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Redován approves in the Municipal Plenary a new ordinance regulating coexistence

• The regulations will monitor actions in the field of urban cleanliness and other issues such as control and possession of animals, gambling and begging
• The fines for depositing waste out of containers and public spaces are up to 1.500 euros, and are up to 18.000 infractions for animal abuse

The Redován Municipal Plenary, held online on Monday, June 8th, gave the green light to the 2020 budget, approved with twelve votes in favor and one abstention from the Municipal Corporation. During this plenary session, the project for the Municipal Ordinance for Neighborhood Cleaning and Coexistence was also approved, a norm that aims to “create a normative framework with which to promote civility in the public spaces of Redován, while establishing both norms of conduct and sanctions”, has informed the mayor, Nely Ruiz. As explained by the mayor, “it was a matter of preparing legislation to regulate those points that tend to be most conflictive in coexistence between residents of a municipality, such as issues of urban cleanliness or the keeping of pets” .

The ordinance also introduces a table of sanctions that, depending on the offenses and their severity, may reach up to 1,500 euros and, in the case of abuse and animal abandonment offenses, could exceed a 18,000 euro fine.

One of the points in which they have most wanted to influence has been the need to care for and keep clean “spaces that we all enjoy, such as the parks or the recreational area of La Ermita, and to deposit the different waste in the containers and designated places for it ”, indicated the councilor for Municipal Services, Ramón López. The mayor has insisted on the prohibition of leaving belongings or debris in public spaces, “a practice unfortunately very common in some areas of the municipality,” he added, that in this new regulation they are considered serious, and that may result in fines up to 1.500 euros.

Obligation of the owners to keep the lots clean

The City Council seeks to regulate, in the same way, the correct maintenance of the private plots in Redován, “eliminating excessive vegetation and ensuring their deratization and periodic disinfection, to avoid as far as possible situations that endanger the health of the neighbors ”, added López. In this regard, the City Council already started a land plot maintenance plan last March, sending “more than a hundred letters to owners in the urban area, in order for them to clean it to keep it in an optimal state of sanitation”, has indicated José Nájar, who has explained that with this ordinance “it is intended that the owners of the plots become aware of their obligation to keep the land in optimal health and hygiene conditions”, proceeding to sanction any owner who does not comply with this obligation civic. This avoids the City Council “having to send numerous notice notices year after year, which represents a great financial outlay and work, in addition to serious damage to neighboring neighbors with very neglected land,” he added.
Other conducts regulated in this new regulation will be the prohibition of performing stunts on urban furniture, the consumption of beverages on public roads, aggressive begging attitudes or the consumption of alcohol on public roads.
On the other hand, and in the section dedicated to domestic animals, the ordinance expressly prohibits abandonment and animal abuse, forcing them to be kept “in adequate hygiene, safety and care conditions, as well as their identification and inscription in the municipal census, and also respecting the regulations for possession of dangerous animals ”, reported Nájar. The regulations include the obligation to collect and clean the pets’s feces, another of the conflictive points in the coexistence between neighbors, to avoid staining the façades of the buildings.

The Department of Municipal Services closes the mandate with a positive balance in the work done to “improve the day to day of the residents of Redován”

Francisco Martínez emphasizes that his department works hand in hand with the rest of the areas of the City Council in the realization of any event

The Councilor for Municipal Services, Works and Parks and Gardens of the City Council of Redován, Francisco Martínez, today took stock of the mandate at the head of a department that, as he himself highlighted, “carries out all the tasks aimed at having the people of Redova services, the environment and amenities they deserve in their daily lives. ” Martinez has been accompanied in his appearance by the mayor, Emilio Fernandez, who has highlighted “the necessary involvement of the departments that during this mandate has directed Francisco Martínez in virtually all the organization of events in our municipality in addition to the work of each of they”.

The mayor recalled that until January 1, when the new water and sewer service contract of Redován entered into force, it has been his area that has been responsible for this management, “something that has taken us a large part of our time and effort. ” As an example, he has set up the cleaning and repairs of the sewage and rainwater network, “a daily challenge taking into account the conditions of the land in Redován, with the mountain, the barrages and the runoffs”.

Municipal Services has assumed, among others, the works of accessibility, maintenance of sidewalks, curbs, potholes, covers and sewer and storm drains, as well as any damage that has appeared on the streets, while in parks and gardens Francisco Martínez has spoken of the tasks of pruning, planting and irrigation, as well as the control of pests and fumigations. Enabling the operation of municipal sources or children’s games in these leisure and recreation spaces has been the subject of the work of the area, as well as the control and elimination of pests. “It seems that no, but the work of disinfection, disinfestation and deratization is very important,” said the mayor, who added that not only is important “but essential to maintain cleanliness and healthiness in our streets and below them.”

“It has been necessary the work of many people, teammates, technicians of this house and workers of the brigade, professionals who every day do everything possible and are dedicated to the welfare of citizenship.” In this way he has spoken of the collaboration and help of the Local Police in the Department of Signaling, from where the painting of streets, parking areas, placement and replacement of traffic signs, etc. is managed.

In the cemetery section cleaning and maintenance has been carried out as well as citizen attention to any questions, while in public lighting has been launched telemanagement and maintenance of equipment and lighting, as well as coordination with the company in charge of repairs and improvements. “We develop the work that allows problems, large or small day to day, are resolved quickly and effectively”, while Martinez has reported other specific actions such as the finishing, painting and placement of drains of the steeple of Barrio San Carlos, the painting of the fronton court and other sports facilities, the agreement with the company that performs the collection of domestic oil, the improvements in different places such as Francisco Ferrer, where the calisthenics zone or the Valencian and Príncipe Community squares were installed of Asturias, “but above all we emphasize the cooperation with the different councils in the preparation of festive, cultural or sports activities”.

Francisco Martinez has outlined the “horizontality” of the Department of Municipal Services “because it shares work and needs with other areas, covering their needs.” Finally it has concluded with the actions carried out in Health, with different repairs in the medical office, replacement of furniture as well as the campaigns that have been developed in collaboration with other administrations.

Redován will choose to win the Recycling Challenge, which aims to increase selective collection by 20%

The campaign launched by Ecoembes, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Vega Baja Sustainable Consortium brings to Redován several activities on the 31st

Redován 5/23/2018. The ‘Challenge of Recycling’ will reach Redován on May 31, a campaign launched by Ecoembes, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Vega Baja Sustainable Consortium, which poses a competitive challenge to the residents of the municipalities belonging to the Consortium, a post Whoever increases the recycling of containers that are deposited in the yellow and blue containers will receive a prize.

The councilman of Municipal Services, Francisco Martinez, explained that what is sought “is to increase the figures of recycling by 20%, and the municipality that recycle more will get a cash prize of 6,000 euros to be allocated to one of the four entities of a social nature that have given us the choice and which are Caritas, Food Bank, Association against Cancer and Alzheimer’s Help Foundation “.

Martínez Mazón has indicated that on May 31, a team from the ‘Recycling Challenge’ will visit Redován “and will be deployed to different points of our town”. The animations will be in the Plaza Miguel Hernández, Plaza de la Paz, Medical Center, Center for the Third Age, Ramón y Cajal Street and Juan Carlos I Street, while an informative talk will also take place at the IES Jaime de Sant Ángel.

The mayor has encouraged the people of Cordoba to participate in this challenge “because with this action we all win, the entity of a social nature that is awarded, but we must bear in mind that the more we recycle, the environment wins and therefore, we and all the generations that come from behind, to which we must try to leave a better world. ” For this reason, he added, “it is important that on the 31st we go to know this campaign and the benefits it has but that from now we can contribute to increase those recycling figures”. The ‘Challenge of Recycling’ will be ongoing until August 31, and will be from there when it is determined which municipalities have exceeded and therefore opt for the prize.

Redován City Council gets help from Diputación to improve the sewerage network of Pascual Martínez street

The City Council of Redován will improve one of the main streets of the municipality, Pascual Martínez Avenue, with a performance in the sewerage network. These works will be carried out thanks to the Vertebra Plan of the Provincial Council of Alicante, an aid that will involve an investment of 1250,000 euros.

This was announced today by the accidental mayor, Adrián Ballester, who has positively valued this aid since “this is a problem that we are suffering every time it rains in the municipality and the change of the sewage network was important.” The vice-president of the Diputación, explained that “thanks to the continuous support of the Diputación we managed to make this type of investment” which in turn to remember “is taking advantage of the summer to undertake all kinds of actions and improvement works for To cause the minimum possible annoyances to the citizens “.


Photograph taken from Calle Pascual Martínez.
The works come after an existing problem due to the malfunctioning of the sanitation network. A section whose network is constituted by concrete pipe in mass. This is insufficient in periods of rain, which causes jumps in the registration covers, in addition to causing clogging in the pipes themselves. This causes serious problems and poses a danger to the residents of Redován, as well as to road traffic.

The sanitary pipe to be of concrete has a coefficient of high roughness that causes sedimentation in the interior of the tubes which causes the decrease of the section of the tubes and causes clogs that increase in times of rain. The works also intend to solve the same situation of hydraulic insufficiency that suffers the sewer collector that runs along the avenue.

The works that are contemplated are the cutting and demolition of the asphalt for the subsequent excavation and thus placing the new pipes. Once the network is ready, the entire area will be tarred.

“This work is about a first phase that will be completed with other phases to completely run the entire street Pascual Martinez,” concluded Ballester.

The City of Redován will tender the water and sewer service to avoid losses of 48% and 247,000 € per year

Redován 7/14/2017. Redován City Council wants to end the problems that arise daily in the potable water and sewerage network, and for that reason has initiated a procedure aimed at tendering a service now provided from the same Consistory, in precarious and without possibilities only of To realize the improvements that the neighbors of the locality demand. The mayor, Emilio Fernández, has appeared today along with a good part of his government, to explain how he wants to develop a process that wants to be “as transparent as the water that should come out of our faucets” and that also involves the investment Necessary to renew networks at all points where necessary.

Redován has 27.5 kilometers of sewage and 81.5 of potable water network “of which 3 are still of fiber cement,” said Fernández, who has pointed out that equally unbearable are the data that result from the studies carried out on The consumption of water in the locality. H indicated that only 52% of the water supplied by the Commonwealth of Taibilla Channels is used, while the remaining 48% is lost “in breaks, leaks and irregular shots”, something that is to be solved “because it is A water that we pay all the people of Rio Grande do Sul and we lose. ” Extrapolating these percentages to figures means that the annual economic losses are 247,444 euros, “so the solution must be put in place immediately”, said the mayor.

From the government team began to work in search of the solution in the past mandate, when it was commissioned to the public company dependent on the Diputación Proaguas Costa Blanca to carry out a planimetry of the entire local network. The needs studies concluded that Redován would require a large investment to provide the service in a standardized way. Last February, PW was awarded the “best consultancy in our country on water”, Fernández said, technical assistance to prepare the specifications and annexes of the subsequent valuation of offers in relation To the concession, and today the first commission has been held with the other municipal political groups where the technician in charge of the report has given all the details to the local political representatives.

The mayor of Redován has insisted on the need to give transparency to the whole process, and that is why this afternoon also holds a citizens’ assembly, at 20.00 in the Plenary Hall of the City where all neighbors who want to go have also all The information that is required of municipal officials.

The future, without tariff increases

Regarding the tender, the team of Redondo government has set several goals, such as the fact that it is the City Council itself that has control over the concession or that the execution period of the improvements required is in accordance with the needs of the network . “We want investments, as soon as possible, to improve the network, and especially not to raise rates, and we can guarantee that they will not.”

 Regarding the conditions to be assumed by the successful tenderer, whose contract is fixed for 15 years with the possibility of extending it for another five, the payment to the City of an initial fee set at a minimum of 290,000 euros, plus the initial investments (minimum 475,000 Euros). Throughout the duration of the contract, at least 2.5% of the variable fee will be invested to undertake service improvements. These conditions can be improved by companies.

Similarly, each year there must be an audit that will be commissioned by the Consistory but will be paid by the concessionaire. Searches for network leaks, sewer cleanings and rainwater networks will be carried out annually, among other things detailed by the Mayor of Rio Grande do Sul.

 From the City Hall are expected to apply for aid to other administrations such as the County Council, within the collaboration established by law to provide public water service in municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants. “We consider that in this way we will achieve that the effectiveness of the network is close to normal, that we avoid the continuous breaks and above all, the water cuts that occur constantly,” said Emilio Fernández. “We want Redován to have a more modern and efficient service, that our neighbors and neighbors benefit from it and that they do not have to suffer the problems of an obsolete network for which now they must pay every year almost 250,000 euros,” he concluded.

The urban orchards of Redován will have a deposit for irrigation by dripping with the help of Diputación

Redován 24/5/2017. With only three months of life the ecological orchards of Redován already work at full capacity. The harvests are beginning to bear fruit and the efforts made by the Redondo City Council, aimed at obtaining funds to promote this municipal initiative, as well. These orchards have received a grant from the Provincial Council of Alicante of 4,000 euros for the conditioning and equipment of the facility, a part of the 7,787.94 euros provided for this work by the Consistory.

The aid is part of the provincial call for current expenditure and investment in municipal urban orchard projects, and as explained by Councilor for the Environment, Ramón López, will be allocated to “enable a deposit of 5,000 liters of water for irrigation by drip”. The mayor points out that the work is underway and that with the subsidy “the entire installation will be carried out, and adds that” in the gardens will be installed workbenches “that users will have at their disposal both to work as To rest for as long as they are in their orchards. ”

The City Council of Redován put in service in March a total of one thousand square meters divided into fifteen parcels that are ceded to its users for free to carry out the plantations that they deem convenient, as long as they allocate what they collect to the self consumption. They are located in the old park Paul VI with the aim also to recover an area that was degraded. The land cession is for a year and people interested in having an orchard a few meters from their home can request it through the municipal website: Application to use municipal ecological orchard where it indicates all the documentation that must be presented to make the request.

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