miguel Hernández and will have a tour of 5 kilometers, one lap and ten kilometers, two laps. The organization will carry out a solidary collection of non-perishable food for Caritas de Redován, with the aim of distributing them among the most needy people. The food will be delivered just before collecting the number.

The test will count on supplies throughout the course, which will be totally level, and will have trophies for the top three men and women in each category. There will also be a prize for the two largest clubs.

Last year took place after the race a meal for all the attendants and public of a giant hamburger. This year there will be a free rice and beer paella for everyone.
Those interested can make their inscriptions, with a cost of 9 euros, through the web of ‘’. Entries will be closed tomorrow at 12 noon.

“This is a completely flat race, that’s why it attracts many athletes who try to beat their marks,” said Escarabajal and added that “we invite all the neighbors of the region to participate or to see this popular race.” The councilman also wanted to thank the collaboration of all companies, as well as local associations, Party Commission and Local Police, Civil Protection, among others.

For his part, the mayor, Emilio Fernández, has invited all the neighbors to enjoy a sporting event that every year “exceeds expectations.”

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