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Redován gives the kick-off to the parties with the presentation of the book and the poster announcer

Redován 25/7/2018. Redován launches its patron saint festivities in honor of the Virgin of Health and San Miguel with the presentation of the book of festivities, an authentic compilation of the most important events of the last year in the municipality and a sample of the history of it through of old photos and experiences of neighbors who have participated in the preparation of the publication. The mayor, Emilio Fernández, and the councilor of Fiestas, Nely Ruiz, have been commissioned to present the book, an act in which they have accompanied the author of the cover, Laura Torres Cantos, whose work will also illustrate the posters of the celebrations redovanenses.

Nely Ruiz has reported the multitude of acts prepared by the City for more than a month of parties, since the program starts on August 25 with the opening speech by Emilio Peñalver, the election and the coronation of the queens of the parties and continues until September 29, when they will close with the festivity of San Miguel. The mayor explained that before that act “we will pick up the candidates for queens, flagmen, sultana, captain, wench and other festive charges, who will be offered a reception in the Consistory.” As in previous years the first Sunday of holidays will be marked by water, with the installation of the large water slide and water castle on Pablo Iglesias Street, “while in the afternoon it will be the turn of the music in charge of the Musical Union of Redován, who will offer us a concert in honor of the Virgin of Health with the works submitted to the contest of pasodobles organized through the Department of Culture, “said Ruiz.

The following weekend, Saturday, September 1, will start the big week with the Flower Offering to the patron and the shot of the chupinazo, at nine o’clock at night from the balcony of the City Hall. “This year the person in charge will be the Festera de Honor Mari Carmen Ruiz Martínez, belonging to the Peña El Volante”, said Ruiz, who recalled that later it will be the Retreat that will culminate with the foam party in the Plaza de la Cruz. On Sunday 2, the courtyard of the Sacred Hearts School will house the traditional grass and spinning exhibition by Barraca La Gramaera and the program continues on the night of September 5, “which will be when the barracks open”, indicated the councilor

On Thursday, September 6 will be repeated an act that has been very popular among festeros and neighbors, the Charanga Tapeo with the Los Feos orchestra that will tour the bars of Redován and at night, at the door of the church, the Serenade will take place to the Virgin of Health. On Friday the 7th, the eve of the patron saint’s day, the General Parade of Peñas, Barracas and Reinas will be held, starting at nine o’clock at night in the Plaza de la Cruz and then the City Council has prepared a festival in the Plaza de la Peace.

On Saturday, September 8, a large day in Redován, a Spanish flag will be hoisted on the door of the church just before the 12 noon Mass that the Manos Unidas Choir will sing. At half past one, the Aarón Vidal street will be inaugurated, dedicated to a Valencian soldier who died in service and before eating, the people of Cadiz will enjoy a mascletá in the Plaza Miguel Hernández. In the afternoon, at 8:00 pm, the Virgen de la Salud will leave in procession, which will have a fireworks display in its collection. That night the festival will be repeated in the Plaza de la Paz.

The morning of Sunday 9 September has been reserved for the little ones, who can enjoy a children’s party foam in the Plaza Miguel Hernández, and from eight o’clock in the afternoon will be launched in the bullfighting enclosure the traditional ‘Save me’, heifer afternoons to be held on September 9 and 11.

On Saturday, September 15, the White Party will take place, for which, as in previous years, it will be necessary to register with the City Council and will have the performance of the Stolen and DJ group, while on Sunday, the 16th from 9:00 a.m. will celebrate the 15th edition of the Classical Motorcycle Encounter at the facilities of Los Pasos. That same day at 11:30 in the Plaza de la Paz we will enjoy a photography exhibition and a judo exhibition.

The Multicolor Parade is reserved for September 22 from eight in the afternoon, this year with prizes for the best costumes, and when finishing in the Plaza de la Paz there will be a tribute to Mecano and U2. Sunday 23 in the morning, the children’s games will fill the same Plaza de la Paz, in whose stage will take place on Friday 28 a musical performance by the Orquesta Club Eterno.

To close the program on Saturday, September 29, the festivity of San Miguel, patron of Redován, the sung mass will be celebrated at 12 noon and at 8:00 p.m. the procession will depart, at the end of which the dawn will be fired. The program closes with the tribute to Spanish music that the Musical Union of Redován will perform.

The mayor, Emilio Fernandez, said that the City Council “and in this case the Department of Festivals has prepared a program for all audiences that can enjoy from the smallest to the elderly in the house.” The mayor has pointed out the “quality of the holiday book, which undoubtedly is for each house in Redován keep one, because it is the history of our people,” and stressed that this year has included a campaign in the publication march by the La Vega Mancomunidad and the Equality Agency of which the municipality is a part, which recommends to the festeras “to enjoy with talent”, without overdoing alcohol, and where the campaign against street harassment has also been included made specifically for the holidays, “with which we follow the initiative #notienesmipermiso that collects signatures to eradicate this type of violence through legislation.” The mayor also presented some orange bracelets with the ‘hastag’ #notienesmipermiso that has indicated that volunteers will be available to any woman who feels harassed during the holidays.

Redován launches tomorrow its Christmas program focused on making the little ones happy

Redován 12/15/2017. Redován already counts the days for the arrival of the Christmas holidays and starts up a program dedicated to all the public but above all to fill with illusion the vacations of the smallest of the house. The councilors of Culture and Festivities, Clara Ezcurra and Nely Ruiz respectively, have been commissioned to announce the acts that begin tomorrow with the Christmas Festival that the Musical Union of Redován will do at the Casa de la Música at 12:00 noon. Saturday.

“Music is an important part of Christmas, and that is why it is also part of the program we have prepared,” pointed out the mayor of Culture, who added that during every afternoon of next week, from Monday 18 to Friday December 22nd at 7:00 p.m., the House of Music will also open its doors for auditions by the students of the Musical Union. The weekend of Christmas Eve will start on Saturday 23 with a parade of the Cultural Association of Dance, “which will set the streets of Redován in a few days in which there is a lot of people making purchases to prepare dinners and holiday meals” , Nely Ruiz pointed out, while on the same Saturday, at half past five in the afternoon, the performance of the play ‘La Cigarra y la Antiga’ was prepared by the Teatro Cero group, with free admission to complete the capacity .

The parade on the morning of the 24th will be charged to the Musical Union of Redován, also at eleven o’clock in the morning, and on Friday the 29th the Plaza del Ayuntamiento “will host one of the most awaited visits, that of the Paje Real that will come to Collect letters from the boys and girls of Redován to give them to the Magi, “Clara Ezcurra pointed out. For December 30, Saturday, the sport will be protagonist with the first Baseball Tournament ‘San Miguel Arcángel’ that will bring together the best young players in the area and has been prepared to serve to collect funds to be allocated to the restoration of the church of Redován. The tournament will start at ten in the morning at the Estadio Antonio Pascual Gil ‘Duana’.

And with the beginning of the year come the most special days for boys and girls. “In this sense, from the City Council of Redován we have turned one more year to prepare the Three Kings’ Cavalcade, which will start on January 5 at six in the afternoon from the Plaza de la Cruz and end at Juan Carlos I Street.” the councilor of Fiestas has said, a carousel enlivened by the Redován dance group. At seven o’clock that same afternoon the Plaza de la Iglesia will host the Representation of the Auto of the Magi and then the gifts will be distributed. “Those who want the Magi to arrive at their homes should let them know beforehand at the Town Hall”, explained Nely Ruiz. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will also arrive at Barrio San Carlos, at 6.30 pm in their hermitage, where gifts for children will be distributed.

The program will culminate on January 12 at six in the afternoon, with the exhibition and awards ceremony of the ‘VII School Competition of the Desierto Abarcas’ organized every year by the Miguel Hernández Cultural Foundation. “It will be in the assembly hall of the Ricardo Ruiz Poveda Social Center in charge of the children of the third year of Primary School”, concluded the municipal head of Culture, Clara Ezcurra.

The Redován hostelers take their tapas to the street on Saturday 17 in a ‘Tapeo and tardo turístico’ that also involves the festeros

Redován 12/6/2017. The Council of Tourism of the City Council of Redován has joined the hotel and the Redovan party to organize a day that will take place on Saturday 17 the activity on the street, specifically the Plaza de la Paz, which will be the epicenter of a ‘Tapeo and Late afternoon ‘that also will travel with a charanga different places of the municipality. On Friday, the president of the Hosteleros Association, Miguel Ángel Antolinoz and Teresa Trigueros, from the Festera Board, presented the activity, together with the Town Councilor of Tourism, Clara Ezcurra. The mayor indicated that the day has been organized with the intention that the Redovans participate “but also the neighbors and neighbors of other municipalities of the Vega Baja, who come and know the rich redovanense gastronomy and other spaces of our town.”

The day is scheduled to start at noon noon at Plaza de la Paz. There, the eleven local participants (Harvest, Xatbar, La Pepa, Huellas, Jijonenca, La Bohemia, Delfox, Mari Jose, Asador La Finca, Los Pinicos and La Tapería) will mount the bars with food, while there will be another bar exclusively for The drink that will remain installed until late afternoon. Ezcurra has indicated that “popular prices have been fixed, 1.5 euros the lid and 1 euros the drink, which can be paid in a jaima that will be installed only for the sale of tickets.”

In addition to the bars, the Plaza de la Paz will feature children’s games such as mats and a mechanical bull and this will be spent at noon, also accompanied by music by a DJ. “At five in the afternoon it is expected that the charanga will arrive at the Plaza de la Paz and encourage the people who are there to accompany her for the route that has been designed”; Said the mayor, who points out that it is streets “for those who do not pass the parades of the parties and that has chosen the Board Festera to also have an activity related to the parties.” The group that will brighten up this parade will be the Charanga Los Feos. Back to the Plaza de la Paz the ‘afternoon’ will continue, the organizers calculate, until nine and a half or ten at night.

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