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Redován City Council pays out more than 39,000 euros in aid to shops, companies and self-employed workers

  • The amounts subsidised range from 100 to 2,000 euros for around thirty companies, with the help of the Diputación de Alicante

Redovan City Council, through the departments of Finance, Legal Services and Employment, has made effective the payment of emergency aid for SMEs and self-employed to twenty-eight companies, shops and self-employed in the municipality, which in recent months have been affected in their economic activity by the consequences of the health crisis produced by the Covid-19. The total amount of this aid is ?39 127 and has been granted directly thanks to a subsidy from the Diputación de Alicante.

These grants are in addition to the various subsidies received to promote recruitment in the municipality, as indicated by Maite Martinez, head of the area of Employment of the Consistory Reddovanense, “since our purpose as a government team is to help in any way we can to anyone who needs it. Martinez recently announced the hiring of two concierges through the ECOVID program call for people over 30 years who are unemployed as a result of the situation arising from the Covid-19. The mayor of Employment also said that “we will continue to apply for all those grants to which we can adhere,” adding that “we are already working towards next year to continue helping the most vulnerable groups in the municipality.

“The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 has affected all areas of society, making it also our economic engine as a municipality, businesses and traders,” said Adrian Ballester, councillor of Finance. In this way, “one of our priorities as a Town Hall in this situation has also been to protect, preserve and support these pillars of our productive and social fabric”, he added. Likewise, the Councillor for Legal Services, José Nájar, stated that “the objective has always been to minimise the impact as much as possible and to ensure that, once the health alarm is over, economic activity in the town is boosted as soon as possible”.

Redován presents its most social budgets for 2020 to mitigate the effects of DANA and COVID-19 health crisis

  • -The money from the local festivities will go to help people affected by the COVID-19 health crisis, with more than 120.000 euros in social aid.
  • -The initial budget for this year reaches the total figure of 6.171,.209,77 euros, exceeding the initial 2019 budget by 22.20%
  • -The government team allocates almost 100.000 euros in a plan to revive local trade and aids to merchants, self-employed, entrepreneurs, micro-SMEs and liberal professionals
  • -The municipal government requests the Ministry of Finance to allow refinancing of the municipal debt, open the management fund and allow the municipalities to use the remaining budget.

The Mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, accompanied by the Councilor for Finance, Adrián Ballester, presented this morning in the plenary hall of the City Council the municipal budgets for the year 2020, which amounts to a total of 6.171.209,77 euros, and will be voted on the local plenary next Monday, June 8. The municipal accounts exceed the initial budget planned for 2019 by more than 22%, making them one of the most social in recent years, since “they are a social response by this City Council for the needs of our neighbors who they have been affected by recent events such as the DANA in last September or the ‘Covid-19’ health crisis,” said the mayor.

Social aid to affected people

For this reason, of the 601.635 euros in the subsidy expenses section, the Consulate in Redován has planned to allocate more than 120.000 euros in social aid to people affected by COVID-19. Among them, will be destined to social emergency aid, IBI or to buy school supplies.

In addition, the budget includes almost 100.000 euros in aid for people with an economic activity who has been reduced by at least 50% or have had to temporarily close. In this sense, more than eighty-nine thousand euros are allocated in aid for merchants, the self-employed and SMEs; in addition to 4.000 euros in aid to entrepreneurs in Redován and 6.000 euros for a plan to reactivate local commerce. The first mayor has indicated that “our objective is to help our merchant and business community as much as possible, and also the groups most affected by the pandemic. In addition, the occupancy rate of chairs and tables on public roads for the year 2020 has been carried out ”, he added. The subsidies section represents 8,17% of the total, with an increase of approximately 14% compared to the previous initial budget. This section includes the usual contributions made by the council to the organizational and associative fabric of the municipality.

In this regard, the City Council’s own taxes “have been frozen for another year, as it has been done since 2015”, explained the Councilor for Finance, who added at the same time that “on the line to help our neighbors we have returned part of the rate of markets and services not provided in sports during the months of confinement, with the aim of contributing to the economic stability of the people of Redován. ” The forecast for municipal tax revenues will be reduced by 18,02% compared to the previous year, with an estimate of 1.017.723,78 euros.

As for the investment chapter, this has been endowed with 1.272.243 euros, 20,62% of the total budget, and which includes the credits contributed by the Ministry of Education, corresponding to the remodeling plans of the CEIP Sagrados Corazones de Redován and IES Jaime de Sant Àngel del Plan Edificant. This item could finally be doubled in the budget liquidation, since the credits of the investments coming from the canon of the contract for the indirect management of the public service of drinking water and sewerage must be incorporated, as well as those of public administrations such as the Provincial Deputation of Alicante.

In this way, “the budget items have been adjusted to the maximum taking into account the income and real expenses of the City Council, making it a rigorous and realistic budget for the current economic situation,” explained the mayor. For this reason, the Department of the Treasury has required annual planning of each of the municipal needs to meet the most justified, although it will also “address the budgetary modifications that are necessary to comply with economic obligations and with the quality levels of provision of public services ”, Ballester has clarified.

Expense Forecasts

The Redován City Council increases staff costs for this year by 3,86% compared to the previous year, adjusted to the salary increase for public employees in 2019 and amounting to 1.649.158 euros. The section for current expenses, endowed with 2.101.655 euros, will also include credits intended for the tendering of contracts for municipal services, among which stand out the collection of urban solid waste and the cleaning of roads.

Similarly, the financial expenses section decreases by almost 25%, with 21.532 euros budgeted. In capital transfers of the State of Expenditure of the 2020 Budget it decreases 91,67% and is 3.500 euros, while the chapter dedicated to financial liabilities has an initial forecast of 469,063 euros of budget, aimed at amortizing the loan from the City Council with the entity la Caixa to face the first supplier payment plan.

Income Forecasts

Regarding the initial forecasts of income, those corresponding to direct taxes are estimated at 2.275.229 euros (7,24% more than the previous year), an increase motivated by the proliferation of properties and companies in the municipality, while, in indirect taxes, the collection will be reduced by 13,34% compared to 2019.

Likewise, regarding the income from current transfers, corresponding to the subsidies received from other public administrations, it amounts to 1.750.001 euros, “waiting to receive subsidies during the year 2020 from the Provincial Deputation of Alicante in the matter of firefighters , local development, environment or culture ”, assured the mayor of the Treasury.

Finally, the mayor of the treasury has asked the Ministry of Finance to allow them to refinance the municipal debt since the city council spends 500.000 euros of the inherited debt annually and to have an interest rate in accordance with current financial prices. He has also requested that the Ministry authorize spending the savings available to the city council on public policies to help the most disadvantaged people.

Redován approves in the last month more than 20,000 euros in grants for associations and groups

The Redován City Council has approved in the last month of December 20,500 euros in grants that will be distributed among associations and groups of the municipality. This amount is a quarter of what the municipality allocates to help local entities, since during the year the rest have been approved as the justification has been received from the associations. In total there are 108,000 euros those that go to help the groups.

As regards the destination of the grants, grants have been approved in the last month to the Dance Group Cultural Association, Cantera Express Cycling Club, Peña Blaugrana, MTB Club, Ampa Rebdan, Brotherhood Piedad, Ampa Colegio Sagrados Corazones, Paloma Club, Club of Fishing, Board of Directors of Festera, Association of Friends of the Elderly Club, Asociación Aracelia and the Association of Women.

The mayor, Nely Ruiz, explained that “the associative fabric of the municipality is very important because thanks to the Redován associations it is a live town all year round, where we celebrate a multitude of activities in which all the neighbors participate.”

For his part, the councilor of the Treasury, Adrián Ballester, highlighted “the involvement of all areas of the government team so that aid reaches all groups, with the improvement of activities that are carried out every year.”

Likewise, the mayor has advanced that “our goal is to continue along this line and help more if possible to all groups and, if possible, that more neighbors are encouraged to participate in the activities carried out and integrate into some association or club ”.

The City Council of Redován gives a total of 36 grants year in which all the associations, clubs and cultural, educational, and other groups are represented.

The Budget of Redován for 2019 freezes taxes and fees and maintains all social aid

The City Council of Redován will take to plenary the next Monday the municipal budget of 2019, a vital document for the operation of any city council that in the case of Redovanense is being worked on since October by the Department of the Treasury. Its head, Adrián Ballester, has ensured that the budget, amounting to 5,050,153.65 euros, is “realistic, with the same forecast of expenses as income and with the intention that the year ends with a positive result as in the last seven years. ” Direct taxes and taxes such as IBI, IVTM, goodwill, Economic Activities Tax, garbage, water and sewage, schools and sports facilities are frozen and bonuses are maintained for social groups. Ballester has indicated that “we have increased the subsidies to all the associations and groups of the municipality”.

The councilor, who has presented the document together with the mayor, Emilio Fernandez, commented that the forecast of income is 17.56% lower than in 2018, a reduction motivated mainly by the entry into force, on January 1, of the service of potable water and sewerage that Hidraqua will manage and that supposed 800,000 euros a year to the municipal coffers. “In addition, we must add that in 2018 the income of 380,000 euros from the Works and Services Plan of the Provincial Council was budgeted, so both amounts add up to almost 1.2 million.” In any case, it is expected that the budget execution for 2019 will be similar to that of the year ending now, exceeding 6 million euros, “because credits such as the water contract fee and the execution of the projects inherent to the tender document will be incorporated. said contract, as well as the execution of the study room that is underway, “he recalled.

Income by chapter

By chapters, in the reference to income and taxes there is a decrease of 15.87% in taxes due to the fact that the taxes charged by the City Council are frozen, including the tax rate of the IBI. “The data is real, offered by Suma Gestión Tributaria”, said Adrián Ballester, who has indicated that indirect taxes will be up to 117,946.97 euros due to the forecast of the ICIO (Tax on Buildings, Installations and Works) , which amounts taking into account the evolution during 2018 and the activation of different projects that will be executed next year. With respect to the rates, the income forecast also decreases, 39.33% in this case leaving the figure at 1,017,723.78 euros, a collection that decreases because the drinking water rates will not be paid for the arrival of the new company.

Chapter IV of Current Transfers increases the State’s collection, Redován counts on its inclusion in the Municipal Cooperation Fund of the Generalitat Valenciana, and does not budget all the subsidies that are expected to be received during the year of the Provincial Council of Alicante in terms of firefighters, local development, garbage collection or culture, among others. Capital income (Chapter V) decreased by 21.47%, no income from disposals and investments is foreseen, while in capital transfers it is expected to value them based on the amounts allocated by the County Council to the municipality for the extension of the Via Ferrata. There is no expected income from financial assets or credit operations.

Expenses per chapter

Regarding expenses, the personnel costs rise by 48,430 euros for the salary increase foreseen for public employees “and also because it is preparing a list of jobs (RPT) that will lead to the creation of new positions and more spending on personnel “Ballester said.

In Chapter II of expenses in goods, services and current transfers, it decreases by 25.15% due to the indirect management of the drinking water and sewerage service. Ballester has stopped at this point to indicate that in 2010, this chapter amounted to 3.2 million Consistory, lowered in the following years to reach in 2019 to 2.1 million, a 47.28% of the total municipal budget . Financial expenses fall by 7,000 euros for 2018 and current transfers rise by 10.47% to 528,723.21 euros. “This is due to the increase in subsidies to all associations in the municipality, as well as the Commonwealth of Social Services La Vega,” said the council.

Redován will have a contingency fund of 50,000 euros for the fourth consecutive year to face unforeseen events and 184,209.84 euros will be allocated to real investments. The most important item in this chapter is 88,309.84 euros for the third floor of the Center for the Elderly, while 21,300 euros will also be invested in lighting installation on public roads and roads. “We remember that 40,000 euros correspond to the participatory budget, a process that we carried out again this year and won the Musical Union of Redován, which will allocate the money to the purchase of material and that is included in the expenses for capital operations”. Investments are added to other projects that were presented to this participatory budget, such as the closing of the Plaza de la Cruz.

These will be the investments charged to the municipal treasury, “an amount that is expected to expand to 2.5 million euros” through the Provincial Council, with 500,000 euros in investment not contemplated in budget but will be implemented in projects such as arrangements in the Camino del Rincón to solve the fall of stones in the Sierra, reform of the Los Pasos sports hall, the rain collector Pascual Martínez street at the intersection with Mulagar, another 125,000 euros to improve the sanitation of Pascual Martinez and the extension of Via Ferrata. Redován will also have a strong investment, 1.8 million euros in water and sewerage through the concessionaire of the water service, and 300.00 euros in the Study Room.

Finally in Chapter IX of financial liabilities, with 469,063.64 euros to amortize capital of the loan that the City Council has of the first Payment Plan to Suppliers, the same amount as the year that ends. “A balanced budget that has all the favorable technical reports and that complies with budget stability and spending rule,” Ballester said.

Water contract

For his part, the mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández, reminded all residents that on January 1 the new water contract will come into force “with the main objective of improving the service that has been provided until now”. Hidraqua will be the company that will be in charge of providing the service and will have a customer service office in front of the Town Hall, “an office that will open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and on Thursday evenings in order to facilitate the managements, in addition to that there will be 24-hour telephone service and virtual office “. Emilio Fernandez has specified that during the first year of the service will be installed telelectura to users in addition to numerous renovations in the drinking water network in streets such as Jesus Jordá and December 6 to Pascual Martínez and La Paz street, “where the supply and improve water quality “, as well as the change of old connections of the urban area.

The concessionaire will review the network in search of leaks and a review of meters and connections will be made to avoid fraud, among other things, such as the cleaning of 100% of the sewerage network. Emilio Fernández highlighted the environmental commitment of the company with Redován, “since it will make available to the service two electric vehicles in addition to a series of actions in the Paraje de la Ermita in order to promote the conservation of the biodiversity of the recreational area, optimize their sustainability and improve facilities for recreational and social use, “the councilor concluded.

A total of 338 people participate in the proposals of the Participatory Budgets of Redován

The Redován Participatory Budgeting process has concluded with a “resounding success” over the previous year and is an “example of democratic participation”, said the mayor of Finance, Citizen Participation and promoter of this initiative, Adrián Ballester, that “we have tripled the number of participants”.

The Redovanese councilor feels “very satisfied” because of the 338 people who have participated this year through the online platform, a total of 274 people have cast their vote “for the municipality to grow and do it with the help of the citizens and the associative fabric of the locality “. This year the winning proposal was the one proposed for the Musical Union school of Redován, with a total of 222 votes. The total amount that will be allocated in 2019 will be 40,000 euros and, among the requests of this proposal, is the renovation and acquisition of educational, instrumental and didactic equipment.

Ballester wanted to praise the work of dissemination and the effort of the Musical Union to get this economic game. “I congratulate the whole family of the music school since they have done an excellent campaign and it is an example of what needs to be done in participatory budgets”. In this regard, the mayor recalled that “we will continue to encourage all residents of Redován to be participants in the budgets.”

As for the proposals that have not received so many votes, there is the realization of a trade fair that can attract people from other locations and make the local products known with 4 votes. “It’s a proposal that we find interesting and we hope to develop it next year,” said Ballester.

In services and infrastructures the remodeling of Francisco Ferrer Plaza with more areas of games and shade that has obtained 3 votes, or the change of lawn and furniture of the Plaza Miguel Hernández with 1 vote is proposed. In addition, a proposal calls for the closure of parks to prevent vandalism at night with 13 votes and the closing of the Plaza de la Cruz with 5 votes. “The issue of enclosure of parks we have it very much in mind since we have done some and we will continue with this work for those places that do not have it,” said Ballester.

In social policies the organization of therapeutic workshops that has obtained 3 votes is proposed, besides the realization of courses of English and Valencian in different official levels with 1 vote. In this regard, the mayor of the Treasury explained that “these courses have already been launched, as is the case of the Valencian, whose places have been completed.”

Lastly, in sports the construction of padel courts has been considered, which has obtained 13 votes and the remodeling of the costumes of the Antonio Pascual Gil Duana municipal soccer field with 8 votes. As for the padel courts Ballester has advanced that by 2019 “we are going to ask for a subsidy to the Provincial Council of Alicante to do them and we hope that the residents of Cadiz can enjoy these highly demanded facilities”.

Adrián Ballester recalled that from the Redovanese government team “we are willing to analyze and study all the finalist proposals, because they seem coherent and if we can we will carry them out”. In this regard, he assured that “we do not rule out carrying out actions with any idea that, although it has not won, is worthy of being put into operation”. Ballester said that “we are very satisfied with the work we have done and we thank all the people who have participated in their dedication and enthusiasm to believe in this project and be part of the changes that materialize in the town.”

The Participatory Budget enters the voting phase with a total of twelve finalist proposals

The Councilor for Finance and Participation, Adrián Ballester, encourages citizens to vote both through the platform and in person at City Hall

The mayor has indicated that this tool seeks “that our neighbors are involved with the local administration and think about what they want for our people”

Redován 10/19/2018. The Participatory Budget of Redován has entered its third and final phase for which from the City Council the maximum participation of citizens is expected. This is the voting phase, open until October 31 at 12.00, and after which the results will be published. They will determine which of the twelve proposals presented will be included in the Municipal Budget of 2019. The Councilor for Finance and Citizen Participation, Adrián Ballester, has encouraged the people of Cordoba to vote, both through the platform from which it was made the whole process ( as in person at the Town Hall, going to do it from 9.00 to 14.00 hours.

Ballester recalled that this year are 40,000 euros that are allocated to the Participatory Budget, “ten thousand more than in the previous year, where we launched an experience that undoubtedly opens the local administration to citizens and allows them to participate in the taking of decisions of its City Council, something that we consider crucial for our neighbors to be involved and say what they want for our people. ” The mayor has outlined the finalist proposals, a total of twelve that have passed the second phase of evaluation “in which the municipal technicians have indicated which of the 25 total proposals were realistic and allow their realization through the budget,” Ballester said. .

The proposals are in terms of parties, culture, tourism and youth, the realization of a trade fair that can attract people from other locations and publicize local products. This section also includes the renovation and acquisition of instrumental, educational and audiovisual educational equipment for the School of Music of the Musical Union of Redován, as well as the construction, from a historical point of view, of a detachable castle that serves as a stage of the festivities of Moors and Christians with representations of the reconquest.

In services and infrastructures, the squares of the municipality take the cake, and all the proposals are aimed at their improvement. Thus, the remodeling of the Plaza Francisco Ferrer with more areas of games and shade, the change of grass and furniture of the Plaza Miguel Hernández, the closing of parks to avoid acts of vandalism at night and the closing of the Plaza de the Cross to avoid incidents with vehicles passing by. In social policies, the organization of therapeutic workshops for children with the accompaniment of their parents is proposed, with the aim of stimulating the babies’ physical and mental development, as well as carrying out English and Valencian courses at different official levels. In the same line, the employment section includes training in first aid aimed at fathers and mothers of students of sports schools, as well as monitors. Finally, in sports the construction of padel courts and the remodeling of changing rooms in the Antonio Pascual Gil Duana municipal soccer field is considered.

Adrián Ballester thanked the participation of the people who made the proposals and again insisted that “it is very important to participate, either through the platform or, if you do not have the necessary computer resources, coming to the City Council , because precisely what we want is that the municipal budget that we hope to present, as always, before the end of the year, count each time with more proposals made by redovanenses that are implied with the present, but above all with the future of our people “.

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