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The City Council of Redován and Hidraqua present the landscape and environmental restoration of La Ermita

  • The works include the installation of the localized irrigation, the extension of trails, as well as the improvement of the furniture in the leisure area

  • The mayor says it is a necessary action “because this place every time more people come to play sports or enjoy a day in the mountains”

The Municipal Natural Area La Sierra de Redován, and specifically the area of ​​La Ermita, is going to undergo a landscape and environmental restoration that will allow the reforestation of the space and the installation of localized irrigation that guarantees the survival of the trees and shrubs that plant. At the same time they will improve the conditions of leisure, sports and leisure area, since La Ermita is already, “a place well traveled by athletes, hikers and people who enjoy a day of leisure in our mountains” , said the mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández. The first mayor added that with the action to be carried out by the concessionaire of the potable water and sewerage service, Hidraqua, “the conditions for the users and for the Sierra itself will be improved, given that the vegetation” is very important to control the erosion, and in the case of Redován it is necessary after the loss of thousands of pines because of the plague of tomicus destruens. “

Fernandez made these statements during the presentation that took place at the City Council of Redován this morning, of the landscape intervention project of La Ermita, carried out by the author of the project, Clara Corpas. This has been the one in charge of degranar the performances that will carry out, “in which the water will play a very important paper since in the actuality carries out the irrigation of manual form and what sets out to install the located irrigation that ensures the success of the plantations. “

El alcalde de Redován, Emilio Fernández (i) y la autora del proyecto, Clara Corpas (d)

As for the restoration of the vegetation cover, we will bet on the recovery of the autochthonous vegetal formations, enhancing the species of the environment, although before carrying out the plantations, the garbage area will be cleaned and a selective land clearing will be carried out, eliminating the shrub invasive species or that are in poor condition and retaining the copies deemed appropriate, “said the technician.

With regard to the improvement of the space for its use by the public, Clara Corpas explained that the paths will be widened, connecting with the existing ones, and some viewpoints will be created in them “to be able to contemplate the landscape and rest during the walk, all of them with furniture to sit and shade trees area “. To complete the action, the placement of furniture with picnic tables, bicycles, railings, etc., always using natural materials that are integrated into the environment. The person in charge of the project has concluded that for Hidraqua it is very important to save water in areas such as the Vega Baja and respect and protection of the environment, and has specified that the action will have a deadline of three months once it is start up.

The City Council consolidates its employment policy with aid and training for the unemployed in sectors with more difficulties for employability

Martínez: “Despite not being a direct municipal competition, we have taken advantage of the opportunities that other institutions have given us to create jobs”

Redován11 / 2/2019. The Councilor for Development, Employment and Training of the Municipality of Redován, Maite Martínez, today took stock of the work of the departments she leads during this municipal mandate and stressed that in the last four years “we have consolidated our employment policies by implementing and worrying about training, especially unemployed people belonging to sectors with more difficulties for employability, such as those over 45 and young people. ” Martinez, who has appeared accompanied by the mayor of the town, Emilio Fernandez, has assured that from the City “we have done and we put a lot of emphasis on publicizing all job offers that come to us, and especially, having no powers direct in the matter, we have taken advantage of the opportunities that have given us other institutions such as the Generalitat through its Employment and Training Service, the Ministry of Labor, the Provincial or Convega to welcome any call that would create jobs or enable that the Redovanese unemployed had an option to a job. ”

During the last four years unemployment has fallen in Redován of the 1,028 people registered in June 2015, according to the Servef data, to the current 735, a decrease of 293 people “that we want to be even greater, because it is important for a small municipality and with the quality of life that we have in Redován that the majority of its population in active age can have a job “, has assured the mayor, Emilio Fernandez.

The Councilor for Employment has reviewed the various programs underway in the town in terms of recruitment and assistance, as is the case of those aimed at entrepreneurs, which have been implemented in the municipal budgets of recent years to encourage the creation of businesses; training scholarships for unemployed and graduated young people; the state and autonomic calls for the hiring of agricultural and construction workers, or the subsidies for the hiring of young people enrolled in the Youth Guarantee System.

As for the training courses, the mayor has reported that “Redován and its municipal facilities have become headquarters for activities developed by supramunicipal entities such as the CdT or Convega”, and has specified that training activities have been conducted for food handling , the Vega Baja Tourism and Leisure employment workshop; the marketing and sales workshop called ‘School of Entrepreneurs’; course of local tourist promotion and information to the visitor, of organization and management of warehouses, of forklift, etc.

Likewise, tasks of orientation to certain groups have been developed within the Territorial Agreement on Employment and Local Development of the Vega Baja in collaboration with Convega and intended especially for groups such as young people, long-term unemployed, people with functional diversity or victims of sexist violence. “In the framework of this program and always with the collaboration of the Department of Employment, have made assessments and meetings among which the Emprende Youth Plan in which different training talks on youth guarantee developed,” said Martinez.

Within the Active Youth Program led by the Provincial Council of Alicante and in collaboration with Convega, a specialized training in Community Manager has been carried out in Redován, whose objective is the training and qualification of young people in the management of online marketing. Scholarship program with 600 euros and a duration of 6 months

Labor Guidance Service

It should be noted that since November 2017, Redován has, each week, a job guidance service provided by a Convega technician. “In the same, which is provided every Thursday from 9.00 to 14.00 hours at the City Council, various orientation actions are carried out as individualized tutoring and professional information for employment.”

As for the Department of Human Resources, Martinez has indicated that this mandate has launched the bag of janitors to meet the needs that occur in the municipal facilities of Redován as well as the project Relationship of Jobs (RPT) of the townhall. “We have much to do, but this is the letter of introduction of the Department of Development, Employment and Training for the last four years,” concluded Martinez.

The students of the IES and the School of Redován reforest the area of ​​the Hermitage with plants of native species

Redován 5/2/2019. The students of the Sacred Hearts School and of the IES Jaime de Sant-Angel de Redován contribute these days to the reforestation of the skirt of the mountain range, in the zone of the Hermitage, with a plantation of autochthonous species that will last until Thursday.

The Councilor for the Environment, Ramón López Escarabajal, explained that “in this way we want to celebrate the Tree Week, because on each day the students of the different courses of the two Redovanenses schools will go up.” At the same time he added that from his department, “they are offered a healthy lunch to complement the activity”.

The mayor has indicated that 800 copies of different plants will be planted, among which stands out the carob tree and the Carthaginian cypress.



The City Council of Redován and Hidraqua set in motion the landscape restoration of the Paraje La Ermita

Redován 1/18/2019. Just fifteen days after its implementation, the City Council of Redován and the water and sewer service concessionaire, Hidraqua, officially inaugurated this management today with a visit to the public attention office in Calle Abajo. the past day 2, and with the start-up of the landscape restoration of the Redován mountain range in the Paraje La Ermita with a first day of reforestation that will continue in the coming months with an integral intervention of the area.

During the visit to the offices, the manager of Hidraqua, Juan José Alonso, explained some of the most relevant aspects of the client area, “like the agreement that is being negotiated with the Federation of Deaf People of the Valencian Community (FESORD) to facilitate face-to-face attention for people with hearing disabilities “. Alonso and the mayor, Emilio Fernández, have highlighted that the concessionaire will maintain “the social rates that have been applied until now in the municipality, in addition to that there will be a meeting with our Social Services to define the attention to the vulnerable groups”, has specified the first mayor.

Fraud control campaigns and processes to make periodic meter readings more efficient are also a priority in these first months, as well as the availability of a 24-hour checkpoint or network inspection campaigns in Redován. . Through this last one, a total of 40 faults have been detected and repaired since the service was started.

As for the work carried out, the cleaning of the sewage and rainwater network has been started in double shift, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., to finish as soon as possible with the inconveniences to the neighbors and the control plan for the discharges with definition of sampling stations and analytical controls in some industries. With respect to the works to be executed soon, the Camino del Motor and the Rincón pumping station will be built in the town center, “while beneficial projects for our town are also being written, such as those related to the landscape performance in the Hermitage, the installation of remote reading in the meters and the sectorization and remote control of the network “, said the mayor.

After the visit to the offices, the first day of reforestation was carried out in the Paraje La Ermita, a prelude to the comprehensive action that will be carried out in the area in the coming months. For this campaign, plant species have been selected that will improve the environmental and landscape quality of the surroundings, such as cypress, black hawthorn, mastic, carob, ephedra, rosemary, palmito or bayón.

Redován will adapt the new changing rooms of the Los Pasos Sports Center to people with reduced mobility

Redován 8/1/2019. The City Council of Redován finished the year with another good news, the concession, on the part of the Provincial Delegation, of a grant of 113,351.02 euros with which will proceed to the total reform of the locker rooms and the service areas of the sports center Los Pasos.

The Councilor for Sports, Ramón López Escarabajal, emphasizes that this reform will allow the adaptation of the facility to people with reduced mobility, “something that we have taken into account from the City Council and that is being applied little by little in the different sports areas of our municipality so that they comply with the regulations and above all, to allow the use to all the people who wish it “.

The work will consist of the demolition of the entire interior of the current changing rooms, of which only the structure will be maintained. “From there it’s going to put all new toilets, showers, locker room, etc,” says the mayor, adding that the warehouse area will also be remodeled, the reception where the concierge and offices are installed, “with so that we can have modern and updated facilities available to our associations and groups. ” Ramón López hopes that the work can be undertaken during the first quarter of the year, since once the subsidy is received, it is the City Council that is in charge of the tender.

Redován submitted to the Provincial Council a budget of 109,664.80 euros for the work and 3,686.22 for the drafting of the project. The global is the amount that finally subsidizes the provincial institution 100% within the third call of the year 2018 of financially sustainable investments.

The Budget of Redován for 2019 freezes taxes and fees and maintains all social aid

The City Council of Redován will take to plenary the next Monday the municipal budget of 2019, a vital document for the operation of any city council that in the case of Redovanense is being worked on since October by the Department of the Treasury. Its head, Adrián Ballester, has ensured that the budget, amounting to 5,050,153.65 euros, is “realistic, with the same forecast of expenses as income and with the intention that the year ends with a positive result as in the last seven years. ” Direct taxes and taxes such as IBI, IVTM, goodwill, Economic Activities Tax, garbage, water and sewage, schools and sports facilities are frozen and bonuses are maintained for social groups. Ballester has indicated that “we have increased the subsidies to all the associations and groups of the municipality”.

The councilor, who has presented the document together with the mayor, Emilio Fernandez, commented that the forecast of income is 17.56% lower than in 2018, a reduction motivated mainly by the entry into force, on January 1, of the service of potable water and sewerage that Hidraqua will manage and that supposed 800,000 euros a year to the municipal coffers. “In addition, we must add that in 2018 the income of 380,000 euros from the Works and Services Plan of the Provincial Council was budgeted, so both amounts add up to almost 1.2 million.” In any case, it is expected that the budget execution for 2019 will be similar to that of the year ending now, exceeding 6 million euros, “because credits such as the water contract fee and the execution of the projects inherent to the tender document will be incorporated. said contract, as well as the execution of the study room that is underway, “he recalled.

Income by chapter

By chapters, in the reference to income and taxes there is a decrease of 15.87% in taxes due to the fact that the taxes charged by the City Council are frozen, including the tax rate of the IBI. “The data is real, offered by Suma Gestión Tributaria”, said Adrián Ballester, who has indicated that indirect taxes will be up to 117,946.97 euros due to the forecast of the ICIO (Tax on Buildings, Installations and Works) , which amounts taking into account the evolution during 2018 and the activation of different projects that will be executed next year. With respect to the rates, the income forecast also decreases, 39.33% in this case leaving the figure at 1,017,723.78 euros, a collection that decreases because the drinking water rates will not be paid for the arrival of the new company.

Chapter IV of Current Transfers increases the State’s collection, Redován counts on its inclusion in the Municipal Cooperation Fund of the Generalitat Valenciana, and does not budget all the subsidies that are expected to be received during the year of the Provincial Council of Alicante in terms of firefighters, local development, garbage collection or culture, among others. Capital income (Chapter V) decreased by 21.47%, no income from disposals and investments is foreseen, while in capital transfers it is expected to value them based on the amounts allocated by the County Council to the municipality for the extension of the Via Ferrata. There is no expected income from financial assets or credit operations.

Expenses per chapter

Regarding expenses, the personnel costs rise by 48,430 euros for the salary increase foreseen for public employees “and also because it is preparing a list of jobs (RPT) that will lead to the creation of new positions and more spending on personnel “Ballester said.

In Chapter II of expenses in goods, services and current transfers, it decreases by 25.15% due to the indirect management of the drinking water and sewerage service. Ballester has stopped at this point to indicate that in 2010, this chapter amounted to 3.2 million Consistory, lowered in the following years to reach in 2019 to 2.1 million, a 47.28% of the total municipal budget . Financial expenses fall by 7,000 euros for 2018 and current transfers rise by 10.47% to 528,723.21 euros. “This is due to the increase in subsidies to all associations in the municipality, as well as the Commonwealth of Social Services La Vega,” said the council.

Redován will have a contingency fund of 50,000 euros for the fourth consecutive year to face unforeseen events and 184,209.84 euros will be allocated to real investments. The most important item in this chapter is 88,309.84 euros for the third floor of the Center for the Elderly, while 21,300 euros will also be invested in lighting installation on public roads and roads. “We remember that 40,000 euros correspond to the participatory budget, a process that we carried out again this year and won the Musical Union of Redován, which will allocate the money to the purchase of material and that is included in the expenses for capital operations”. Investments are added to other projects that were presented to this participatory budget, such as the closing of the Plaza de la Cruz.

These will be the investments charged to the municipal treasury, “an amount that is expected to expand to 2.5 million euros” through the Provincial Council, with 500,000 euros in investment not contemplated in budget but will be implemented in projects such as arrangements in the Camino del Rincón to solve the fall of stones in the Sierra, reform of the Los Pasos sports hall, the rain collector Pascual Martínez street at the intersection with Mulagar, another 125,000 euros to improve the sanitation of Pascual Martinez and the extension of Via Ferrata. Redován will also have a strong investment, 1.8 million euros in water and sewerage through the concessionaire of the water service, and 300.00 euros in the Study Room.

Finally in Chapter IX of financial liabilities, with 469,063.64 euros to amortize capital of the loan that the City Council has of the first Payment Plan to Suppliers, the same amount as the year that ends. “A balanced budget that has all the favorable technical reports and that complies with budget stability and spending rule,” Ballester said.

Water contract

For his part, the mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández, reminded all residents that on January 1 the new water contract will come into force “with the main objective of improving the service that has been provided until now”. Hidraqua will be the company that will be in charge of providing the service and will have a customer service office in front of the Town Hall, “an office that will open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and on Thursday evenings in order to facilitate the managements, in addition to that there will be 24-hour telephone service and virtual office “. Emilio Fernandez has specified that during the first year of the service will be installed telelectura to users in addition to numerous renovations in the drinking water network in streets such as Jesus Jordá and December 6 to Pascual Martínez and La Paz street, “where the supply and improve water quality “, as well as the change of old connections of the urban area.

The concessionaire will review the network in search of leaks and a review of meters and connections will be made to avoid fraud, among other things, such as the cleaning of 100% of the sewerage network. Emilio Fernández highlighted the environmental commitment of the company with Redován, “since it will make available to the service two electric vehicles in addition to a series of actions in the Paraje de la Ermita in order to promote the conservation of the biodiversity of the recreational area, optimize their sustainability and improve facilities for recreational and social use, “the councilor concluded.

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