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The work ‘Azabache’, from Jaén Cristóbal López, won the First National Contest of Pasodobles ‘Villa de Redován’

The First National Contest of Pasodobles ‘Villa de Redován’ has already won, the work ‘Azabache’ of the Jaén Cristóbal López rose on Sunday with the first prize of this contest and was also chosen by the musicians of the Musical Union of Redován ( UMR) as Honorable Mention. The ruling was made in a concert that the UMR offered within the programming of parties, on Sunday in the Plaza de la Paz, interpreting the four finalist works: ‘Azabache’, ‘From North to South’, ‘Van Redo’ and ‘ Joy’.

Once the pasodobles finalists were heard, the jury composed of José Miguel Rodilla Tortajada, Sixto Manuel Herrero Rodes and Javier Pérez Garrido, all of them renowned musicians who accompanied, with voice but without vote, the Councilor for Culture of the City Council of Redován, Clara Ezcurra and as secretary the president of the Unión Musical de Redován, Alberto Martínez, the ruling was announced. ‘Azabache’ by Cristóbal López Gándara was the winner and won a prize of 1,000 euros, diploma and gift; the second prize, worth 500 euros, a diploma and a gift, went to ‘Del norte al sud’, composed by Carlos Valles Donate; the third was for ‘Van Redo’, by Francisco J. Cogollos Martínez, who received a diploma and a gift, as well as ‘Alegría’ from
Miguel Ángel Sarrio Nadal who was the fourth classified.

Clara Ezcurra has highlighted the high quality of the pasodobles presented, “something that makes us think that this contest that has celebrated its first edition this year is going to become a classic in the programming of culture and the parties of Redován”. The mayor has indicated that all composers except the winner, who could not travel for work, were “in the magnificent concert that once again offered us on Sunday afternoon the Musical Union of Redován” and has added his congratulations to Cristóbal Lopez, whose work as established in the bases, will be renamed ‘Nieves Gómez Riera’, the name of the Queen of the Fiestas 2018 that was chosen on Saturday.

The poetry reaches the banks of the squares of Redován

Redován 6/7/2018. The City Council of Redován, through the Department of Culture, has launched an initiative that aims to continue in the line of promoting among local residents and literary works of local authors. If last March the Consistory published the verses of the poet from Redova, Miguel Ruiz, who died a few years ago, now he has decided to take his verses to the street.

The mayor, Emilio Fernández, explained that “some of the banks in all the parks and squares of Redován have been labeled with phrases taken from Ruiz’s work”, except for one that carries a verse from another author “and that since the City we challenge to discover to those who realize this literary route by our parks “, has specified the mayor. In fact, he announced that those who discover it can go to the Town Hall, where they will be given a book by the writer from Redova.

Fernandez and the Councilor for Culture, Clara Ezcurra, have been responsible for presenting this initiative today in the Plaza de la Paz, and have encouraged “especially in the face of summer nights, which invite you to leave home and take a walk , to have everyone in Redován take a look at this initiative, “said Ezcurra.

The City Council of Redován reissued a few months ago two poems by Miguel Ruiz, ‘Boria de la inheritance’ and ‘La peña que me ampara’, with a thousand copies distributed among the public in schools, social centers, “to try to reach the greatest number of possible people, “said the mayor, who added that” now what we do is that poetry reaches even more through public spaces and awakens among the people of Cordoba the concern to know more about our writers, who after all, they are the literary heritage of our municipality. “

Sergio López and Álvaro Giménez win the prizes of the Solidarity Contest of Micro-stories ‘Villa de Redován’

Redován 06/28/2018. The Solidarity Contest of Micro-stories ‘Villa de Redován’ has concluded a new edition, and there are already five, with the awarding of prizes to the winners. The councilors of Education and Culture, Nely Ruiz and Clara Ezcurra respectively, Clara Ezcurra, have been responsible for delivering the prizes not without first “congratulate all the people who have participated, which have been many, and encourage those who this year not have managed to be among the first to continue taking part in a competition that grows and that, above all, is dedicated to a common purpose “.

The first prize was for the play ‘El cumpleaños’, by Sergio López Vidal, endowed with an award of 300 euros; while Álvaro Giménez García, with ‘Cultural Tourism’, has obtained the second prize and 150 euros. The contest has come works from different places such as Valladolid, Cordoba, Cadiz, Orihuela, Torrevieja and of course, Redován.As the representative of the jury, the award ceremony was attended by the director of IES Redován, Antonio Moreno Menchón, who was in charge of reading the winning stories. Clara Ezcurra highlighted the high participation, “because we have exceeded last year’s and we hope that many more people will be encouraged to send us their works”, while reminding that with the 25 finalist works the City Council Redován will publish a book “from which the collection for sales will go to support the development of projects of the Spanish Red Cross”.

Clara Ezcurra highlighted the great quality “both literary and human of the participants, because writing a short story for the contest of the City Council of Redován is to contribute to the culture and society through the cause of solidarity to which the collection of the book is destined , this time Red Cross “. The mayor has ensured that with five editions “the contest is more than consolidated, and we hope it can continue to be celebrated for many more years and becoming a benchmark nationwide.” For his part, Nely Ruiz has encouraged “the neighbors of the town and all those who like literature to participate in the sixth contest.”

The Solidarity Fair of Micro-stories already has winners

The jury in charge of ruling the awards of the Solidarity Contest of Micro-stories ‘City of Redován’ has already issued its verdict. Among all the presented works the winners have been, with the first prize, the short story entitled ‘The birthday’, whose author is Sergio López Vidal. The second prize goes to Álvaro Giménez García, with the work entitled ‘Cultural Tourism’.

The jury was composed of Vicente Pina López, Antonio Moreno Menchón and the Councilor for Culture, Clara Ezcurra Riera. The meeting took place on June 15, in which the winners who now make themselves known were decided.

This micro-story contest has solidarity character also in this fifth edition. In this way, what is done is to publish a book with a total of 25 of the works presented, among which, of course, the two winners will be found, and the collection obtained through their sale will be destined, on this occasion, to the projects developed by the Spanish Red Cross.

The Iuvenis Choir of Cartagena wins the first prize of the Sacred Music Competition ‘Villa de Redován’

Redován 4/23/2018. Redován held on Sunday the seventh edition of the Coral Music Contest 'Villa de Redován', an event that took place in the renovated San Miguel parish and that included the participation of three previously selected choirs and a fourth, the Francisco Vallejos Choir of Torrevieja that was the winner of last year. The jury, composed of three specialists, the coordinator of the contest (with voice but no vote) and a representative of the City Council as a secretary also with voice but without vote, decided that the Iuvenis Choir of Cartagena, led by Baltasar Sánchez, would remain in first place and therefore will take the first prize endowed with 800 euros and trophy. The second prize was for the Coral Ars Armonium of Orihuela, which gets 400 euros and trophy and the third for Coro Pilar, Pilar de la Horadada, which took 250 euros and trophy.
The Councilor for Culture, Clara Ezcurra, recalled that the City Council also allocated an aid of 300 euros to cover the expenses caused by the displacement, and highlighted "the high quality of the participating corals, thanks to which this contest becomes bigger year a year. " The participating choirs interpreted three works of free choice of sacred character, one of them of spiritual chant or gospel

Redován opens its Cultural Spring tomorrow with the Path of the Poet and a new edition of the Medieval Market

Sixteen activities of different nature, but all related to culture, will complete until May 19 the Cultural Spring scheduled from the City Council of Redován presented today by the mayor, Emilio Fernandez, and the Councilor for Culture, Clara Ezcurra. The first mayor stressed that the activity “begins tomorrow” with the passage through the municipality of the Path of the Poet Miguel Hernandez that is scheduled to arrive at 12.00 at the Plaza de la Paz, “where walkers enjoy the recital that They have prepared the students of the Public School Sacred Hearts, “the mayor said, and tomorrow, but in the afternoon, a new edition of the Medieval Market will be inaugurated in the Plaza Miguel Hernández, which will continue until next Sunday.

The events will continue on Saturday with two events, in this case sports. On the one hand there is the Gil Hermanos Memorial Petanque Tournament that will run from nine in the morning at the Plaza Infanta Elena “and in the evening the promises of cycling and all the fans of this sport have a date on Pascual Martínez Street. Starting at four o’clock, to participate and witness the third edition of the Intercollegiate Cycling Race “, explained Fernández.

On April 20 and 21, Redován will host the VIII Vega Baja Science Contest “that will begin at Plaza Francisco Ferrer on the 20th at ten in the morning and will be held until the 21st with the presence of numerous school centers. our region that will show their experiments as well as the application of science to our daily life, “said the mayor of Culture, Clara Ezcurra, who recalled that the same weekend, in this case on Sunday 22, classic bicycles will flood the locality from nine o’clock in the morning to participate in the Regional Encounter that every year has more participation.

The Parish Church San Miguel Arcángel will be the epicenter of the activity on the afternoon of April 22, “an incomparable framework, even more after the rehabilitation, for the Sacred Music Contest that we organize from the Department of Culture each year with more enthusiasm “, The councilor expressed.

Redován will celebrate the Day of the Book on Monday, April 23 in the morning with a talk and gift of CDs at the IES Jaime de Sant Ángel, and on the 24th with storytellers for the children in the Municipal Library at six o’clock in the morning. late.

With the start of May, the Fiestas de la Cruz will arrive at the Plaza de la Cruz and the Rincon de Redován with children’s games activities. On Saturday, May 5, the Sierra will be the place where many walkers will participate in Senderos de Luz, a march that will depart at nine o’clock at night from the Plaza de la Iglesia and “for which the inscriptions are open through the website ‘’ “, recalled Emilio Fernández. That same day but an hour before in the House of Music Antonio Ibáñez Serrano the Musical Union of Redován will give his Spring Concert.

Prentación Primavera Cultural

The mayor, Emilio Fernández and the mayor of Culture, Clara Ezcurra, during the presentation

The Municipal Library will host on Thursday, May 10 the talk ‘Idioms and comics (2nd part)’ by Carlos Martínez, from 9:00 pm, while Saturday May 12 will return the music to the House of Music Antonio Ibáñez Serrano with the concert of the Orquesta de Pulso and Púa Brisas de Redován that will perform the show entitled ‘Qué tiempo tan feliz’.

The program will culminate on May 19 in style, with a Gastronomic Tourism Day whose participants will be accompanied by a charanga and will start at two noon. The mayor of Redován has highlighted “the extensive programming that has been prepared by the City Council to start enjoying in our municipality of spring and good weather with many activities, many of them outdoors.”

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