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The Redován City Council reinforces health security measures against Covid-19 for the return to school

  • The purchase of thermometers, masks and fans or the reinforcement of personnel and the disinfection of surfaces are the main measures

The Councilor for Health and Education of the Redován City Council, Marisol Ibáñez, has informed today of the measures to reinforce health security against the coronavirus adopted by the Consistory for the return to school on September 7 in the educational centers of the municipality. Ibáñez has stated that “our main objective is to complement as much as we can the protocols that have been prepared both from the centers and from the Ministry”, since “the safety of our children and young people to avoid infections is the most important thing”.

Thus, through a grant, the City Council will assign a second janitor to support tasks at CEIP Sagrados Corazones throughout the year. In addition, the cleaning service has been reinforced, incorporating four workers in the morning shift to carry out daily surface disinfection tasks. “There have also been two disinfections against the virus in the building’s facilities,” explained the mayor, “and another that will be carried out today, Friday, before the children enter the center.” Another measure that has been carried out, as reported by Ibáñez, has been the acquisition of 15 fans “to facilitate the aeration and ventilation of the classrooms”, in addition to the installation of covers and toilet seats in all toilets of the center with the aim of eliminating the possibilities of contagion among children when Similarly, and with regard to the Pasitos nursery school, the City Council will assume the extra expense that the scenario caused by Covid-19 has meant for the center, “as required by current regulations after the health situation that we are living “, explained the mayor,” always with the aim of guaranteeing that the facilities are in optimal hygienic, sanitary and disinfection conditions. ” The council has also carried out the acquisition of both masks for workers and infrared thermometers to control the temperature of the little ones, as well as waste bins with a lid and material for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Likewise, the acquisition of individual school material has been carried out, “to prevent it from being shared among minors and thus reduce the chances of contagion.”making use of them.

The mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, has stated that “a return to school with all the guarantees is our total priority, to which we are going to contribute as City Council in whatever way we can, always complying with the regulations stipulated by both the Ministry of Health as by Conselleria ”. The first mayor has reported the meeting at the initiative of the City Council and the Department of Education that, prior to the start of the course, took place this morning between the Covid-19 coordinators of all the centers and those responsible for the medical center “to treat the communication and action protocols to be developed in the event that there may be a suspicious case ”, adding that“ they are also working together with the Redován Local Police, which will be the one who will coordinate the entrances to the centers in a staggered manner ” .

Redován approves in the Governing Board the contracting file for the reform of the medical office

  • The actions planned in the health center include repairs to the façade, repainting of interior walls and the installation of a new air conditioning system

The Redován City Council, which is headed by Mayor Nely Ruiz, today approved in the Local Government Board the contracting file that involves the bidding process for the reform of the municipal auxiliary medical office, located on the ground and first floors of the sociocultural center municipal Ricardo Ruiz Poveda. “It is a first step to carry out these much-needed repairs, which will allow better healthcare for all of Redován’s neighbors,” said the mayor.

This contracting file will have a maximum budget of 100,000 euros, corresponding to the grant awarded by the Generalitat Valenciana, framed within the PIAC plan for Architectural Intervention in Clinics. “The project includes the repair of the exterior facade, very deteriorated, with the elimination of the two exterior pillars, as well as the elimination and replacement of the gresite plinth of the walls,” explained José Najar, Councilor for Urban Planning.

In the same way, the interior walls will be repainted and a stoneware plinth will be installed in passage areas and waiting rooms. The reform also includes the installation of a new air conditioning system, “which will make access to the facilities more bearable during the hot months,” added Najar.

It is foreseen that the works to refurbish the clinic will be carried out in a maximum period of six months, a period during which “health care for citizens will not be interrupted,” explained the Councilor for Health, Marisol. Martínez, who added that “it is essential for this municipal government team, and above all in the current context of the health crisis in which we find ourselves, to maintain this essential and necessary service”.

The mayor of Redován has finally stressed the importance of having a quality health service in the municipality and facilities in optimal conditions, “either carrying out this much-needed reform of the office, but also not neglecting something so important as is the pending project of the health center for Redován ”, she added.

The City Council of Redován meets with the Ministry of Health to advance the construction of the municipality’s health center

The mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, has come this morning to Valencia, to the Ministry of Health, to hold a meeting with Carmelina Pla, general director of Economic Regime and Infrastructure. This meeting has been aimed at advancing the procedures of urban adaptation of the plot that will house the new medical center of the municipality, and that will be located in the Plaza of the Valencian Community of Redován.

The mayor has been accompanied by the Councilor for Health, Marisol Ibáñez, the Councilor for Urban Planning, José Nájar, and the Councilor for Finance and first Deputy Mayor of the municipality, Adrián Ballester.

Nely Ruiz has expressed his “good feelings” after the meeting, and has stated that the Ministry “has been very predisposed to continue the construction of this medical center” and thanked “the support shown to make this need a reality in the municipality that will allow quality health care for the neighbors of Redován ”.

A subsidy allows the rehabilitation of Redován’s medical office to improve patient care

  • The 100,000 euros of the Generalitat’s help will go towards repairs on the façade, interior painting and a new air conditioning system

The Councilor for Health of the Municipality of Redován, Marisol Ibáñez, and the Town Planning Councilor, José Najar, have reported the concession to the City Council of Redován of a grant from the Ministry of Health for a value of 100,000 euros. This amount will be destined to the rehabilitation and architectural repair of the medical office of the municipality, located on the ground and first floors of the Sociocultural Municipal Center. The grant is framed within the PIAC plan of Architectural Intervention in Clinics.

The mayor of Health has reported the actions that will take place soon in the building, which includes repairs both inside and outside it. “This important subsidy will allow us to carry out the much-needed renovation of the façade,” Ibáñez explained, “with the elimination and replacement of the gresite plinth of the walls, and with the repair of the two exterior pillars, which are very oxidized and deteriorated. “

The repairs also include the installation of a stoneware plinth in the passage areas and waiting rooms of the office, as well as a repainting of the interiors. The action includes the installation of a new air conditioning equipment, “which will allow a better service to all citizens of Redován who need to go to this primary care center, so they can do it with all the guarantees”, said Ibáñez.

For his part, the councilman of Urbanism has said that the project will be put out to tender soon, since “20% of the work must be justified for the month of November”, and that as indicated by the project, “it is foreseen that once they start up, the works have a duration of six months “, during which the medical service in Redován will not be interrupted.

Redován forms the Health Board to promote healthy living habits and optimize the resources of the municipality

Redován 12/13/2018. The City Council of Redován received this morning the accreditation of belonging to the Health Plan network of the Valencian Community. An act that took place during the celebration of the first Health Bureau of the municipality and that is derived from the accession of Redován to the Xarxa Salut Program. The mayor, Emilio Fernandez, explained that last June the Plenary approved the adhesion to the program, and that in today’s meeting he was in charge of presenting the health strategy “that we want to promote as a multidisciplinary concept in the that all councils of the City Council work always keeping in mind the promotion of healthy lifestyles, and impacting the population under 15 years and over 50.

The accreditation has been collected by the first mayor from the hands of José Gabriel Cano, district director of Public Health, so that Redován becomes the second municipality in the region to join this network, since he did it a week after Guardamar del Safe. The Mesa Salud is composed of the mayor, Emilio Fernández, the Councilor for Education, Nely Ruiz, the mayor of Health, Francisco Martínez, the Councilor for Culture, Clara Ezcurra and the municipal responsible for Environment, Ramón López, by the Government team. Of the municipal group of the PSOE is part of this organ Esther González, Víctor Ros of Sí se Puede Redován and Noe Zaragoza de Unidos by Redován. José Gabriel Cano, from the Public Health Center; Claudia Rojas, from the Medical Office; Amparo Doors of the Sacred Hearts School; Antonio Menchón from IES Redován; Antonio Ruiz, from the Local Police and Roque Martínez, from Social Services, complete the table. Raquel Hernández will be in charge of the local coordination of the same.

“From there we have created a working group in which each member, in their area, will make clear what is done in the field of health promotion by filling in some cards that have been distributed,” said Fernandez. The mayor of Redova has commented that based on this analysis of the resources, the strategy to be developed will be designed “and we will make public a map of community resources that we will promote through the web page so that associations and citizens in general can take advantage of them”. Fernandez explained that sometimes activities are carried out in the municipality that may be of interest to a certain group that, due to ignorance, does not attend, “and that is what we want to avoid”.

At the same time, other types of strategies that encourage healthy habits in schools will be carried out, or health promotion will be taken into account in actions, for example, mobility by the municipality. “The ultimate goal is to fight against addictive behaviors and increase those healthy habits by encouraging the participation of our neighbors,” said Fernandez, who concluded that “this is a very long-term project with actions that should be keep for the time. ”

Xarxa Salut is the network of municipalities of the Valencian Community attached to the IV Health Plan, with the commitment to develop local health promotion actions framed in the plan. Among other advantages, the localities that are included can access grants from the Department of Health Universal, participate in workshops, seminars and workshops where experiences are shared and disseminated through the Valencian Health Observatory.

The City Council of Redován and the Ministry of Health unblock the health center project

The new and expected health infrastructure will have 900 square meters in two plants and the goal is to improve health care for neighbors

The mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández, and the Councilor for Health, Francisco Martínez, met today with the General Director of Efficiency of the Department of Health, Carmelina Pla. The objective of this meeting was to address various pending technical issues about the lands on which the City Council plans to build the health center in the municipality.

Fernandez, who has been satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, has said that the new health center “will have a ground floor and a superior with an approximate total floor area of ​​900 square meters.” The mayor has specified that the building will have “enough space for primary care of our neighbors.”

In the meeting with the general director it was agreed that the health technicians review the planimetry of the future building so that segregation of the plot can proceed, the last obstacle to start the construction project. Thus, after the re-evaluation of the status of the procedure, a list of the final project that will allow the bidding process for the concession of the construction of the center will be sent, said the first mayor of Redova.

Emilio Fernandez recalled that the City Council of Redován has been pending the construction of the medical center for seven years, and has expressed his satisfaction for having reached this agreement that will allow “that probably before the end of the year all the procedures can be done” that allow to continue go ahead with the project. The building will be erected in the Plaza Comunidad Valenciana, “a central place where you can provide the quality service we deserve who live in Redován.”

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