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The Local Police of Redován detains a man who was trying to force a house on the Camino de Los Benitos

The Redován Local Police have made a new arrest, in this case in the area known as Camino de Los Benitos, where apparently a man was trying to force the entrance of a house for occupation. The agents captured the alleged thief, who accused him of an alleged crime of robbery with force in the house he was trying to break into.

The events occurred during the afternoon of yesterday, Tuesday, when the call of a relative of the owner of the house alerted the Local Police upon hearing the blows that the detainee used to strike the door to force it open. The agents appeared at the scene, where they found the alleged perpetrator of the events trying to open the front door of the house with the help of a hammer and a chisel.

The suspect was equipped with a backpack in which, in addition to the hammer and chisel, he carried other tools, including screwdrivers and pliers. Finally, the agents proceeded to arrest the suspect, who has been charged with the crime of robbery in an attempted degree, and was placed at the disposal of the Civil Guard patrol of Callosa de Segura, who also went to the scene to proceed to the transfer of the man to the barracks after intervening the effects that he had in his power.

The Councilor for Citizen Security of the Redován City Council, Adrián Ballester, has highlighted the actions of the agents while highlighting the necessary citizen collaboration, alerting with a call of the facts, to achieve the arrest of this person. Thus, Ballester has reminded the public that before any event that may be considered criminal, it is very important to notify the Local Police at the phone number 608072253, “because the agents are prepared and have all the necessary material to deal with this type of situations ”.

At the same time, the Redován Local Police recalls that although this is an atypical summer, for the holidays it is necessary to take a series of precautions if we are going to leave our homes empty, such as checking that everything is perfectly closed or that it is not reported from vacation plans to anyone outside the family circle, at the same time asking someone you trust to empty the mailbox regularly.

The Redován City Council will present the Gold Medal to the citizens of the municipality for their actions and solidarity during the DANA in September

  • The proposal will be brought to the Plenary and the distinction will be delivered in the act of tribute that the City Council plans for next Saturday, September 5

At the proposal of the Department of Citizen Security of the City of Redován, led by Adrián Ballester, the City of Redovanense will award the Gold Medal to the citizens of the municipality for their performance and solidarity during the DANA in September. The proposal has been discussed today in an informative commission and has had the support of all political groups with a municipal presence, so it will now be raised to plenary for approval. Adrián Ballester explained that this distinction arises “due to the strength and solidarity shown by the people of Redován during an episode that has undoubtedly marked our citizens”, explained the mayor.

“There were multiple heroic displays of solidarity or merit of aid, so it is a decoration awarded by the City Council to reward extraordinary actions or services carried out in favor of the town,” said Ballester. Once the approval process has passed in plenary session, it is planned that this Gold Medal will be delivered to the town of Redován in the tribute act that the Consistory is preparing for next Saturday, September 5, and that will take place from 20:30 in the Plaza de la Paz.

Thus, “and when one year has passed since these fateful floods suffered in our municipality and also in Vega Baja”, explained the mayor of the town, Nely Ruiz, “it seemed appropriate to reward the attitude and strength of our neighbors during those hard days, in which difficult moments were lived in which the people of Rehovan knew how to rise to the occasion ”, he added.

This event will also honor the various organizations, training and volunteers, in recognition of the municipality’s aid and protection efforts during the development of DANA and in the repair work, such as the Local Police, the Civil Guard, the Unit Emergency Military (UME), National Police and Fire, or the municipal brigade.

In the same way, the City Council is preparing an audiovisual project to carry out this tribute, and in which “we also ask for citizen collaboration to collect videos and images that reflect the situation of the municipality during those days,” the councilor reported. In this way, and those who want to contribute to its preparation, may do so by sending the material by email to the address before August 16.

The City Council of Redován and Hidraqua are advancing in the works to improve the water supply network

The mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, together with the councilor for Municipal Services, Ramón López, the mayor of Urban Planning, José Nájar and technicians from the Hidraqua company, visited this morning the works to improve the drinking water supply network. These actions are being carried out with the aim of improving the pressures, the quality of the service in some sections of the municipality’s network, increasing the efficiency of the networks and reducing water cuts for fault repair. The total amount of the first phase of execution amounts to 450,604 euros.

This week it is expected that the performances in Jesús Jordá and Seis de Diciembre streets will be concluded. Once this first phase is completed, work will continue on the second section of Calle 6 de Diciembre and Seminarista Ballesta, Calderón de la Barca and Calle La Paz. Specifically, works have been carried out to replace the old connections where deficiencies related to the presence of obsolete materials such as lead pipes, the poor state of conservation of the pipes and also the absence of shut-off valves and registration elements were detected. . All these problems directly affect an increase in leaks in the drinking water distribution network. The proposed works involve the renovation of 347 household connections and have a 4-month execution period and a budget of 189,970 euros. A total of 180 connections have already been renovated.

To carry out these actions, it is necessary to carry out supply cuts that affect the subscribers of the drinking water service, since it is essential for the disconnection of the old connections and the connection of the new ones. These cuts are made on a scheduled basis to minimize inconvenience to neighbors. In addition, the suspension of supply is notified in advance through an SMS alert and by social networks.

Due to the significant inconvenience for users, the City Council of Redován and Hidraqua have adopted the measure of making power cuts at night, starting at 23:00, so that the condition for subscribers is minimal . In this sense, to solve a historical problem such as general water cuts, due to the lack of cut-off valves, valves are being installed to isolate different areas of the urban area. This has already been verified in the works carried out on July 22, when a sector of the urban area could be isolated.

Another of the actions carried out has been the replacement of pipes and renewal of the drinking water network of the Camino del Motor. The network has been completely renovated with 850 linear meters of new high-density polyethylene distribution pipes and the renovation of existing household connections.

The Mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, explained that “it is very important works for the municipality, because it is a historical demand, since an integral action of this type has never been carried out to renew the supply network.” The first mayor has assured that “we have worked to minimize the impact of the works on the day to day of the neighbors, such as scheduling the outages at night, since we want to provide a solution and improve the quality of life of our citizens.”

The Redován Local Police detain two people for an alleged crime of robbery at a poultry farm

The Redován Local Police arrested two people yesterday for an alleged crime of robbery with force in a poultry farm in the town. The agents received a call from the owner of the poultry farm who stated that two people had entered the house and that they had been able to retain them.

The police arrived at the compound and found one of the assailants outside the compound and another inside the holding, held by the owner of the same. The alleged thief confessed that he had entered to steal, but that he only wanted to take one or two wooden pallets to sell them later, and that he had gone with his partner, who was outside watching to take the pallets in a car.

The alleged perpetrators of the robbery were surprised by the owner of the factory when he got to work and it was when he realized that the alleged thieves had entered the farm through a hole in the fence and jumping over a small wall.

Finally, the assailants were arrested and transferred to the Callosa de Segura Civil Guard barracks for an alleged robbery of things in an attempted degree.

Redován is putting out to tender the new waste collection and street cleaning contract to improve service to citizens

The Ordinary Plenum of the Redován City Council, held yesterday, gave the green light to the beginning of the file for the contracting of the public service for the collection of urban solid waste and street cleaning in the municipality of Redován, with the aim of improving this public service to the citizenship. This was announced by the mayor of the town, Nely Ruiz and the Councilor for Contracting, José Nájar.

These are two services that were awarded in 2003, with laws and specifications that “have not allowed room to demand improvement and are currently obsolete and do not cover the needs of our municipality,” Nájar explained. The mayor argues that for almost 18 years the population of Redován has also grown from 5,956 inhabitants that year to 7,869 today.

The head of the municipal Procurement area has ensured that the two services will be tendered in the same procedure and that once the file has started, a specialized office will be in charge of preparing the specifications and the exploitation project that must comply with the winning company. Likewise, at the contracting table there will be the presence of technicians from the Alicante Provincial Council, while once awarded, the contract will be audited by an external agent during its execution.

The Redován City Council wants to incorporate state-of-the-art technology into this service as well as the most environmentally friendly methods. Therefore, the collection of the organic fraction separated from the rest of the waste will be included through the implantation of the brown container in the streets of the municipality. “We will be one of the first municipalities in the Vega Baja that incorporates this legal and environmental requirement in a contract,” said the mayor, who added that “our goal is to have a modern system and the best technological systems to provide a effective and quick response to all needs ”. Regarding the improvements to the contract, the increase in the frequency of garbage collection will be included, as well as the number of containers.

Another point to highlight are the containers for household goods. “In Redován we know the importance of the collection of belongings and that is why we are going to try to increase the containers and also the collection days”, explained Nájar, who added that “there will also be interesting advances in terms of technology, since we want the containers to have sensors or vehicles to incorporate GPS so that they are geolocated and the City Council has access to the state of how the service is being provided thanks to the digitization of this public service ”.

As for the hourly frequency of the collection of waste “we want to highlight that we are going to change the schedule so that it is in the morning, so that the neighbors are disturbed as little as possible”, the mayor of Contracting has pointed out.

For her part, the mayor, Nely Ruiz, explained that “this is one of the most important contracts to be tendered in this legislature and we believe that it is very necessary, in the first place, because the one we have is obsolete and, secondly, we want to improve the quality of life of our neighbors and make it a committed contract with the environment and with improvements aimed at respecting it ”. The first mayor has recalled that Redován has grown a lot in the last 20 years. “With nearly 8,000 inhabitants, and the services must be in accordance with the population and size of Redován, we have two neighborhoods, countryside areas, etc., and we need a service that is optimal and adapted to the needs of our people” .

As for street cleaning, “we want all urban areas of Redován to be attended to and for this the personnel assigned to the service will be increased,” explained the mayor, who added that “there will also be street washdown cleaning , electric blowers and new vehicles with the latest technology ”.

Lastly, the first mayor has stated that “we want a cleaner and more environmentally friendly Redován, that is why we are going to work with all the parties of the corporation, we are going to hold a citizen assembly to publicize the new contract and we will have meetings with all political groups so that they can participate in this process ”.

The Redován City Council hires 19 agricultural laborers to carry out maintenance and cleaning tasks

The Redován City Council, through the Employment Department, has hired 19 agricultural laborers to carry out maintenance and cleaning of rural roads, ravines, recreational areas such as La Ermita or the town squares. This hiring is framed within a subsidy that the Consistory has received from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy.

The aid is 73,348 euros and the work has started this week and will take place over three months. The 19 hired laborers, preferably eventual farmers, were enrolled at the Orihuela Employment Center.

Specifically, the tasks to be carried out consist of cleaning and conditioning areas that need special care, such as green areas or municipal public roads, as well as some rural roads or ravines that require clearing tasks to avoid fire risk during the summer season. As a novelty, this year maintenance tasks will be carried out in squares, urban areas and green areas of the municipality that were greatly affected as a result of the DANA of September 2019.

The Councilor for Employment, Maite Martínez, explained that “this is very important work for the municipality since, on the one hand, we clean up the areas that have been affected by DANA and others that need maintenance, and, on the other hand, we decreased seasonal unemployment in a sector such as agriculture, since most of these workers are discontinuous permanent workers ”.

The Redován City Council requests citizen collaboration to keep the municipality clean. “It is important that all citizens are aware of the cleaning and maintenance of our town, so we want to influence the collaboration of all so that squares, streets, etc., are in the best conditions,” said the councilor.

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