The Generalitat approves the extension of the IES Jaime de Sant-Angel de Redován with a classroom for six classes

The Generalitat Valenciana has approved the extension of the IES Jaime de Sant Ángel de Redován within the framework of the Edificant Plan. A process already underway that will put an end to eleven years of claims by the municipality of Redova. The mayor, Emilio Fernandez, explained that he is waiting for the Ministry of Education to send the project adapted to the new technical standards, “since the one we had was the year 2007 and needs that adaptation.” The first mayor hopes that this document arrives in a short period of time so that it can be presented at the Ampa Council of the school and then to the Plenary, “if possible to the month of July, so that we can approve the delegation of powers and thus begin to execute the work as soon as possible. ”

The IES Jaime de Sant Ángel needs for years a new classroom, six classes that will be built now and that will be allocated to both ESO and Bachillerato students. The cost of the work is estimated at around 1.2 million euros and hopes to end the overcrowding “living for years, because we have an overflowed institute”. The mayor says that the students occupy all the available spaces, “they are teaching in the laboratory, in the assembly hall, in the departments, and if we continue like this they would have to take two classes to the patio”.

Fernandez has indicated that at the beginning of this corporate mandate the situation was shown to the regional secretary of Education, and that during the last years there have been many visits to the Territorial Directorate of Education. A couple of weeks ago the mayor went to Elche during a visit by the conseller Vicente Marzá to expose the situation and “he told me that in fifteen days he would have news, and fortunately that was the case”.

Thus, the City hopes to be able to approve the delegation of powers in July, since as marked by the Plan Edificant, to speed up the construction are the municipalities that manage the funds provided by the Government. From there the works will be launched with the intention that they can be ready “if possible, in less than a year,” Fernandez concluded.

Five Erasmus + students of Redován will have a municipal scholarship that complements the European assignment

The City Council of Redován has launched, once approved in the Local Government Board, the municipal program of aid aimed at students of the municipality who enjoy rasmus + scholarships during this course. “These scholarships are launched by the Consistorio redovanense, since they were already included in the municipal budget approved at the end of last year”, recalled the mayor, Emilio Fernández. The budget heading for Erasmus students is 2,000 euros that will be divided into five grants of 400 euros each, as reflected in the bases that can be consulted since last Tuesday on the bulletin board of the Electronic Headquarters of the City Council of Redován.

“From the government team it was decided to include this type of scholarship among the various grants that we have in place for young people with the intention of complementing the allocation given to students through the institutions on which the Erasmus program depends”, said Fernandez, who considers that “the European program is a vital experience and cultural exchange, and that is why we wanted to contribute to the promotion of this program in our municipality, giving priority to those who have less economic availability and better qualifications so that they can enjoy he”.

The scholarships are aimed at students who have an Erasmus + scholarship during the academic year 2017-2018 who reside for at least two years in Redován, and are complementary to any other assistance that the interested person may receive. Those who want to opt for them must comply with all the requirements indicated in the bases and present the documentation in person at the City Council, through the Electronic Office or in the registers specified in the Law of Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations within a period of 30 calendar days counted from the publication in the electronic bulletin board (

With regard to the resolution of the grants, it will be made public within a maximum period of two months from the end of the deadline for submitting applications and will have the necessary publicity to provide the call -free competition- with the necessary transparency and for that interested people can be aware of the entire procedure. The Department of Education directed by Nely Ruiz will be responsible for proposing the award of scholarships following a series of criteria such as family income or the applicant’s academic record. Ultimately the aid will be approved by the Local Government Board of the Municipality of Redován.

List of Aids for the Children’s Bonus from 0 to 3 years

The list of grants awarded for School School Child Bonus 0 to 3 years for the academic year 2017/2018 is already published in the Electronic Headquarters of the Municipality of Redován, the Notice Board and the Transparency Portal. The deadline for presenting allegations, once the list has been approved by the Local Government Board, began on December 6 and will be valid until the 15th. You can also consult it here:

The City of Redován invests 13,904 euros in providing air conditioning 12 classrooms of the public school

Redován 1/8/2017. The City Council of Redován is about to complete the maintenance works that have been carried out during the summer in the Colegio Público Sacred Hearts of the locality, works requested by both the management of the center as well as the Association of Fathers and Mothers (Ampa ), As has been pointed out by the Councilor for Education, Nely Ruiz. The biggest investment this year has been the air conditioning of twelve classrooms in the Gray Pavilion with an investment of 13,904 euros. The mayor explains that the director of the center requested at the time help the Department of Education to put fans in the classrooms, but that has finally opted for air conditioning “because we think that the children will be better than with fans , Which at the end of the day only move the hot air. Thus, action has been initiated in the twelve classes of the oldest pavilion, “and we have already set to work, asking for budgets to act in the Red Pavilion, although in this case it will take us more time and money since there are To do all the installation and then install the machines, “said the councilor, who hopes that in the next two years the whole school can be air-conditioned.

But this is not the only maintenance work carried out this summer by the City Council in the school. During July all the facilities have been reviewed to verify, for example, that there is no danger of falling cornices or any other element of the terrace. They also have painted all the courts of the patio and installed a chest in the outside of the oldest pavilion to avoid the entrance of odors to the classrooms. The sand of the small park that they have been cleaned and replaced and also the pillars of the pergola have been fixed, notes Ruiz, adding that the same way has been repaired a lump of the wall and placed a ramp to the dining room .

During the first days of August only a solution to the problem of the entry of cats has to be completed, with the installation of squares in the bars so that they can not access the yard and will review the trees to check if there is any kind of fumigation . “We have almost everything to the point, so that for the beginning of the course the students of the school can start with the school in perfect state of review,” said the councilor, who added that there are larger actions , Not only to complete the air conditioning, which will be undertaken little by little.

The summer schools that take place in July in Redován choose to choose between sports, music or education

Redován 15/6/2017. The activities for the youngest of Redován multiply once they have completed their school obligations. With the intention of reconciling work and family life in the month of July, they are being implemented by the City Council or in collaboration with other organizations and institutions, a multitude of activities that have been discussed by the councilors of Social Welfare, Nely Ruiz; Sports, Ramón López y Cultura, Clara Ezcurra. This way you can choose according to the tastes of each person to do sport, choose the musical or educational side in the different schools that will be launched in the coming weeks.

Nely Ruiz has realized the Summer School Vegavacaciones de la Mancomunidad La Vega, which has precisely this conception of support for the family, making it possible to reconcile, while serving as an educational space that favors coexistence and learning. “The game is the formula chosen for both fun and creativity, interculturality, equality or coexistence,” said the councilman. The enrollment period ends on Friday, June 16, and the school will be held from June 26 to July 31 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, at the Sagrados Corazones School.

Nely Ruiz recalled that the registration forms can be collected at the City Council or through the website of the Commonwealth and that “you have to present it completed, with a photocopy of the health card or private health insurance, in the City Council,” as well as Through the email for the case of the municipality, since this school also develops in the rest of localities with the presence of the Commonwealth.

In sports, the school that will take place at the Polideportivo Los Pasos from July 3 to 28 will bring together many disciplines, as Councilor Ramón López commented. The children from 5 to 12 years of age who are going to this school will practice soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, baseball, badminton, fencing, hiking, gymkanas, traditional games and water games. “From 8.45 to 9.15 in the morning, the entrance to the school will be done, and until one noon the activities will be developed,” said the mayor who explained that, just like the entrance, there is a half hour for the collection of students, One to one and a half noon.

The cost of the school is of 30 euros the fortnight and 50 the full month, and the inscriptions can be realized in the City council. In this case, the payment letter must be requested, make the payment and attach the receipt along with the registration form. Both documents (registration and letter of payment) as well as the instructions to follow can be consulted in the web page of the City council of Redován, in the following links: -payment-in-the-schools-sports-municipal-courses-of-swimming-and-tennis / and Schools-sports-summer-2017 /

Concerning Culture, the municipal director, Clara Ezcurra, announced the activities related to the music that will be developed in the coming weeks. He stressed that on Saturday 24 at 12:00 pm the House of Music will host the end of the course of the students of the Musical Union, with a tribute to the ABBA group he encouraged to attend “to see our children play songs of the famous Musical like ‘Mamma mia’ or ‘Dancing Queen’ “.

Following the music, Ezcurra recalled that until the 20th, the enrollment period for the Summer School of the Musical Union of Redován, whose activity will take place from June 26 to 30 and from July 3 to 7, is open. The price is 35 Euros and those who are interested in joining can do it at the Casa de la Música, from Monday to Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. In this summer school there will be workshops of crafts, music, theater, dance, drawing and yoga, as well as a pool and the possibility of strengthening musical knowledge and from the organization, it is encouraged to participate “children who have never studied music Because it can awaken your concerns. ”

Finally, the councilman explained that the enrollment period for the next course at the Musical Union of Redován is also open until the 30th of this month, and can be done Monday through Friday from five to eight in the afternoon.

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